1992 Jeep Sahara Wrangler YJ Series (S/F) / (S/F-T/G)

The Jeep dates back to World War 2, where a new vehicle was developed known as the “General Purpose” vehicle, or GP.  This became known as the Jeep.  After the war, the demand grew as soldiers purchased these Jeeps from surplus.  The Civilian Jeep was created, simply called the CJ model of Jeep.  This ran in various series until 1988, where a new Jeep model was issued.  The YJ model, which ran from 1988 to 1996, featured square headlights and was the first time the Jeep model was known as “Wrangler.”

It was this style, more specifically the 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara YJ, which was featured in the movie “Jurassic Park.”  All Jeeps in the movie were tan, customized with red stripes.  Also, the all sport a winch mounted to the front of the vehicle. The particular models used by Jurassic Park used Goodrich All Terrain tires.

There are five Jeep Wranglers clearly seen in the movie:

Jeep #10

Used by Robert Muldoon and Ellie Sattler to retrieve the others who had stayed on the tour, they recover a dazed Ian Malcolm and find that the rest had either been killed or gone.  Jeep #10 sports no frame over the rear, which is fortunate during their encounter with a fallen tree while being chased by the loose Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Jeep #18 & #29

These two Jeeps are seen when the visitors first land on the island.  These have a frame where a top can be added, most likely a brown soft-top as seen with Jeep #12.  These Jeeps are used by workers to take visitors off the general trail and into the depths of the various paddocks for a close-up look at the less aggressive dinosaurs.

Jeep #12

Used by Dennis Nedry during his flight to deliver stolen embryos to the East Dock.  This is the only one seen with a top, although it can easily be assumed that others would have them.  Also, a string of four flood-lights are across the top for much better lighting during storms or night.  This is also the only vehicle where the winch on front is seen being used.


Jeep #14

Jeep #14Used primarily by Gerry Harding. This Jeep was first seen when Gerry, and his daughter Jess, were on a lookout point above the Triceratops exhibit. Later Gerry and his daughter were heading to the East Dock for the mandatory staff evacuation.  They came across Nima on the road there and decided to take her back to the Visitor’s Center for her wounds.  Jess drove the Jeep back but was stalled when a young Triceratops blocked the road.  Soon after, an adult Triceratops rammed the Jeep against a tree, completely damaging the vehicle.


Jeep #30

Hardings JeepThis jeep was used by Gerry Harding. It can be seen in the Triceratops exhibit when Harding is examining a sick Tricertops. Harding uses the Jeep to drive Ellie Sattler back to the Visitor’s Center after she examines the sick animal. The number can just be made out through some grass. However, the license plate was sold at auction confirming the number as well.