Gandoca's Boat (C/N)

Gandoca, a Costa Rican who lived in Puerto Cortés, owned a relatively large fishing boat, which he reluctantly allowed Lewis Dodgson, Howard King and George Baselton to use for transportation to Isla Sorna. It was loaded up with a heavily modified Jeep Wrangler, as well as various pieces of equipment necessary for the expedition, such as the sonic device used to deter aggressive dinosaurs. On the way to the island, Dr. Sarah Harding, who accompanied the Biosyn team despite planning to meet with Dr. Ian Malcolm’s team, was thrown into the sea by Dodgson. King later saw the fishing boat as it prepared to leave Isla Sorna after the Biosyn team failed to return to it at the agreed time, but was attacked by a group of dinosaurs, causing him to lose sight of the ship.

Sources: The Lost World, by Michael Crichton, pages 182, 194, 206, 290, 292 (Arrow Books 1997 edition)