“New World” A Jurassic Fan Film, is a fan film made by a group of dedicated Jurassic fans to depict the aftermath of the events from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and how it changed the world as humanity knew it. This film is a collaborative project that is shot entirely on iPhones, utilizing free apps to depict the dinosaurs, with the entire fan film’s budget being under forty dollars.

The summary is as follows: “After the events at Lockwood Manor in Northern California, the genetically engineered dinosaurs captured from Isla Nublar are now roaming the world, many of them freely. Adjusting to this new life is difficult, as most places have issued strict guidelines on interacting with the animals, and many communities have even gone on lockdown as a safety precaution. Presented as a series of found-footage smartphone clips, and telling a wraparound story about a rogue videographer who sells dinosaur footage to news outlets, New World: A Jurassic World Fan Film presents a unique look at what our world has become. ”

Check out the fan film above, and be sure to check out the creators’ social media here as well!