Jurassic Park (1990) – Novel

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, Published by Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Inc. New York (1990)

Jurassic Park was a science/horror, techno thriller fiction novel written by Michael Crichton. It was first published in November 1990 by the Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Inc. as a hardback, and later published as a paperback in December 1991 by Ballantine Books. Crichton had been working on the concept for the novel since 1983, coming up with many drafts and eventually settling on a theme-park context. He sent variations to five/six of his colleagues, who turned them down negatively. Their feedback pushed Crichton to tell the story from an adult point of view instead of from the perspective of a child as was originally planned, and in turn set about the creation of the final draft in 1989. Upon its release, the novel was a wide success, becoming a New York Times bestseller and one of Crichton’s most widely recognized works. Although some critics criticized Crichton’s characterization, it was widely agreed that the novel provided fascinating perspectives on Biotechnology, Palaeontology, Complexity Theory and their respective research. Upon the release of the movie adaptation in 1993, the novel garnered further popularity. The novel was also divided up into seven sections or ‘iterations’, including an introduction, prologue, and an epilogue.

Introduction – “The InGen Incident”

The novel begins by establishing the power of genetic engineering commercialization that is growing in the science industry. It is expanding rapidly and promises to be the greatest revolution in human history, changing the face of the planet. Its broad work, frivolous and uncontrolled research separates it from other sciences. Herbert Boyer of the University of California and Robert Swanson, a venture capitalist, founded the first genetic engineering company, Genentech. It quickly became the biggest and most successful company when molecular genetic research exploded into a vast, multibillion-dollar commercial industry. Previously, the pursuit of money in the industry was seen as intellectually uninteresting, and working at companies such as Bell or IBM was a waste. Now, the idea of exploring genetic research is done in secret and purely for profit. One such company, InGen, underwent such uncontrolled research and filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection two months later at the San Francisco Superior Court. Despite this, few court documents were made public since the Japanese investors, Hamaguri and Densaka, disliked the publicity. Ultimately, a non-disclosure agreement was signed, stating that no one was to discuss the events leading to the island disaster during August 1989.

Prologue: The Bite of the Raptor
Inside a Medical Clinic in Bahia Anasco, on the west coast of Costa Rica, we are introduced to Dr. Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Carter, a Medical Doctor from Michael Reese Hospital Chicago and her Costa Rican Paramedic assistant Manuel Aragón. Carter and Aragón are working there when a Sikorsky InGen Construction Helicopter heaves into view. Carter noticed it had come from the direction of the offshore island resort being built by the same construction company, speculating it to be a culturally isolated American resort. The helicopter ends up landing at their clinic, where we meet Ed Regis, the Head of Public Relations for Jurassic Park. Inside the chopper is a young, limp, 18-year-old male, his body torn and sliced up severely. He is hurried into the clinic in an attempt to save his life. All the while, Carter questions how he received such severe injuries. The nervous Regis states that it was a construction accident with a backhoe, but from the injuries the boy sustained, Carter deduces that it was an animal attack, due to the defensive wounds and no indication of a crush injury component. Carter believes the mauling and mechanical trauma arguments conflict with one another. The victim mutters “raptor” before a series of violent and bloody convulsions lead to his horrific, inevitable death. The InGen Construction personnel from the Helicopter take the body away, along with Carter’s Olympus Point and Shoot Camera after she takes some photos, thereby leaving no evidence. Aragón says that the closest equivalent word in Spanish to “raptor” is “hupia“, meaning “ghostly kidnappers of children” but unconvinced of this superstitious meaning, Carter recognizes it in the English dictionary under “bird of prey”.

1st Iteration:
We are introduced to Mike Bowman, Ellen Bowman, and their daughter Tina Bowman on holiday in West Costa Rica, coasting along the Cabo Blanco Bio Reserve in their Land Rover. After stopping at a beautiful empty beach, Tina wanders off, keen to look for sloths that she had seen two days earlier at the San Jose Zoo, which had reminded her of a Muppets character. However, she is attacked by some lizards and rushed to the Clínica Santa María hospital where the doctor, Dr. Cruz, invites senior Reserva Biologica de Carara researcher Dr. Marty Guitierrez to identify Tina’s bites. After assuming an allergic reaction to reptile bites, he suggests it was a Basilisk lizard, but Tina presents a picture she drew, showcasing an anatomically different animal. Puzzled, saliva samples are then sent to the San José University Lab while Guitierrez investigates. After hearing news about other cases in Costa Rica where babies had been bitten by this assumed lizard, Guitierrez returns to the same beach where Tina was attacked. He considers the possibility that Tina could have discovered a new species. He also considers the danger associated with a new species, especially deadly diseases like Central Saurian Encephalitis. He had also spoken to an Amaloyan Medical Officer who had recalled a number of similar lizard bite cases recently. On the beach, he encounters a howler monkey with the remains of an unknown lizard in its mouth, before he tranquillizes it with an air pistol and retrieves the specimen to be sent to Tropical Diseases Laboratory at Columbia University for Dr. Richard Stone. In the early 20th century, the lab was instrumental in working to eliminate such diseases including Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Cholera. In current times, the lab had been identifying previous specimens contaminated with Venezuelan Equine Fever, Japanese B Encephalitis, Kyasanur Forest DiseaseLangat Virus, and Mayaro Virus.

After Stone tests the sample with the help of a female technician, a ‘Basilisk Lizard’ Fax Report sent to Guitierrez confirms that there is no evidence for any disease in the specimen, suggesting that it really was a Basilisk Lizard with a 3-toed genetic anomaly, and that it posed no health threat to Costa Rica. However, at midnight at the Bahia Anasco clinic, the midwife Elena Morales stumbles upon more of these lizards eating a dead baby out of its bassinet, and chases them away in horror. She reports the deaths as SIDS to avoid being criticized for leaving the infants unattended. Saliva tests from San José University confirm high levels of neurotoxin, indicating that this was a different animal, rather than regular Basilisk Lizard. One of the Columbia technicians, Alice Levin, proposes that the animal was a dinosaur after observation of Tina’s drawing, and suggests it should be given to the Museum of Natural History for examination, but Stone suggests that Dr. Edward H. Simpson will identify it once he returns from Borneo.

2nd Iteration:

Grant and Sattler at Snakewater Dig Site

We are introduced to Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler uncovering an infant Velociraptor antirrhopus at a Dig Site near Snakewater, Montana, working carefully with a dental pick and an artist’s camel brush to uncover its jawbone. Grant is a Professor of Palaeontology at the University of Denver, an outdoorsman who dislikes academics, or “Teacup Dinosaur Hunters“, as he calls them. The arrival of Bob Morris from the Environmental Protection Agency in a Blue Ford Sedan halts their work. Morris believes that the site is an Indian Sioux Tipi reservation, but Grant corrects him, stating they are Blackfoot Tipis and that it is actually the only way to live out in the badlands. He also states that the dig site has been operational since June, and that they’ve been measuring time in beer. In their trailer, Morris confirms that the EPA is worried about the Hammond Foundation, from which Grant’s dig site has received $30,000 for the last 5 years. Morris’s xeroxed map highlights that the foundation has funded many dinosaur sites and researchers across the world, including Bob Kerry and John Weller, but noticeably only in the cold north climates. They have also been stockpiling the largest Amber collection in the world, and have leased Cloud Island, also known as Isla Nublar, for a biological preserve. The island was given this name due to its ruggedness and location in an area of ocean where wind and current often cover it in fog. Furthermore, it’s revealed that Donald Gennaro, part of the legal council for InGen, had called Grant numerous times asking for a summary of his breakthrough published papers about the nurturing, eating, feeding, territorial, social, and behavioural aspects of dinosaurs, particularly Juvenile Hyperspace, which was all for a supposed museum. Grant had settled on $12,000 and had not been hearing from them since. Morris’ xeroxed check confirms this payment. The EPA had suspicions over the Hammond Foundation after the Office of Technology Transfer called them to notify that 3 CRAY XMP Supercomputers and 24 Hood Automated Gene Sequencers had been shipped to Isla Nublar. It is worrying, considering one of the most powerful genetic engineering facilities in the world was being made off of Costa Rica, a country with no regulations on such Biotechnology.

The Modified Rabies Virus presents a bad example, where under no authority Biosyn, another genetics company, released a bio-engineered rabies vaccine on a farm in Chile, exposing many farmers. It turned out that the non-virulent virus hadn’t been tested to see if it still could cause rabies or not and because it was modified, it was transmittable by inhaling it. As a result, many of the Chilean farmer peasants were put at serious risk, but despite this. no action was taken against Biosyn. Grant reveals that reject bone specimens are sent to the Medical Biologic Services Lab to break them down and extract proteins from them. After Morris leaves in his Ford, Sattler reveals that Alice Levin called them, asking them to check out a specimen they had at the University. In their trailer, while Ellie is monitoring acetic acid baths dissolving the limestone that encased bone fragments, Grant is busy in a call with Alice Levin about the apparent “dinosaur” specimen they possess. She had asked them to check out the faxed x-ray she sent to their fax machine. Grant is dismissive at first, but is utterly shocked when both he and Sattler inspect the fax. Grant recognises it as a Procompsognathus triassicus. Judging by the perfect layout of its anatomy, they also find it hard to believe that anything could be faked to this level of perfection. Ellie’s first thought is that it is a hoax similar to faked discoveries like the Piltdown Man and recalling Fred Hoyle’s same reaction to Archaeopteryx, which was later shown to be a genuine fossil. Grant begins to believe that this might be an example of a rediscovery of living animals once presumed to be extinct. Conveniently, John Hammond himself calls, rambling on about the annoyance and harassment of the EPA. Getting on to the subject of his island, Hammond insists Grant and Ellie come to visit for the weekend along with his other guests. Hammond explains that he’s been having problems with the island after Grant told him about the worrying specimen they had been faxed. Hammond ends up offering $60,000 to both Alan and Ellie to cover their dig for the next 2 summers, instructing them to be ready to board a Grumman jet at Choteau the following day.

Meanwhile, Donald Gennaro, part of InGen’s law firm Cowan, Swain and Ross, was informed by his boss, Daniel Ross, to undergo an investigation on the island. They are worried about the unpredictable actions of Hammond, the EPA business and now the specimen situation. With Hamachi being a principle investor, Gennaro was tasked with going down there and investigating the island’s situation. He confirmed that himself, Paleontologist Alan Grant, Paleobotanist Ellie Sattler, Mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm from the University of Texas, who had been openly negative about the island project from Day 1, and a computer system analyst who they would pick up later were also coming. Gennaro hoped that if anything was wrong with the island they would speak up with him and assist in shutting the island down. Gennaro later calls Grant to confirm and thank him and Sattler for choosing to come to the island, also asking for details on the specimen for Hammond so it could be sent to the island for investigation.

