Electric Motorcycle (C/N)

Not much of the appearance of the motorcycle is given, but it was used by the expedition team that Dr. Richard Levine commissioned to explore Isla Sorna in 1995. Powered by an electric motor, which made the bike nearly silent, the bike was stored on the back of the second of a special double trailer that was built by Thorne Mobile Field Systems, which had been dubbed the “Challenger Trailers“. The motorcycle must have been relatively lightweight as it could be easily lifted by Dr. Jack Thorne, who had used it to retrieve Dr. Levine on Isla Sorna as the latter was exploring a Tyrannosaurus rex nest. The bike was later used by Dr. Sarah Harding as she and Kelly Curtis used the bike to chase down a pack of Velociraptors, one of which had ran off with the key to a predator cage that Arby Benton was locked inside of. After the successful rescue of Arby, the bike was later abandoned along with the remains of  of the trailers which had been partially destroyed in a territorial display by a pair of parent Tyrannosaurus.