Isla Nublar Hilton (S/F)

The Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar had a Hilton resort for guests who wished Nublar Hiltonto stay at the park for prolonged periods of time. The Hotel was rated five stars, and had its own Monorail station to connect it to the rest of the park. The Hotel boasted a 5,000 room capacity to accommodate the influx of guests. Hotel amenities included a large pool complex as well as a luxury spa and a fine dining restaurant on the top floor. Other amenities that may have been restricted to hotel guests included a golf course and tennis courts.

Other amenities included a Kids Club in which guests could drop off their children during the day or night. The younger guests would be supplied with activities to keep them engaged. Reservations were required for this. There was also a fitness center within the Hilton, in which guests could exercise on fitness machines or practice at a Yoga studio.

Hilton PoolThe lobby of the hotel contained an information booth and maps of the Island for guests. In addition, each guest room contained a large flat screen television, a phone, and a couch. Each room had access to in-room dining via room service. The most expensive hotel room was the ‘Hammond Suite’ which the in-universe Jurassic World website boasts housed visiting heads of state, royalty, celebrities and Simon Masrani when they visited Nublar. However, other room options included luxury suites and cabanas at the Casa de Caballeros.

The Jurassic World Incident

Zara Young traveled with Zach and Gray Mitchell to the Hotel after they had arrived by Monorail. Zara checked the both of them into their hotel where they left their luggage as well as received their VIP passes. Later, after the Pteranadon attack, the hotel lobby became a makeshift triage area for the injured guests.