An InGen letter to Alan and Ellie shows the confidential Visitor Center/Lodge Architectural Plans, including the main personnel in charge of Nublar’s systems, and structures detailing it as a resort. What intrigued them were the noticeable electric fencing with their corresponding danger signs, roads and moat indicators plus the open areas marked by complex codes such as /P/PROC/V/2A. Back out in the dig site the Thumper, using CAST, had found an infant Velociraptor; which Grant highlighted had undergone post mortem contraction of posterior neck ligaments. He also explained that infant mortality in the wild is high for these animals and that the large amount of Geological Time had distorted the fossil. Fossil protection methods done by their dig site team would preserve the specimen until Grant and Ellie returned, as they readied themselves to leave for Choteau. Meanwhile, Gennaro’s Secretary had backed a suitcase for Gennaro, who was going to end up missing his daughter Amanda’s birthday. His wife Elizabeth had even hired a clown by the name of Cappy for the children attending. He gets final instructions from Daniel Ross confirming that if there is any problem, to expose it and bring Hammond down.

On the jet with Hammond, we are given some backstory about his character. In 1983 Norman Atherton, a Stanford geneticist and Hammond’s business partner, had placed a dwarf elephant embryo into an artificial womb with hormonal modifications. The result was a Miniature Elephant, which Hammond carried around to fund-raising meetings and used to impress investors of the potential of genetic engineering in a presentation he dubbed the “Pachyderm Portfolio”. However, this elephant was quite an achievement as Atherton never again duplicated it, and it had a variety of problems and Behavioural Changes. Hammond’s entirely speculative project along with Japanese investor aid opened his “Pachyderm Portfolio” with $870 million to create International Genetic Technologies. Gennaro was worried about the park’s start up delays, but Hammond’s attitude implied that he was 100% confident in the island, annoyed that an inspection had to take place and insisting nothing was wrong. Hammond was only worried about making money, which is why he limited his personnel costs like having minimal staff and why he invested so much in computer technology to run the park’s systems. It’s also revealed there had been 3 fatalities or delays building his preserve including 2 building a cliff road and 1 in a “construction accident”.

The jet lands and picks up Ellie and Alan at Choteau, who are greeted by the stewardess, Gennaro and Hammond. From there the pilot would fly to Dallas to refuel then to Costa Rica, picking up more passengers. Hammond explains the island has been kept secret until it is ready to be opened to the public. Meanwhile, the Biosyn Corporation had called an emergency meeting at Biosyn Headquarters with its director board, at 8pm. Despite one of the executives, Ron Meyer still absent, an important decision discussion begins, lead by Dr. Lewis Dodgson, previously dismissed by John Hopkins University and now head of research and conductor of the controversial rabies case. Steingarten, head of Biosyn, had convinced him to get everyone in agreement on the situation. InGen and Biosyn had competed with each other in the high demand for consumer biological’s in the 1990’s. Biosyn had engineered a paler trout species for the Department of Fish and Game, which would be easier to spot in rivers for anglers and fishermen, but it had side effects. The company now wanted to discuss InGen and had been tracking their movements, jealous of their success. The meeting began, the Biosyn Secretary using notes and a tape recorder to document the convocation. After discussing InGen’s purchase of the XMPs, Nublar, Amber and donations to dig sites and zoos across the world, including the New York Zoological Society and Ranthapur Wildlife Park, it was also revealed they had also acquired a company called Millipore Plastic Products; who had patented a new plastic with avian eggshell-like characteristics. It was obvious to Biosyn that they were making a dinosaur zoo and that the popularity, success and merchandising of the park would be enormous, the centre of an enterprise! Biosyn knew that genetic material could be recovered from extinct animals, the quagga presenting an example. They also knew that the dinosaurs would be patented, but if they could acquire their DNA, they could modify and reverse engineer them to make their own patents. Dodgson reveals a plan of Corporate Espionage, he has a reliable source who plans to smuggle InGen DNA for the company. The directors and board members agree this is the best move and the meeting ends. Dodgson was especially good at espionage, previously convincing a geneticist to quit Cetus for Biosyn and steal engineered bacteria strands. Dodgson meets with his InGen contact at San Francisco Airport, an employee with access to their embryos. He had been meeting the man monthly at Carlos’ n Charlie’s before the final meeting. Dodgson shows the man his payment, $750,000 for all 15 species plus $50,000 for each viable embryo. The man would be transporting them in a Gillette cryogenic container shaving can inside and 36 hours of coolant, enough time to be back at San José Airport. They would meet each other on Friday on the island’s small utility East Dock to finalize the deal, Dodgson reminding him not to go to the North Dock accidentally, where all the big supply ships arrive.

The Group in the Hammond’s jet

Meanwhile on Hammond’s jet, they had picked up Dr. Ian Malcolm from Dallas, one of the most famous, new generation mathematicians with his focus on real world applications and Complexity Theory. When Ellie commented on his choice of all-black clothing, Malcolm explains that Black Body Radiation helped block the heat, allowing uniform temperature. Next he explains that humans live in a world of givens, a concept or object in modern society that most people take for granted. Onto the topic of the island, Malcolm explains that through his calculations and academic paper he wrote, he is still convinced that the island will be shutdown. Hammond is outraged at this and leaves the cabin to make phone calls. Malcolm then explains Weather Prediction and Chaos Theory to Gennaro, stating that smallest imperfections can create large consequences that are unable to be predicted into the future.

Map of Isla Nublar

The jet arrives in San José Airport to pick up Dennis Nedry before finally flying to Nublar in a helicopter, 40 minutes away. Flying over Costa Rica, Grant was surprised to see the amount of deforestation below. Meanwhile, Hammond explains the island is a volcanic upbringing, 8 miles long and 3 miles wide at its largest point, the largest private animal preserve in North America. The island is covered in fog and as the chopper heads to the north end of the island, Malcolm stating that it looked like Alcatraz. Bad wind shears cause them to drop unexpectedly before arriving on a helipad. There waiting for them is Ed Regis, welcoming them all to the island. As they head down a windy path, they notice the roofs of buildings below and the expensive layout of the place. Stunned they suddenly notice the neck of a large sauropod, a living dinosaur!

3rd Iteration:

The Group and the Apatosaurs

The group witnessed the sauropod heads rise from the treetops, they were Apatosaurus; previously described as Brontosaurus by E.D. Cope in 1876. Hammond explained that a tour was organised for them later, but in the meantime, Regis lead them into the park and past a hand painted sign with the words “Welcome to Jurassic Park” inscribed on it. As they approached the Visitors’ Center building, we learn of the paleontological theories on dinosaurs from Grant. Ever since the classification of dinosaurs by Richard Owen in 1842, scientists had recognised them as reptiles, cold-blooded, sluggish animals. However, others such as Grant had debated the perception of reptilian life forms, arguing them as fast moving, warm-blooded animals. He was contemplating the future of palaeontology now that they had been cloned for real in Hammond’s park. Would palaeontologists be irrelevant now? The group were still clueless as to how Hammond had acquired dinosaur DNA. A tropical atmosphere and various fancy plants, one which Ellie as Serenna veriformans, decorated the facilities. However, it had never occurred to the people who planted them that they were actually quite poisonous. Ellie knew a lot about various plant defensive mechanisms including TerpenesAlkaloids and Pheromones, and couldn’t believe people could still be so naïve about the perception of plant life. Eventually Regis showed them to the Safari Lodge, Grant’s suite including Rattan Furniture. Alan also recognised an incomplete Closed Circuit Television channel setup named corresponding to each dinosaur enclosure. But the biggest thing he and Ellie noticed was the change in the Lodge Architectural Plans from the ones they were mailed from InGen. Smaller windows, bars welded to steel window frames, steel doors, steel bars on the skylight and that the entire lodge was encased in a thick 12ft high steel bar fence. Ellie and Alan wondered why there had been all these changes; it was almost a fortress now. Suspicions were mounting…

The group, leaving their Lodges, all met inside the large Visitors’ Center and into an unfinished Auditorium, cables and wires everywhere along with a Robotic T. rex at its entrance, displaying a “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” banner. Gennaro hops on the stage and begins to explain the real reason why they are here, for a proper safety inspection of the island, asking the group if the island is safe. Gennaro begins to point to the evidence that they have to deal with including the unknown specimen that Grant and Ellie identified and the reports of unknown lizards found biting infants across costal Costa Rica, pulling up an infant mortality graph. Malcolm is convinced that animals have escaped the island and that the graph is unrelated to any animals that have escaped due to it being non-linear, and because many creatures would have needed to escape to cause it. He explains that re-creating an environment from the past won’t work and that the park is ultimately doomed. Hammond angrily disagrees. Hearing a helicopter, they all exit the building to meet it. Outside it is revealed that Hammond had invited his young grandkids, 7/8 year old Alexis ‘Lex’ Murphy and 11 year old Timothy ‘Tim’ Murphy to the island, being escorted by Regis. Gennaro is furious and explains that this isn’t a weekend excursion but a serious island investigation and will shut him down, with the aid of Malcolm’s words. Hammond arrogantly mentions that it’s his island and he can invite anyone he wants, still claiming nothing is wrong.

The uncomfortable situation of the kids being at the park worried the group, Gennaro still mad at Hammond. Tim recognised Grant, for he had a childhood fascination with dinosaurs; he even carried a copy of Grant’s book Lost World of the Dinosaurs. The two of them discuss the T.rex Skeleton number 5027 at the American Museum of Natural History and the fact that it had accidentally been given extra vertebrae in its tail. It is revealed that Tim and Lex’s Parents are filing a divorce. Ed Regis on the other hand felt slightly degraded about having to complete a variety of tasks around the park including acting as a tour guide for the group, babysitter for the kids. Being the Head of Public Relations for Jurassic Park, he wished that other personnel like Dr. Gerry Harding or Owens the general contractor could have taken care of these tasks instead, particularly the injured InGen Employee incident. They began the tour, entering through an “Authorized Personnel Only” door, which included offices for the Park Warden, Guest Services and General Manager and a warning that the building contained Teratogenic substances. Regis confirms 20 personnel run the park from the Control Room, where they briefly see John Arnold, the chief engineer and Robert Muldoon, the Game Warden. Inside the Lab, noticing various scientists looking into stereo microscopes, they meet Dr. Henry Wu, the Chief Geneticist, explaining the 2 methods to acquire dinosaur DNA. The first was Loy Antibody Extraction, but because only a 20% protein yield is acquired, it wasn’t sufficient enough to clone a dinosaur. The full strand is needed and thus the second method was used, Amber. The dinosaur DNA was also proven easier to extract than mammalian DNA due to presence of nuclei in their red blood cells, as do birds. Wu explains that the Hood Gene Sequencers are run by the XMP supercomputers, which show the incomplete dinosaur DNA strand extracted from the Amber. Using restriction enzymes to cut the DNA, the computer repairs the fragment through enzyme selection and recombination, like a puzzle. The entire strand can’t be analysed because of its size, and so sections are analysed to determine the different dinosaur species.

