Junior Novelization Canon Timeline

Late 1970s through the early 1990s

  • It is during this time that John Hammond started InGen and began laying the ground work down for Jurassic Park. JP: San Diego was built during this time and later the project was abandoned for the more favorable, Isla Nublar location. Isla Sorna was also built during this time possibly to give InGen the necessary freedom in cloning their dinosaurs.


  • The events of “Jurassic Park” ended on June 11th, 1993.
  • After the Isla Nublar incident it is believed that the park was indeed put in a deconstruction phase of some sort. While it is a subject of debate, likely it is that InGen enacted their Lysine contingency on their dinosaurs in the end. It’s speculated that there was a failed attempt to rebuild the island because the damage seen in the film was minimal at best. It is also speculated that as a result of InGen being unable to re-secure the island that InGen then enacted the Lysine Contingency. One reason they would be unable to re-secure the island would be due to the approaching Hurricane Clarissa, which would cause them to evacuate Site B (Isla Sorna) and the hurricane would also undo the hard work they did in attempting to restore the island, and in the end cost the company more money. Furthermore, the other reason speculated is that InGen would be unable to open Isla Nublar to the public due to the bad press circulating, which after spending all that money in rebuilding and finishing Isla Nublar would be disastrous for the company and InGen would be unable to make the money back. This bad press would be from Dr. Ian Malcolm, who became public about the Nublar Incident and violated his Non-Disclosure agreement and as a result jeopardized his career as a mathematician, thanks to Peter Ludlow’s efforts. Other survivors though, sought to be out of the public eye and continued their private lives. Site B was eventually abandoned due to the approaching Hurricane Clarissa and this would have also occurred some time shortly after the Isla Nublar Incident.


  • The events of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” ended on May 23rd, 1997.


  • Eric Kirby, while para-sailing with his mother’s boyfriend, is lost for 8 weeks on Isla Sorna. At this point in time “Jurassic Park: Adventures – Survivor” takes place.
  • The events of “Jurassic Park ///” ended on July 18th, 2001.
  • Dr. Grant returns to Isla Sorna to setup the Jurassic Park Rangers group by the Bureau of Ancient Animal Affairs.
  • “Jurassic Park: Prey” takes place. A band of teenagers armed with video cameras and what they think are “the rules of the island” parachute into Jurassic Park. But their dream of making a blockbuster dinosaur documentary soon turns into a nightmare because dinosaurs don’t play by anyone’s rules.
  • “Jurassic Park: Flyers” takes place. Americans are stunned when a trio of Pteranodons escapes Jurassic Park and tears across the United States. No one wants to see these awesome creatures destroyed, yet their presence is terrorizing the country—especially after they nest in one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions.