Join Our Message Board!

We at Jurassic-Pedia have been hard at work on developing ourselves into more of a fandom powerhouse for everyone to enjoy. We have recently put a lot of work into the modernization of message board to upgrade the look and feel of it. With our redesigns, we hope you feel both appreciation for the community’s history, and simultaneously a fresh sense of hope for the fandom as we move into the future. Our staff has decided to focus less on the social media integration of our interaction features and more on turning inward with the idea of creating a safe space for fans to interact with each other directly on our website with our own improved and revitalized message board. There are a lot of advantages to interacting on our message board including being able to reach out to other fans of the franchise without the added toxicity found on many other social media outlets. Outside of the message board, we will continue to maintain our Discord server for you to join in for a more direct interaction with other members and our staff.

As said, the aim for our message board is to be a safe harbor for you, the fans. We want our message board to be a place where you can get away from the services your relatives use to track your online activities as well as any offline friends that may judge your extracurricular interests, like your appreciation for dinosaurs and the Jurassic franchise. Our message board is a place that allows you to nerd out with the other fans with a degree of privacy unparalleled in this day’s lack of internet privacy. We look forward to seeing you on our message board, and to see what wonderful additions you can bring to it. Whether it be art, scientific interest, or just plain old-fashioned dinosaur enthusiasm, we hope we can provide a healthy and encouraging environment for everyone to post.