It’s revealed that Nedry and his team in Cambridge were hired by InGen to design the park’s control systems. He had previously gone to his friend Barney Fellows at Symbolics Incorporated near MIT, puzzled at how large the system was, data records with 3 billion records. It had taken his team 1 year to complete the huge system, and although InGen had given him design parameters, they gave him no details about its use. Thus in his team’s rush to complete it, Nedry wasn’t surprised to hear that the system had bugs, which was why he had been called down to help fix them and as a result he was annoyed. Wu states that the scientists rarely use Phylogenetic Mapping to determine the species from the Amber they’ve created, and instead let it grow and then find out what animal it is. Into the Fertilization Room, the group saw scientists performing procedures involving the interruption of cellular mitosis at specific instances, required for the DNA work to create the dinosaur embryos. As a result, heavy-duty poisons were kept there.

Wu also explains that unfertilised crocodile ova are used and the DNA is replaced for the dinosaur to mature. Walk-in freezers containing liquid N2 housed frozen embryos and their respective frozen embryo shelves. Into the Hatchery Room, a higher O2 concentration and humidity maintained a prehistoric atmosphere inside, along with a low mist covering the egg tables, so the reptile embryos could extract water from the external environment. Each table was a different batch, including 150 eggs each born within a few days, but most not surviving. The hatchery had produced over 12 batches with 238 live animals, and a 0.4% survival rate. This was due because of the large amount of variables the scientists had to work with. The embryos are mechanically inserted into the plastic Millipore eggs to hatch. It’s also explained that dinosaurs mature rapidly, taking 2-4 years to reach full size, hence many adult dinosaurs in the park. The codes on the embryos such as STEG/458/2 determined its species and the end number determined the batch.

The Group and the Nursery Raptor

The group is then directed to the Nursery where one of the nursery technicians, Kathy, introduces them to a Nursery Raptor inside the room, with nursery rags and toys scattered throughout. It was only 6 weeks old and able to be handled with care, but lacked egg teeth as Wu explained. As Grant picks it up, the baby becomes distressed, Regis warning him to be delicate due to previous babies having died from Postnatal Stress Syndrome. Wu explains that the park’s nursery is the only method of Population Control in the park. There were 2 control procedures for why they can’t breed in the wild. The first being irradiation by x-rays and the second being that determining sex was done by breeding all dinosaurs female. Despite this, some of the dinosaurs were referred to as “him” such as the Tyrannosaurus. There were 15 species on the island, but due to the difficult creation process of making a dinosaur, an error in the developmental sequence, some animals are revised with new versions. Wu explains that there are a large number of Procompsognathus because they help Waste Management in the park, not just feeding on carcasses but also eating the faeces of the large herbivores, forming an example of Interspecies Symbiosis. There were 50 of them in total, made in 3 batches separated by 6-month intervals. Malcolm wonders if the one that was found on the Costa Rican mainland came from their batches, which Wu says is impossible because all dinosaurs are counted by computer, the island is over 100 miles away from the mainland and the animal would die within 12 hours contact with outside world because of the Lysine Contingency. Explaining the Lysine Contingency plan, Wu says that they don’t want the animals to survive in the real world if they escape and so they are all Lysine dependent. In further explanation about the revision of an animal, Wu says that errors can’t be avoided because they don’t know if everything inside the dinosaur is working until it develops fully. However, this is a bit of a paradox because how are they to know if the animals are developing the way they would have in real life? Wu claims the park’s population of Raptors are Velociraptor mongoliensis, based on the Amber coming from China, whereas Grant’s dig site was uncovering Velociraptor antirrhopus. There are 8 adults in the park but they haven’t been integrated into the tour yet and instead they reside in the Velociraptor Holding Pen outside. It’s also revealed that children fascinated Grant and that he ultimately adored them.

The group passed the Maintenance Shed with a steel roof, humming with the sound of generators and turbines underground. Past the Support Facility was a Goat Enclosure including 50/60 goats, obviously for dinosaur feed. The group finally reached a large double layer 12ft high chain link, barbed wire, electric fence, the Raptor Enclosure. Inside, it was covered in large clusters of ferns, the insides hidden. The large, heavily built Velociraptors came towards them, hiding in the undergrowth, only their heads seen before more suddenly came out from the left and right in an ambush tactic and launched themselves at the fence at the group, sparks flying. A park worker explains that they attack the fence all the time. The attack on the fence was fast and brutal, 6 seconds. Grant and Malcolm discuss the speed of the Velociraptors and that these creatures had the appearance of general reptiles but the speed and predatory, animal intelligence of birds. It had always been suggested when dinosaurs were first discovered that they were slow moving, dumb lumbering beasts, but Grant perceived them as large, incredibly swift hunters. Malcolm explains that large predators like lions and tigers aren’t born to be man eaters, they must learn that humans are their prey and that only after woods do they become man eaters, so he suspects that the Velociraptors judging by their behaviour towards them must have learnt that humans are easy to kill. The group head back to the Control Room.

Inside Hammond’s Bungalow, Hammond’s Video Monitors allowed him to watch the animals in the park in the comfort of his comfortable living quarters. He and Wu, after touring the group, were busy discussing Wu’s plan to replace the current stock of all the animals in the park and upgrade to Version 4.4. Wu’s reasoning for this was because the dinosaurs are “real” which is exactly what Hammond wanted, but Wu couldn’t help but point out the fact that because no one else on the planet knows what they’re really like, people may be disappointed and dissatisfied. Wu plans in 4.4 to breed dinosaurs that are slower and more domesticated because it is his belief that the “real” dinosaurs they have on the island are too fast, will look sped up to visitors. He is concerned about the public’s perception of dinosaurs and argued that the public don’t want to see real dinosaurs, instead they want to see their expectations of dinosaurs; but Hammond disagrees. Wu states that the park is entertainment and irrelevant from reality, a reconstruction not a recreation. All the animals are hybridised, Lysine dependent and growth accelerated so why stop there? They aren’t real dinosaurs anyway. Wu’s aim is to create dinosaurs more acceptable to visitors, slower and docile. However, Hammond wants real dinosaurs and refuses Wu’s pleas, stating that the containment devices and weapons such as Taser Shock Guns, Cattle Prod Mounted Vehicles and Electric Net Blowers are too slow for these fast moving animals, and that Muldoon was more interested in LAW missiles and laser guided weapons. Hammond ignores Wu’s final arguments and insists nothing will be changed. It is revealed, 5 years ago, that Hammond first recruited Wu as student at Stanford in Norman Atherton’s Lab. After Atherton’s death, Wu was offered work by Hammond, a 5-year commitment, $10 million in funding a year, $50 million pay packet in turn to have a crack at the impossible of creating dinosaurs. Back in the present, it was a reality but things were different considering dinosaur cloning was closer to avian cloning than reptile cloning. Wu felt disappointed in Hammond because ultimately Wu had more closely helmed the research administration, and over the years had not been actively involved with the experiments as promised. Wu felt that because this was his research, he should have a say in what should happen, but Hammond was in denial.

Animal Tracking in the Control Room

As the group entered the Control Room and Grant’s noted dislike of computers, John Arnold begins to show them around using his main Computer Console. The park formed a Grid Network and had various systems such as animal tracking, a glass map showing all paths of all 238 dinosaurs in their enclosures accurate to around 5ft, updated every 30 seconds and done by Motion Sensors. Despite the Motion Sensors not displaying the species, the code tags and Video Monitors show all. The computer tracking only makes small mistakes with the babies because of how small their image is and because they clump near the adults. A Computer Tally counted all the animals every 15 minutes, giving an ‘Expected’ and ‘Found’ result. Its separate counting measure ensures no mistakes, allowing the computer to compare 2 different pieces of data, the Motion Sensors and the Tally. That way if an animal went missing, the computers would tell them. For example, an Othnielia had strangled itself in the branches of a tree, a Stegosaurus had died of an intestinal problem and a Hypsilophodon fell and broke its neck, so the animals stopped moving and the numbers stop tallying. Grant points out another column on the computer displaying Version numbers, with all the dinosaurs varying from 3.0-4.3.

Arnold explains that the most recent numbers are the newer, refined batches and they are created to fix glitches in the DNA sequences. Malcolm asks about the counting measures done by the Motion Sensors, where Arnold mentions they cover 92% of the park. In some areas they can’t be used like the Jungle River Cruise because the water movement and splashes messes up the sensors. If the computer tracks an animal into an non-sensored zone it will remember and wait for the animal to come out, if not it alerts the Control Room. The Video Monitors display images of the dinosaurs within the last 5 minutes, ensuring they’re being monitored. Their enclosures contained water-filled moats never less than 12ft deep, some reaching 30ft deep for the larger animals, 50 miles of 12ft high electric fence including 20 miles around the island perimeter with 10,000 volts; hence the animals know to avoid them. Malcolm continues to ask questions. Muldoon answers his question of what would happen if a dinosaur escaped, stating they’d track it down with Taser Shock Guns, Electrified Nets and Tranquilizer Guns. Arnold states if one got of the island it would die in 24 hours. The computerised Control System is independent in power and backup power, securing it.

Malcolm states that they shouldn’t be having any problems if it’s all working fine, but he knows they are. Arnold states there having many problems caring for animals 65 million years old in a different world that they were adapted to. Dinosaurs are new animals and was difficult to take care of them. The biggest concern was disease, but each animal was monitored and has its own health record. Arnold states that the parks rides such as the Jungle River Ride and the Aviary Lodge Ride aren’t ready yet but eventually they will all be up and running. The Control Room’s Computer System that Nedry built and designed runs the park and can be done single handily because there’s so much automation. But it does have bugs of course. Malcolm was interested in wanting to know measurements for the group of Procompsognathus on the island, and thus Arnold produced a Procompsognathus Height Graph with a Gaussian Distribution. Malcolm, confident, states that he is of the opinion animals have definitely gotten out. He states that seeing a graph like that is only expected for a normal biological population, which Jurassic Park isn’t.

Ed Regis, after handing out pith helmets to the group, guides them to the Jurassic Park electric tour vehicles, Toyota Land Cruisers with Grant, Sattler, Malcolm and Gennaro in one and Tim, Lex and Regis in the other. Two-way vehicle radios or walkie-talkies inside both cars helped them communicate, where it was heard over the radios in the first car that Gennaro was angry with Malcolm, claiming that he was playing mind games and that Gennaro’s 5% stake in InGen ensured he had a responsibility to keep a watchful eye on Hammond. It’s revealed that these Jurassic Park electric Land Cruisers are planned to be driven amongst the animals in the future. Richard Kiley was the tour guide voice, beginning by stating that various plants and trees like Cycads, Bennettitaleans, Ginkgoes, Pine, Fir and Swamp Cypress decorate the park. The first paddock, the Ornithischian Paddock, was decorated in a large display of foliage, trees and plains of grass, housing the dull green, brown and black Hypsilophodon and Othnielia. Richard Kiley’s tour guide voice revealed that a skin problem plagues these animals, causing them to scratch themselves.

Over in the Control Room, Arnold asked for a maintenance check on the Land Cruisers on their return after noticing grinding of gears, small bugs in the system. With Hammond there, he was nervous at the list of things they had to control. It’s revealed Arnold was a systems engineer who had worked on a Polaris Sub missile in the 1960s, and later went on to help Disney World amusement park ride systems and others. His experience made him worry about Jurassic Park. He had helped build up Jurassic Park’s systems for 2 years. Hammond was ignorant of his worries. Arnold was worried about Jurassic Park’s ambitions with the following Park Problems. It had all the problems of an amusement park, all the problems of a major zoo and problems in caring for animals no one has ever done before. Hammond was still adamant that all was well, but Arnold insisted otherwise. Arnold went through a list of problems wrong with the park’s animals that were unexplained. The Tyrannosaurus sometimes getting sick when drinking from her lagoon, the Triceratops killing each other in dominance fights if not separated into groups less than 6, the Stegosaurus getting tongue blisters and diarrhoea, in which 2 have already died, the Hypsilophodons getting rashes and the Velociraptors obvious aggression, but Hammond didn’t want to hear any more about them. Muldoon mentions that the Velociraptors should all be destroyed. They were revealed to have had radio collars but the animals chewed them off; Muldoon still thinks the park is hazardous like Arnold.

Arnold explains that there had been so many delays. The Jungle River Cruise had to be delayed due to the Dilophosaurus, the Pteratops Lodge delayed due to the unpredictable Cearadactylus and other examples. Arnold says they’re still having problems with the tour cars. It was Hammond’s belief that once all was working fine; the animals would calm down and behave. Hammond was annoyed at Nedry’s glitchy computer system, but Arnold argued that there was always going to be problems with such a large system. There were however a large number of bugs. Most annoyingly was the Security System that controlled all the card operated doors cut out whenever main power was lost and would not work when auxiliary power was on, it only would work with main power. Nedry has come in to help fix this long list of problems, phoning his Cambridge friends to help. On the tour, the cars passed the unfinished Aviary and the Jungle River Cruise Paddock with the Dilophosaurus. They were spotted yellow and black with red and black crests, Regis confirming that they are poisonous and Richard Kiley’s voice explaining that its Hematotoxin secreted from its mouth will cause its victim to fall unconscious. The tour passes an area where the Les Gigantes restaurant is planned to be constructed, with Chef Alain Richard from Le Beaumaniére taking the reigns. Next they pass the grey coloured Triceratops in their paddock, where the tour voice explains that the ceratopsians can’t see very well, they are near sighted like rhinos, surprised by moving objects but are docile animals. Lex becomes annoyed at the boring herbivores, but in return the tour voice mentions they’re approaching the Tyrannosaurus Paddock.

The Paddock was situated along the top of a hill, but the carnivores were nowhere to be seen. Regis says that their Juvenile is 2 years old, 8ft high, 1.5 tons and a third grown, often hanging around the lagoon and that the Paddock also includes another fully-grown Tyrannosaurus, who is apparently shy. They believe she only comes out exclusively at night because the bright sunlight causes sunburns on her sensitive skin. The release of a goat into the Paddock from an underground hydraulics cage draws the Tyrannosaurus out. In the Control Room, Hammond and Muldoon were watching. Muldoon shared Arnold’s apprehension of the park. It’s revealed he was raised in Kenya as a big-game hunter guide, then becoming involved in conservation groups, as a wildlife consultant for zoo designs and having worked for wildlife parks with due to his expert knowledge and skills. The London Sunday Times described him as being an expert in his field similarly to what Robert Trent Jones was to golf. After considering a job at TigerWorld, he was hired as Jurassic Park’s Park Warden a year ago, now 50 years old, steel grey moustache and blue eyes. His experience with animals and his knowledge of their behaviour made him cautious about the park; believing that some of the dinosaurs were too dangerous to be kept in a park setting because they knew so little and they were unpredictable.

For example, the Dilophosaurus were discovered to have a poisonous bite and could spit venom to a distance of 50ft. Vets attempted to remove the poison sacs from two Dilophosaurus but were unable to locate the area where the poison secreted. Furthermore, Hammond and management refused to kill and perform an autopsy on one to locate the poison secretion area, and thus the Dilophosaurus were left alone. Muldoon worried about the nature of the vicious Velociraptors, who killed for sport and never past at a chance for a kill. Previously, Muldoon’s fears of them being natural cage breakers had come true when one escaped, killing 2 construction workers and seriously injuring another before being recaptured. After that incident, Electronic Sensors were placed around the Raptor Enclosure and the Visitor/Safari Lodge was upgraded with heavily reinforced barred gates, perimeter fence and tempered glass windows. Muldoon also kept the only keys to a locked basement room that housed 2 specially built laser guided missile launchers, which he had insisted on getting despite management’s displeasure. Large animals were tough to take down, so these missile launchers were ultimately necessary. Back on the tour, the Tyrannosaurus finally appeared. It’s head stood 20ft above the ground, its skull 5ft long, and a speckled reddish brown with enormous jaws and fangs. It emerged slowly through the palm trees very cautiously and crunched down on the goat, killing it immediately. The Tyrannosaurus then began looking all around, as if hesitant of its kill. Ed Regis explains that the animal was only being instinctively on alert in case of another Tyrannosaurus that might steal its kill. As they pulled away, Ellie noticed the similarity of the movements the Tyrannosaurus had to birds.

Back in the control room, the team hear though the Land Cruiser radios that Grant and the group were considering the catastrophic implications of an animal like a Tyrannosaurus breaking out. Hammond was angry that they were thinking only negatively, blaming Malcolm as the initiator. Hammond was a bit annoyed at the implications of Malcolm, that he might scare Gennaro into shutting down the park, scaring off Hammond’s Japanese investors and informing the San José Government. Wu too was a bit annoyed. Meanwhile, Muldoon was down in the basement where two-dozen electric Land Cruisers were stored, they connected to the park’s loop track that toured the park. Eyeing a Gas-Powered Jeep, painted with a diagonal red stripe to stop Triceratops charging the car, he took out a Randler Shoulder Launcher with 2 loaded rockets and placed them in the Jeep, returning to the control room.

The tour cars next arrived at the Sauropod Swamp Enclosure, which included Apatosaurus and Hadrosaurus, Regis stating to Lex that they were the largest dinosaur, despite Tim knowing otherwise that Brachiosaurus, Ultrasaurus and Seismosaurus were even larger. In amongst them were younger Hadrosaurus that had hatched and been introduced only a few months ago. As the cars pulled away, Tim looks back at one last look and suddenly sees a brown striped, pale yellow creature flash by, recognising it instantly as a Velociraptor. As Tim yells out his discovery, Ed Regis dismisses it claiming it was an Othnielia, but through the intercom Grant and Malcolm want to go back and check. Unable to do so, Malcolm asks about its size with Tim stating that it was larger than the baby in the facility but smaller than the adults in the pen. Back in the Control Room, Arnold and Wu speculate that it must have been an Othnielia that Tim saw, thanks the computer’s hard task of tracking them because of they spend so much time among the trees and branches. Thus, the Othnielias and smaller dinosaurs were an exception to the computer’s minute animal tally because it was constantly losing and gaining ones that went into the trees and came down again. Hammond was still angry that his guests were just looking for excuses. Over at the Isla Nublar Dock, the equipment ship Anne B notified Arnold that due to the approaching storm, they needed to leave for the mainland and hadn’t finished unloading 3 final containers. Unfortunately, Hammond hadn’t put money towards a storm barrier for the Dock and so the ship had no choice but to leave, or risk getting smashed and losing all remaining equipment. As Arnold gave the boat permission to leave, the tour cars were seen approaching the southern part of the island towards the Stegosaurus, where there was more volcanic activity.

The sick Stegosaurus and Raptor Eggs

As the Land Cruisers stopped, the group noticed a sick 20ft long Stegosaurus being tended to by a man next to another Gas-Powered Jeep. As the group got out of the cars, Ed Regis introduced them to Dr. Gerry Harding. On investigating the cause of its sickness, Ellie noticed the Stegosaurus had a particularly strong odour and had micro-vesicles along its dark, purple tongue. Harding explains that the Stegosaurus are always getting sick, symptoms including imbalance, disorientation, laboured breathing and diarrhoea that happen every 6 weeks. Because the animals are taking in 500-600 pounds of plant matter each day, Ellie believes it’s unlikely that they are being poisoned by eating a plant, because they would be constantly sick. A look at the Stegosaurus eyes showed the pupils were dilated, a pharmacological effect. Harding explains their habitat is about 5 square miles, but they normally got sick around this southern area. Ellie believes the West Indian Lilac berries scattered along the rocky outcrops hold the answer, but Dr. Harding explains the Stegosaurus don’t eat them, despite them showing all the signs. He also explains the animals complete a slow loop of their territory once a week, feeding as they go. Along the rocks, Ellie noticed small piles of smooth rocks that were obviously Gastroliths, digested into the gizzard to help break down tough plant matter before reaching the stomach, aiding digestion.

Ellie speculates the Stegosaurus must be swallowing stones, wearing them down until they become smooth, regurgitating them, taking up new stones and unintentionally taking up the West Indian Lilac berries as well, causing them to be sick. Malcolm then explains to Gennaro that this sick Stegosaurus is just one instance of Chaos Theory. He mentions that it has larger consequences on human life than Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle or Godel’s Theorem. In addition, he states that John von Neumann thought that using computers could help predict the weather, but in actuality you can never predict certain phenomena at all and that there will always be elements of unpredictability. Furthermore he states that the Stegosaurus, being 100 million years old, isn’t adapted to the human world. It lived in a time where the air, solar radiation, land, insects, sounds, vegetation and oxygen content are variably different than it is today. He is interrupted by the discovery that Ellie and Alan have found what appears to be a dinosaur eggshell piece of a Velociraptor. It’s too big to be any local species on the island, despite Harding being insistent that the animals can’t breed.

Armed with this information, Malcolm radios in the Control Room and asks Arnold to bring up the animal Computer Tally, bringing up 238 expected and 238 found. With Hammond smug, Malcolm asks Arnold to have the computer search for a different animal number like 239, the result: 238 expected and 239 found, another Procompsognathus was picked up. Hammond is flabbergasted. Malcolm then asks to search for 300 animals, and the found animal number keeps increasing. An angry Hammond starts to expel his frustration on Nedry, but Nedry explains that the whole idea behind the Animal Tally System was that an expected number was entered in by the operator to speed up the counting process, and that 238 animals was used as the base count because they assumed there wouldn’t be more than that. Wu is not fazed at all, stating that the animals can’t breed. The tally stopped at 300 displaying ‘Error’. 300 animals were not found, but the computer then printed off an updated tally, result: 238 expected and 292 found. Malcolm explains the flaw in their system, they were so worried about losing a dinosaur that they didn’t realise they had more than they expected. Wu is still adamant that the animals can’t breed. Malcolm presents the evidence including the Animal Tally, Grant’s eggshell and Wu’s own data, the Procompsognathus height graph. He explains that the Gaussian Distribution they saw earlier is wrong, considering the fact that Wu said the Procompsognathus were introduced in 3 batches at 6-month intervals. Thus the height graph should have had 3 peaks for each of the batches, but instead they got a graph showing a breeding population. A look at the Animal Tally indicates that the Maiasaura, Procompsognathus, Othnielias, Hypsilophodons and Velociraptors are breeding. Horrified at this, Hammond quickly sets the blame on Wu indicating that he stuffed up, despite Wu still denying that the animals can breed. Through the radio, Grant is confident that there are multiple breeding sites on the island.

According to the data and on the knowledge that the average egg clutch could be around 8-12 eggs, Grant speculates that the Procompsognathus and Velociraptors have 2 nests each and the Hypsilophodons, Othnielias and Maiasaura have 1 nest each. Grant also speculates that the Velociraptors and Procompsognathus that are loose are probably eating some of the larger herbivore eggs and newborns. And because they are nocturnal hunters, the Control Room hasn’t been able to see this. Grant also realises that the addition of 50 new animals means they must be living off the rats and mice across the island, the Control Room had even noticed that the pest problem had declined over time but had not investigated why. Grant believes that certain DNA fragments inserted into the dinosaurs via gene splicing may hold the answer as to why specific species are breeding, particularly frog DNA. Grant’s priority includes finding the nests and counting the egg fragments to assess how many were originally hatched and how many are missing. Ellie decides to stay with Dr. Harding and the Stegosaurus, and oddly so does Gennaro. Malcolm, Grant, Regis, Lex and Tim all head back to the Land Cruisers.

In the Land Cruisers, Malcolm feels a sense of dread at these revelations, highlighting the worry of Intuition and explaining to Grant that straight linearity doesn’t truly exist and that life is actually a series of unpredictable encounters, in that 1 event might lead to something disastrous. The Land Cruisers suddenly stop and Grant notices the kids in the front car point towards the ocean where the dark outline of the Anne B was heading out back to the mainland of Puntarenas. Through the radio, they could hear Lex claiming to have seen something on the boat. Regis explains to Grant and Malcolm that Lex said she saw an animal. Grabbing some binoculars, Grant suddenly noticed at least 2 or more juvenile 2ft tall Velociraptors hiding at the rear of the boat. The radios for the Land Cruisers were dead and they couldn’t call the Control Room to notify the boat, so the group began to head back. In the Control Room, the cars would take 20 minutes to get back to the garage. Nedry’s computer had taken all the phone lines that communicated outside, leaving only internal ones for Arnold. Nedry, after stating he was off to get a Coke, left the Control Room and warned no one to touch the console. But in fact he had far more sinister plans.

Back in the Land Cruisers, Regis states that the ship would take 18 hours to reach the mainland, 11am the next day. Large floodlights suddenly illuminated the dark road. Suddenly the Land Cruisers slowed and came to a halt. Back in the Control Room, its revealed that the perimeter fences and Land Cruisers had lost power. Unable to call maintenance because of Nedry’s console, Arnold was angry. Meanwhile Nedry was busy sneaking into the Fertilization Room thanks to the perimeter fence power being cut, and thus all the security card operated locks were disarmed. Nedry had secretly and very cleverly hid this trapdoor in with the many bugs in the Jurassic Park computer system. Nedry had become fed up with the Jurassic Park project that InGen had demanded of him, including having to add extensive modifications but not being paid in the process claiming it should have been in the original contract. Furthermore, refusal meant InGen lawsuits and blackmailing letters of unreliability against Nedry. And so when Lewis Dodgson of Biosyn had approached him he was willing to offer a deal because Nedry had built a backdoor into the system to bypass any security measure, just in case. Entering the embryo Walk-in Freezer and passing the shelves that contained reagents and liquids, Nedry took 2 of each species and placed them inside the Gillette can. He left the room, entered the vehicle room and took the Gas-Powered Jeep with Muldoon’s rocket launcher and headed out down the East Road to the East Dock for the quick drop off, able to be back at the control room in no time at all. Nedry marvelled at how well he had scrambled and jammed the security codes and phone lines to pull off his plan.

Arnold finally noticed that Nedry had turned off the Security Systems, unlocking all doors and shutting down all fences. Muldoon, worried, volunteers to take a Jeep out to rescue the group stuck in the Land Cruisers. As he went downstairs to the Gas-Powered Jeep, he knew there wasn’t anything to worry about the fences being out, the dinosaurs learned quickly to avoid the shocks of the fence and likely wouldn’t approach the fences anyway. Beginning to feel a bit smug about having the foresight to place the rocket launcher in the jeep ready, as he reached the garage his face turned to shock. The Jeep was gone.

4th Iteration:

Back in the Land Cruisers, they were stopped on the downslope of a hill near the Tyrannosaurus paddock. The thunder was scaring Lex. Using the Night Vision Goggles; Tim looked out as the rain comes down hard and suddenly saw a large dark shape sprint between the two cars. Nobody knows what it could have been. Along the perimeter fence, the dark shape of the Tyrannosaurus suddenly appears from behind the foliage and looks over the fence at the Land Cruisers, just standing on the other side. Then it gripped the fence with its small forelimb and Regis suddenly became terrified. He opened the door and fled the Land Cruiser in terror, the kids watching, bewildered. Tim made the connection, the power was off!

The Tyrannosaurus breakout

The Tyrannosaurus crashed down the fence with one of its giant hind limbs and stepped forward between the cars. It bent down and peered into the car before smashing its head across the bonnet and shattering glass, injuring Tim and Lex in the process. The Rex then tore the spare tyre of the car and then attempted to enter through the broken windscreen, but it was too large. The animal then knocked the Land Cruiser onto its side and lifted the car up into the air, shaking it. Crashing to the ground, the Tyrannosaurus picked it up again, the door giving way beneath Lex and she fell into the mud on the ground. Picking the car up again with Tim inside it, the Tyrannosaurus dropped it one final time before he fell unconscious. Malcolm and Grant, desperate about what to do, opt to run. Malcolm opens the door and runs but the Tyrannosaurus was too close and it grabs Malcolm and throws him away. By this time the Tyrannosaurus had turned to Grant who was out of the car, and he froze. But the Tyrannosaurus did not attack. It roared at him and smashed down on the Land Cruiser centimetres from Grant, moved past him towards the rear and then placed its head close to Grant’s. He realised that the Tyrannosaurus couldn’t see him but knew he was near him somewhere and was trying to scare Grant into moving. Grant suspected the DNA splicing held the answer. Frustrated, the Tyrannosaurus knocked Grant’s Land Cruiser over, hitting Grant and sending him through the air and crunch back down to Earth.

Harding, Sattler and Gennaro were returning back to the main facility but a fallen tree was blocking the road. Unable to reach the Control Room or the Land Cruisers, they opt for the Maintenance Road. Back in the Control Room, Arnold was attempting to fix the main grid to the computers and fix Nedry’s phone jamming. Meanwhile, Muldoon was questioning the disappearance of his Jeep from the garage. Although the group in the Land Cruisers had not responded on the radio, Muldoon was unable to take a Maintenance Vehicle out to rescue them because they were all housed in the East Garage. Arnold, angry, wanted Nedry back to fix the computers immediately.

Entering though a 10,000-volt gate, Nedry drove the Gas-Powered Jeep through the park with haste. His plan was to quickly drop off the embryos and rush back to the Control Room only wasting a few minutes, but it would be ruined if Dodgson was late because the Control Room would be suspecting him. Nedry made sure to remind Dodgson of the $1.5 million deal he was promised by secretly recording the convocation they had at San Francisco airport on tape just in case Dodgson duped him. Driving fast along the road with jungle on all sides, rain pelting down from the storm, he rounded a corner and nearly drove straight into a grey concrete barrier before slamming on the brakes. He had taken a wrong turn down an Unknown Service Road and missed his road to the dock.

Nedry spat on by the Dilophosaurus

Getting out of the Jeep he realised he was at the Jungle River. Nedry had taken too long and decided he had to abandon his meet up plan, contact Dodgson and arrange something else. A hooting sound grabbed his attention and suddenly a large dinosaur came through the jungle towards him. He ran back to the car, but the animal had beat him to it. It was a Dilophosaurus, 10ft tall with yellow and black spots and a pair of red V-shaped crests. It began to spit at him, venom hitting his shirt and then his neck, giving off a tingling and burning sensation. As Nedry reached the jeep, the animal spat in his eyes, causing excruciating pain. It trickled down his face, the pain overwhelming him and he dropped to the ground with shock. Blinded, he could hear the Dilophosaurus approaching him before it finally began tearing into him, ripping his stomach open. Nedry held his own intestines in his hands as he fell to the ground, the animal’s jaws around his head.

Hammond and Wu were busy conversing inside Hammond’s bungalow, a Haitian serving girl, María, serving them ice-cream. Wu noted that the 77 year old was still stubborn and evasive, insisting on having his ways all the time as well as completely refusing to deal with the park’s problems. Wu had intended to check the DNA assemblage records in the computer about the possibility of the breeding animals, but Hammond had insisted he accompany him for dinner. Hammond admits they pushed Nedry hard to fix the Jurassic Park system despite the downed telephone lines. Hammond is ultimately afraid that he won’t live to see the joy the park will bring children, and wont see his original intention of making money.

Hammond also explains that if he used his company to create a cancer curing drug, it would be very expensive and rightly so but enable to distribute it, the government would see to it that sick people won’t be able to afford large sums of money for a dose of this drug. This would result in outrage, denied patents, delayed permits and the company would be forced to sell the drug at a much lower cost. Hence, Hammond sees that helping mankind from a business standpoint would be very risky and not financially beneficial. Hammond contrasts this to entertainment believing it isn’t a necessity, no one needs it, and hence a high price tag would increase the park’s appeal. Hammond also reveals that he leased an area in the Azores for the creation of Jurassic Park Europe and an island near Guam for the creation of Jurassic Park Japan with construction beginning in the next year. All parks open within 4 years with $10 billion direct revenue expected with merchandising, television and ancillary rights doubling it. Back in the Control Room, some of the facility guards inform Arnold and Muldoon that they previously saw Nedry enter the garage.

Meanwhile in the Jeep, Harding, Sattler and Gennaro came across a herd of Apatosaurus crossing the road, including a baby. Harding explains the Apatosaurus don’t fear the jeep, but to get them moving they sometimes play a Tyrannosaurus roar, even though they are far too big to be threatened. He also explains that the dinosaurs have excellent visual acuity but a basic amphibian visual system, meaning they are unable to see still objects very well. Back in the bungalow Hammond continues his rant, explaining that scientists are only interested in research and not progress. He explains that these animals are too expensive to be used for research and they can only be used for entertainment purposes. He states that no one is going to stop him from opening the park to the world. Harding’s jeep was nearing the Jungle River when they noticed Procompsognathus along the side of the road. Harding speculates they are drawn to something, perhaps a dying or dead animal because of their tremendous smell and nature for being scavengers. They wonder what they could be following and decide to follow the Procompsognathus.

Back in the wrecked Land Cruiser Tim finally awoke, throwing up, his entire body aching, his LCD Watch broken. The car was on its side, Tim leaning on the passenger door, not realising was that it was moving in the wind and lying in the branches of a large tree 20ft above the ground. Attempting to move, the Land Cruiser shifted position and dropped a few feet. Noticing a noise down below, Tim saw the Stegosaurus, recovered from its illness far below. Exiting out the rear door, Tim scrambled town the tree as the car began to shift. Falling 12ft to the ground, Tim rolled out of the way as the car crashed down after him. Scaring off the Stegosaurus by throwing a rock at it and collecting the Night Vision Goggles from the wrecked Land Cruiser, he began his search for the others. Tim spots Lex’s baseball in the middle of the road and hears her whimpering close by. Back in the Control Room, Muldoon distributed radios to everyone, still annoyed that neither Nedry nor Harding had returned. Meanwhile Wu was checking the DNA logbooks in the Fertilization room and had noticed that someone had accessed the embryo freezer in the last half hour. Checking the computers, he noticed that all the breeding dinosaurs, Maiasaura, Procompsognathus, Othnielia, Velociraptor and Hypsilophodon had Rana/frog DNA.

Tim finds Lex, injured and inside a drainage pipe under the road, not wanting to come out. Luckily, Grant is alive and appears out of the darkness to comfort them. Meanwhile, wedged among some boulders below the road was the leech-covered Ed Regis. Hearing the voice of Lex, Regis attempts to pull himself together and head back up the hill towards the group but was worried the Tyrannosaurus was still in the area and instead decides to head back to base. Lex was cut along her head, Tim’s nose was broken and Grant had a large claw abrasion along the right side of his chest where the Tyrannosaurus had kicked him. Grant speculates the large dark shape that Tim had seen between the Land Cruisers was probably the Juvenile Tyrannosaurus. He also decides to wait until someone comes along to rescue them; stating that if they continued down the road the high fences on both sides would trap them and leave them stuck and vulnerable to the Tyrannosaurus. Hearing Regis coughing further down the road, Grant notices trouble and the Juvenile Tyrannosaurus emerged. Hiding against the trunk of a tree, Grant, Tim and Lex watched the Juvenile pass by where Regis was hiding. As the animal disappeared, Regis relaxed and stepped away when suddenly the Juvenile launched a surprise attack, knocking him over and over again, almost toying with him. After one final knock down, the Juvenile began to tear into him, Grant, Tim and Lex watching in horror. In Harding’s Jeep, Ellie believes she sees headlights up ahead near the Jungle River, no doubt belonging to Nedry’s jeep, but a radio transmission from Muldoon informed them that he needs their jeep and that they need to return to return to the Safari Lodge. Back in the Control Room, Hammond was yelling at Arnold about the power going out. Going behind the scenes to investigate the code, it would take him a while to fix it.

With Ellie and Harding back at the Visitors’ Center, Muldoon and Gennaro head out to rescue the group at the Land Cruisers. Still unable to raise them on the radio, they still suspect all is fine. On the base of the hill leading up to the Tyrannosaurus Paddock, they suddenly see the ripped and shredded leg, belonging to Ed Regis, on the ground, knowing instantly what had happened. Wrapping it up in tarpaulins found inside a canvas bag, in the jeep, they placed the leg in the jeep and continue on. They finally reach the destroyed Land Cruisers: one on its side, the other crumbled at the base of a tree 20ft away, thrown by the Tyrannosaurus. Attempting to put the scene together, Muldoon was confident that if someone had been killed, they wouldn’t be crushed in the car, the predator would have taken them, usually without blood and with little evidence of an animal attack. Finding Tim’s watch and footprints, Muldoon was also confident that Grant and the kids were alive. Hearing a wheezing noise, they find the injured Malcolm under palm fronds, using his belt as a tourniquet around his right thigh, a compound fracture in his ankle. Muldoon and Gennaro lift him into the jeep, Muldoon explaining that they need to get Malcolm back quickly, also fairly confident Grant and the kids are alive, coming up with the idea of using the Motion Sensors in the park to locate them when they get back to the Control Room.

Despite Gennaro telling Hammond that the kids are missing, Hammond is still convinced that the park and his grandchildren will be fine. Back at the Control Room, Wu tells Arnold to check the computer keystrokes to trace what Nedry did to the phones and power. Because the safety system switches could be turned off only at the Main Panel, Nedry’s keystrokes were still in the system. Arnold runs keychecks and finds that Nedry entered in a White Rabbit Object, a computer object or piece of code that allowed Nedry computer backdoor access to the park including turning security and perimeter systems off. Meanwhile Muldoon, carrying the tarpaulin package of Regis’ leg under his arm, heads for the Ellie in the Safari Lodge to help treat the injured Malcolm. With the phones still down, Harding was the only doctor on the island. Ellie was worried that Grant and the kids didn’t come back with them considering Grants tough history, who had previously survived 4 days on his own in the Snakewater Badlands with a broken leg.

Meanwhile, Grant and the kids had crossed over the flattened fence and were inside the Tyrannosaurus Paddock. His plan was to find the Motion Sensor boxes, also hoping that they would lead to a boundary for the Tyrannosaurus Paddock so they could leave via a fence or moat. Tim tells Grant about his parents divorce, and that his mother and new boyfriend often fight when Tim is in his room on his computer. Lex asks Grant about himself, he reveals that his wife died long ago and that despite what they think, Ellie is Grant’s student. Grant has no children and Ellie is marrying a Chicago doctor. With sleeping in a tree not an option, Grant climbs a tree with the Night Vision Goggles to search for possible buildings nearby. Past the electric fence and concrete moat, he sees a service road leading to a rectangular building. After they climb the fence and exit the moat, they reach the large concrete shed, big enough to fit a truck and fitted with a steel gate. Grant and the kids slip through the bars and enter the building stocked with hay bales, grass and other equipment, and sleep.

Back at the Control Room, Arnold finally finds the command to restore the original code that the white rabbit object shut down. He eventually restores the power, turning on the 50 miles of perimeter fence and the motion sensors. Heavy-duty Quartz Lights eventually began to light up the park. Arnold notifies Muldoon that there are 3 power cutout sections of fence in the park: near the Tyrannosaurus Paddock, Sauropod Paddock and Jungle River. They were worried that Grant and the kids hadn’t been found on the motion trackers, despite the computers carrying out the complicated task of eliminating all background movement such as wind and trees. Muldoon is keen to repair the fences with a maintenance crew as well as take Dr. Harding to help assist with herding 5 animals back to their paddocks. Back at the Safari Lodge, Malcolm, high on Morphine, recalls his near death experience. He described running from the Land Cruiser and the Tyrannosaurus chasing him down, picking him up in his jaws and shaking him before throwing him down, breaking his leg in the fall. Malcolm reveals a semicircle of puncture marks across his torso where the Tyrannosaurus had him in its jaws. Harding explains that the large carnivores don’t have strong jaw muscles, but rather powerful neck musculature; so small prey like Malcolm was just shaken and tossed. Malcolm speculates that he didn’t really have the Tyrannosaurus’ full attention and that the 8-tonne beast struck him as being quite clumsy. As Harding leaves to help Muldoon, Ellie explains to Gennaro that Malcolm needs surgery on his leg and a Helicopter needs to come.

Out in the park with some Portable Generators, Muldoon along with a Maintenance Van and some workmen, one individual named Carlos, were busy fixing a bit of fence near the Jungle River, where a Protocarpus tree had fallen and blown the turnbuckles out of the ground, which in turn had short-circuited the fence. He was also weary of the Dilophosaurus who would be close to the fence. One of the workers, Ramón, notifies Muldoon of car lights off in the distance, which were no doubt Nedry’s, but he was more concerned in getting the tree off the fence. Back in the Control Room, Arnold, now with the power back up, was busy explaining to Gennaro how Malcolm’s predictions were wrong and that the situation they are dealing with now is real life, not computer models. Meanwhile Harding and Hammond were with the dark green and spotted brown Hypsilophodons, tranquilizing them and moving them onto a Flat Bed Truck to be transported back to their paddock, all the while monitoring their temperature with a Medical Thermometer.

Harding is revealed to have previously been the Chief of Veterinary Medicine at the San Diego Zoo and the world’s expert on avian care. When Hammond had offered him a job at Jurassic Park, the prospect of writing the first dinosaur veterinary book intrigued him. As a result he was happy he took the job because of his considerable expertise with the dinosaurs. Back in the Control Room, Arnold recalls the implication of Resonant Yaw on missiles to Gennaro and how if one was slightly unstable before launch, it would inevitably go out of control; a feature of mechanical systems. But he also explains that little changes and fluctuations in a living system actually keep it healthy and responsive, something that he believes Malcolm and his Malcolm Effect never understood.

After Harding and Hammond had revived the Hypsilophodons back into their paddock using Medrine, they next had to deal with the Stegosaurus. Back with Muldoon, the team had removed the tree and they radioed Arnold to shut down their section of the fence to repair its damage. After an hour, the animals and 2 of the sections were done, with only the third section left where the Tyrannosaurus had gone into the Sauropod Paddock. Muldoon, not willing to go inside until daylight, made Hammond very angry about the fact that the Tyrannosaurus might kill some of the Apatosaurus. Without any of the rocket launchers all they had was tranquilizer guns, but the Tyrannosaurus would be too big. Arnold ultimately states that some dinosaurs may die but the park is under control.

Grant, Tim & Lex with Ralph, the infant Triceratops

Grant awoke, his watch displaying 5:00am, to see Lex feeding hay to an infant Triceratops through the steel bars, who she had named Ralph. Along the building, Grant noticed they were actually in Sauropod Maintenance Building 04. A full-grown Triceratops then appeared, Ralph’s mother, and the infant becomes stuck between the bars. Eventually pushing it free, Grant and the kids head up to the hill to set off more motion sensors. Up on the hill they overlooked Triceratops and Hadrosaurus down near the edge of a lagoon. Flying past them were 2 giant, red prehistoric Dragonflies with 6ft wingspans. Waving his hand in front of a Motion Sensor, Grant was unsure if anything would be picked up. Meanwhile back in the Control Room, the phones were still jammed and Nedry’s code was still residing in the computer memory. The only option was to shutdown and reset the system. Arnold then reset the Master Switch and began to manually bring back the system online. Grant and the kids on the other hand were moving across the field near the herbivores when they smelt a garbage-like smell of the Tyrannosaurus, which then proceeded to burst from the trees near the lagoon and began to chase the Hadrosaurus, who were running right towards them. Grant and the kids quickly scamper up a tree to avoid the stampede, keeping quiet. Meanwhile the Tyrannosaurus had in fact made a kill, Muldoon was called in by Arnold to take care of the situation.

Up in the tree, Grant noticed a Hadrosaurus down below at the base of the tree. Remembering the Tyrannosaurus’ visual acuity based on movement, he realised the animal couldn’t see or smell him but it could hear him, snapping his fingers. The animal froze but then after a minute the Hadrosaurus literally forgot that Grant and the kids were up in the tree, it also had an amphibian visual cortex, only seeing moving things like frogs see insects. Tim suggests getting out of the area by taking a rubber raft he saw in the Sauropod Maintenance Building and paddling down to the Visitors’ Center, faster than going by foot. Meanwhile, Muldoon and Gennaro had gone out in the jeep to find Nedry and Hammond had called Arnold to the Genetics Lab with Wu.

Back in the Sauropod Maintenance Building, passing some herbicide containers, Grant found some topographical charts that showed the lagoon forming into a river that led through the Aviary and down to the Safari Lodge. At the rear of the building was a service road leading down to a Lagoon Dock, where the rafts would be. Tim manages to find paddles and a small Tranquilizer Pistol with 6 MORO 709 tranquilizers for Grant as they advanced towards the lagoon, but the Tyrannosaurus was sleeping 20ft away, a dead Hadrosaurus beside it. After retrieving the raft from the Raft Storage Shed down by the dock, Grant gives the kids life vests, and they all hop in the inflatable raft and push off, quietly and slowly. Unfortunately, Lex went into a coughing fit and the sounds echoed up the lagoon waking up the Tyrannosaurus, who proceeded to enter the lagoon and chase after them, chest deep then up to its eyes and nostrils swimming like a crocodile. Paddling the raft to the center, the deepest part of the lagoon, the Tyrannosaurus lunged but sank below them before breaking the surface under the raft and lifting them up; spinning them and landing them down. Shooting it in the cheek with the tranquilizer gun, the Tyrannosaurus’ roar was replied by the Juvenile Tyrannosaurus who had claimed the Hadrosaurus carcass on the shore. Enraged, the big Tyrannosaurus swam back to the shore and chased the Juvenile away, protecting its kill and allowing Grant and the kids to drift down river.

5th Iteration:

In the Hadrosaurus area Muldoon, drinking his Whiskey, and Gennaro looked to where the stampede had taken place, the flies indicating the Tyrannosaurus had been here. Muldoon claims that the Tyrannosaurus can run down the jeep doing 30/40mph. The eventually find the Juvenile Hadrosaurus carcass, but Arnold radios in saying he found Nedry’s Jeep on the Monitors. Wu, in the Genetics Lab, tells Muldoon that Nedry had taken 15 embryos, Gennaro and Muldoon eventually finding his body inside the jeep covered in Procompsognathus’. As Muldoon retrieved his rocket launcher from Nedry’s jeep, a quick inspection revealed a Dilophosaurus blinded and killed Nedry. Muldoon could see the Dilophosaurus saliva in the corneas of Nedry’s eyes, surprisingly stating that this wasn’t actually fatal and could be removed with Antivenin. Gennaro and Muldoon headed to the Sauropod Compound but neither they, nor Arnold, could find the Tyrannosaurus. Grant and the kids continued to drift down the now narrow river, small pale yellow 2ft tall Microceratops hopping between the trees next to them. The raft finally approached the ¼ mile diameter, mesh covered, dome Aviary. Drifting under and inside the dome, they noticed the Pterosaur Lodge where they could perhaps use a phone or trigger the Motion Sensors, parking the raft and getting out.

Back at the Control Room, Arnold had pulled the park systems back online and had called for a Helicopter, but still couldn’t find the Tyrannosaurus. Malcolm suggests that the Motion Sensors cover an inadequate area since Grant and the kids aren’t being detected. Because 92% is covered by motion sensors and 8% was topologically unified. He reveals that the Aviary wasn’t on the original tour because the 4 15ft Cearadactylus were fiercely territorial and were dive bombing and knocking the workers unconscious. Unfortunately, the Lodge wasn’t finished, thus no phone, and so Grant and the kids head back to the boat. Suddenly, the Cearadactylus started attacking and began swooping them, drawing blood, so they ran. Grant and the kids flung themselves to the ground as they flew over them, one grabbing Lex’s shoulders and attempting to fly off with her. Grant tackled one to the ground as Lex escaped, eventually Grant himself pulling free and noticed the Cearadactylus began to walk on its wings towards them. The remaining 3 began to swoop them, but Lex threw her Darryl Strawberry special baseball glove, distracting them long enough to escape back to the raft and exit the Aviary.

Tyrannosaurus attempting to attack Grant, Tim and Lex on the raft

As they drifted down the narrow river, Grant explained to the kids about his question of frog DNA in the dinosaurs and what it meant. He reveals that using x-rays to irradiate the dinosaurs is very unreliable and how the dinosaur sexual reproduction more closely resembles that of a male releasing a spermatophore externally and a female picking it up later. Microceratops in the trees above scatter in alarm as suddenly the Tyrannosaurus appears through the heavy undergrowth and attempts to get at the raft, but it is blocked. As it attempted to move further downstream to break through the foliage, but couldn’t, Grant heard hooting cries downstream. Around the bend he spots a two Dilophosaurus and through the recognition of Sexual Dimorphism realises they are a mating pair. The pair blocks their path along the riverbank, Grant and the kids stay low in the raft as they sneak by the Dilophosaurus, who turn their attention to the approaching Tyrannosaurus, who provides a distraction. Eventually the Tyrannosaurus moves off and the raft continues downriver.

Back in the Safari Lodge, Malcolm explains to Sattler that Arnold and Wu are narrow-minded, thintelligent people who don’t see the larger consequences, the unpredictable behaviour of the dinosaurs. He argues that scientists are preoccupied with accomplishment because they can, not because they should and that science and the art of discovery ends up destroying the natural world. He also states that there haven’t been any advancements, comparing the lives of the men who painted the Lascaux Paintings to the advancements of life in modern day. Finally, he suggests that 400 years of modern science should give us an indication of what good applications it can be used towards, and that it is time for change. Back with Gennaro and Muldoon, Arnold notifies them that the Tyrannosaurus is nearby and that they have to tranquilize it, not kill it. Eventually finding the Tyrannosaurus, Gennaro loads Muldoon’s rocket launcher with a canister filled with 1000ccs of MORO 709 tranquilizer to take it down. He noticed it was moving down near the river, apparently after something, giving them the time they needed to prep the shot. His first attempt apparently missed, attempting to load the second shot the Tyrannosaurus charged after them. After the second shot had also done nothing, Gennaro floored the jeep and they took off, heading back to base.

Meanwhile Grant and the kids were approaching a waterfall, and waiting at the bottom was the Tyrannosaurus. Plunging down they smacked down to the bottom, Grant surfacing and dragging Tim to the shore. They watch the Tyrannosaurus pull out Lex’s life vest fearing the worst when suddenly Lex surfaces, Grant dragging her ashore. He notices a dirt path leading behind the waterfall and they hide behind it just as the Tyrannosaurus noticed them. In the little recess behind the waterfall, Grant noticed a Maintenance Vehicle Shed Door with steps leading down. Grant goes inside to investigate and shuts the door behind him, leaving the kids on the other side of the door. After finding an electric golf cart, a Young Velociraptor suddenly appears from nowhere and leaps at Grant, but not before he shoots it with his tranquilizer pistol. He notes that the Velociraptor is a male, one that was obviously bred in the wild. Attempting to open the door to retrieve the kids, he realises he is locked inside.

The Tyrannosaurus using its tongue to try and pull Tim out from behind the waterfall

Meanwhile on the other side of the door, the kids watch the Tyrannosaurus’ head burst through the waterfall. With only its jaws able to fit through and its eyes on the outside of the waterfall, it could sense the kids where there. Suddenly its blue-black 4ft forked tongue wrapped itself around Tim’s head and began to drag him out of the waterfall. With Lex holding on attempting to save Tim, suddenly the Tyrannosaurus’ tongue went limp, its jaws smacking shut and its head sliding out of the waterfall with a scrape, it had finally succumbed to Muldoon’s tranquilizer. Back in the Control Room, with the Tyrannosaurus down everyone was starting to feel calmer knowing everything was now under control. Unfortunately, the Computer’s System status log revealed the park had actually been running on Auxiliary Power, which then begin to fail. Back at the waterfall, Tim had noticed that the Tyrannosaurus had been shot with a tranquilizer dart, when suddenly the waterfall began to stop, its pumps shutting down because of the power failure. As a result the Maintenance Door then opened revealing Grant, reuniting him with the kids.

Gennaro, Arnold and Muldoon with the Velociraptors

In the Control Room there is bad news, the shutdown had rebooted the system with Auxiliary Power, not Main Power. As a result the Auxiliary Power didn’t have enough amperage to keep all the fences on and so they were all automatically kept off for the last 5 hours. The plan was to get Arnold to the Maintenance Shed to turn on main power, with Muldoon and Gennaro to deal with any Velociraptors that may have escaped, whilst Wu stayed in the Control Room. Taking the rocket launcher, 6 explosive shells and giving the ammo to Gennaro, Muldoon explained that the Velociraptors were solidly built, slow bleeders and difficult to cripple. As the 3 of them exited the building, 3 Velociraptors appeared and began to circle them with Arnold running for the Maintenance Shed; but not before Gennaro loaded a shell into Muldoon’s shoulder launcher and blew apart one with a bang! The other 2 then focused their attention on Gennaro and Muldoon. Stepping back, Muldoon tumbled down an embankment, hurting his ankle before bolting, Gennaro already running for the forest.

Back in the Safari Lodge, the incapacitated Malcolm explains to Ellie and Hammond that scientific power is like inherited wealth and can be attained without discipline, despite Hammond wanting to hear none of it. Malcolm comments on Hammond’s lack of self-restraint in during the park’s creation. Arnold, entering the Maintenance Shed, uses his shoe to prop open the door, enabling him to see the catwalk in the darkness, but the shadow of a Velociraptor suddenly appears. It entered the Maintenance Shed and chased Arnold down the catwalk and stairs before pouncing on him and digging its claws into his chest, Arnold knowing it was over.

Back with Muldoon, he had managed to wedge himself inside a stack of metre drainage pipes behind the Visitors’ Center, the Velociraptors attempting to get at him, but not before he blew the leg off one and sent it howling off. Unfortunately another 3-4 Velociraptors were outside trapping him. Radioing to Wu, he realised that Arnold didn’t take a radio with him. After 4-5 minutes had passed, nothing had happened, and so Gennaro radioed to Wu and Muldoon deciding to head to the MaintenanceSshed. He decides to stay north of the Main Building Complex to avoid the Velociraptors, finally entering the dark Shed. Inside he noticed the Velociraptor perched on the pipe above, its claws dripping with blood, pouncing on Gennaro. Luckily Gennaro was heavily built and despite being knocked to the ground he pushed the Velociraptor away, then it began to attack him once more. On the radio, Muldoon suggests everyone regroup at the Safari Lodge and that Wu can pick him up in the Jeep, but knows that the Velociraptors will follow them there. However, Malcolm is confident that none of them will get of the island alive.

6th Iteration:

Meanwhile, Grant and the kids were travelling down the Maintenance Tunnel behind the waterfall in the electric cart, the Young Velociraptor that Grant had tranquilized lying in the back. It was 10:15, leaving them 45 minutes to contact the Anne B before it docked at Puntarenas. Arriving at the Visitors’ Center, Grant parked the electric cart in a garage, placed the Young Velociraptor in a small animal cage along one of the walls and entered the building with the kids. Entering the Center, it was empty and destroyed. Taking a dead guard’s radio, Grant radioed Ellie who told him that the whole system is still shut off and that everyone is in the Lodge. Unfortunately the Velociraptors had followed the group and a tree planted too close to the fence had allowed them inside and up onto the roof where they were now biting through the steel skylight bars, with a bite force like Hyenas. The Group at the Lodge decide to provide a distraction so that Grant can access the Maintenance Shed, Wu noting that 2 Velociraptors are on the roof and at least 4 more out in the park.

Ellie and Muldoon head out of the Lodge to provide a distraction whilst Grant leaves the kids with the Night Visio Goggles inside the dark cafeteria whilst he goes to turn the power back on. Outside the Lodge, fog restricted vision to at least 20ft as Ellie opened the Lodge perimeter fence gate and exited the compound, attempting to lure the Velociraptors to her. She managed to draw 3 Velociraptors out of the fog and charge at her before she ran back inside, Muldoon covering her and making calculations, noting 3 here, 2 on roof, 1 still missing. Inside the Lodge, Wu could see the 2 Velociraptors on the roof watching the other 3 Velociraptors outside of the fence charging the fence, but knowing they were intelligent animals, he knew they couldn’t get to Ellie and Muldoon and thus weren’t really trying. Meanwhile Grant had entered the Maintenance Shed, Wu radioed him and guided him into switching on a generator, the next process involved going back to the Control Room and restoring the systems manually, Grants radio unfortunately dying. Heading back to the ladder that exited the Maintenance Shed tunnel, he heard Gennaro’s voice. He had managed to squeeze himself inside a truck inside the Shed. Uniting with Gennaro, he explains that he managed to get away from the Velociraptor and when a group of Procompsognathus had appeared to try and pick him off, he had gotten inside the truck to be safe.

Meanwhile the kids had entered the dark kitchen looking for food, filled with gas-powered stoves, when they heard hissing and a fully-grown 6ft tall Velociraptor entered. Hiding Lex under a table, Tim rushed to the refrigerator, and using the Night Vision Goggles, grabbed a handful of Frozen T-Bone Steaks and placed them on the ground in a trail towards the freezer. Following the trail, the Velociraptor ate all the steaks and entered the freezer, Tim sprinting and slamming the door on its tail. The Velociraptor smashed back against the door as Tim and Lex managed to lock it inside using the door pin lock. Back in the Lodge, Wu was contemplating about the behaviour of his dinosaurs; did they truly behave like this when they had lived in the past? He knew that predicting the behaviour of these animals would have been impossible. The 3 Velociraptors outside the fence also worried him; they were smart creatures able to scheme plans. Harding then warns Wu that the 2 Velociraptors on the roof had just left the skylight; they didn’t know where they were now. Opening the door to warn Ellie to get back inside, a Velociraptor suddenly leapt down and dragged Wu outside, ripping and tearing him apart. Ellie was now trapped inside the Lodge compound, the other 3 Velociraptors outside headed towards the Visitors’ Center, where Grant and Gennaro were heading. With Ellie now trapped inside the compound with the 2 Velociraptors previously on the skylight, she ran, climbing up a tree and onto the roof, the Velociraptors following her. A locked door on the roof of the sky forced her to jump down into the lodge pool below, and run back inside the Lodge. Harding, a bit too late to open the door to the roof, nearly gets pulled out by the Velociraptors just before slamming the door shut. Everyone was back inside.

Meanwhile, Tim and Lex were inside the Visitors’ Center, looking to enter the Control Room to radio someone. Passing such doors as Park Supervisor and Operations, they enter the Main Control room and locating the computer monitors, Lex finds a radio and Muldoon answers. Gennaro and Grant, heading for the Visitors’ Center, watch the Velociraptors enter the building and leap approximately 10ft into the air and onto the second floor balcony, the faint sound of a radio attracting their attention. Meanwhile through the radio, Muldoon explains to Tim and Lex that with Wu and Arnold gone, no one knows how to turn on the computers. Tim managed to activate the Camera Monitors across the park as well as one linked to the Anne B supply ship, minutes from landing in Puntarenas. Time was running out, they needed to get the power back on before the boat arrived and before the Velociraptors could eat threw the Lodge skylight.

As Tim tried to understand the computer’s screens, the Velociraptors were coming down the hallway after them. At the Lodge, the Velociraptors had nearly bitten through both bars, almost able to get inside. Meanwhile Tim and Lex, hearing the Velociraptors, exited the Control Room, accidentally locking themselves out. Grabbing a dead security guard’s keycard and entering a different room, the Velociraptors saw them and charged after them. With Malcolm growing weaker and weaker, the group feared the worst after not hearing back from the kids. Grant entered the Visitors’ Center, noticing the kids weren’t in the kitchen, and upon hearing Velociraptor snarls along the hallway he followed, taking a dead guards security keycard. The kids entered the Nursery holding the Nursery Raptor and as 2 adult Velociraptors entered after them, they began ripping into it. Tim and Lex run into the DNA room, the Velociraptors chasing them but luckily Grant and Gennaro are there to rescue them. Gennaro escapes with the kids whilst Grant schemes a plan to get rid of the Velociraptors.

Grant tempting the Velociraptors with poison eggs

Entering the Hatchery area through a biohazard signed door, Grant planned to use a syringe to insert deadly poisons into a few of the eggs and tempt the Velociraptors into eat them. Hiding, he rolled one down the floor, the first Velociraptor biting into it before convulsing on the floor and foaming at the mouth. As the second Velociraptor began to finish off its mate, the first Velociraptor bit it in a last ditch attempt just before the second Velociraptor tore it to bits. A combination of being bitten and biting into Grants second poison egg caused the second Velociraptor to fall to the floor, convulsing. With the last Velociraptor, Grant needed a new plan, so he radioed Ellie threw the walkie-talkie it across the ground, distracting the Velociraptor long enough for Grant to jab his poison syringe into the Velociraptor’s tail. It manages to slice Grant and almost pounce on him before collapsing to the ground. Grant then heads back with Gennaro and the kids to the Control Room.

Eventually Tim manages to restore Main Power, frying the remaining Velociraptors that were attempting to get into the Safari Lodge skylight. Seeing the Anne B ship on the video monitor almost docking at Puntarenas, the kids manage to raise ship Captain Fredrick D. Farrell, telling him to turn back. After the Captain doesn’t believe their situation, Gennaro steps in and manages to scare the Captain from docking with a fake marine violation, sending him back to the island.

7th Iteration:

Back in the Lodge, Malcolm was busy ranting to Hammond about Post-Human Earth Survival and that the planet isn’t in jeopardy. Instead he states that humans are, with no power to destroy the planet or save it, but the power to save ourselves. With everything now under control, the Lodge and Visitors’ Center secure, it was determined that out of the 24 people on Nublar, 8 had been killed and 6 were missing. The Costa Rican National Guard was on its way, along with an Air Ambulance Helicopter to take care of Malcolm. The Anne B ship crew had discovered the 3 young Velociraptors on board and destroyed them. Tim brought up the park’s Animal Tally with the number of animals expected, 292 and only 203 animals found. Because all the animals had mixed with each other during the power outage, the populations had reached a Jurassic Equilibrium. Muldoon reveals that the island will probably be bombed with napalm and nerve gas and that it is crucial that all animals be destroyed. However, Grant becomes angry at Gennaro for not taking responsibility of the island and that it is ultimately his fault due to not supervising the business, not checking Hammond’s activities and permitting his use of Biotechnology.

Grant is insistent that the group find the all nests on the island, so that they can account for every animal born before they blow it up. Grabbing equipment including Shock Prods, Control Nets and nerve Gas Grenades from an Unmarked Storage Room, they speculate that the Velociraptor nest is likely to be in the concrete Waterworks controlling flooding in the southern area of the island, near the volcanic vents. Using the Young Velociraptor that Grant had tranquilized and placed in a cage at the Visitors’ Center, Lex had named Clarence and placed a tracking collar around its neck, the Velociraptor turning a bright green before relaxing and becoming a paler green. Muldoon says that the other Raptors couldn’t do this, but this wild male is different because it was bred in the wild. Grant explains the amphibian DNA phenomenon, a gender transition where the environment triggers Spontaneous Sex Change.

Following the Young Raptor to the Raptor Nest

Piling into the Jeep and using a radio-tracking headset to track the radio collar on the Young Velociraptor, they then arrived at the volcanic fields and released it to lead them to its nest. Grant was unsure what to expect, a reptilian-like nest pattern, or something similar to birds? Grant and Ellie speculated that the Velociraptor’s intelligence had the mental capacity to execute plans believed only to be limited to 3 species being chimpanzees, gorillas and humans. The Young Velociraptor eventually leads them to a small 2ft wide hole in the volcanic boulder fields, inside which a tunnel with smooth dirt walls widens out. Before entering the hole, Grant uses a Handheld Camera and Monitor to inspect inside before entering. Then, placing on a gas mask and grabbing a Shock Prod, Grant enters the Velociraptor nest. In the Safari Lodge, Malcolm was in a coma, Hammond filled with anxiety and dread at the thought that Malcolm might actually die before the Helicopter arrives. Hammond decided to leave the Lodge and get some fresh air, leaving Harding to care for Malcolm, adjusting Malcolm’s Intravenous Line to administer antibiotics. It’s revealed that Hammond had 2 separate vaults of embryos at InGen headquarters in Palo Alto, even if Nublar was burnt to the ground he could start again. Hammond concludes that it was actually his staff that was inadequate and responsible for the park’s failure. Heading back towards his Bungalow, the noise of a Tyrannosaurus roar filled the air, causing Hammond to stumble and trip, falling down an embankment through wet foliage and into a shallow stream, breaking his ankle. However, it’s revealed that Tim and Lex were broadcasting various dinosaur noises over the park loudspeakers from the control room, Hammond eventually hearing their intercutting voices over the speakers. Annoyed and frustrated, he knows he had only brought them to stop Gennaro from destroying the park, but realised that Gennaro was probably going to shut it down anyway. Trapped, Hammond began shouting for help down in the embankment. Meanwhile back at the Lodge, Harding was still attending Malcolm. As he lay severely injured, his voice barely a whisper, he mentioned to Harding about the possibility of the park having the potential to cause Paradigm Shifts, where examples like Darwinian Evolution and Quantum Mechanics had brought about these shifts. When Harding asked for clarification, Malcom hinted that it was possibly beyond the established definition. Unfortunately Malcolm was growing weaker and weaker and began to slip into terminal delirium.

Back at the Velociraptor nest, as Ellie enters the hole, Muldoon threatens Gennaro with a Shock Prod to go down as well. Inside, Grant, Ellie and Gennaro end up on a concrete ledge 7ft above the floor with large, steel junction boxes obscuring them from 2 fully grown, dark green, tiger striped Velociraptors standing 5ft away. They were inside a large underground structure with at least 30 Velociraptors, differing in size, ranging from babies to adults, scattered in the nest. Grant counted 3 nests with 3 sets of parents and their distributed territory. Ellie is almost noticed by an adult Velociraptor as she removes the Young Velociraptor’s collar. Eventually Grant and Ellie estimate that 33-34 were born, with around 22 juveniles. Ellie and Grant observe the strange spatial arrangement of the Velociraptors, lining up and facing in a structure when suddenly the Velociraptors rush down the concrete tunnel and into the darkness. Using his Compass Watch, Gennaro doesn’t believe the Velociraptors are lined up according to a magnetic orientation.

Back down the embankment, Hammond had managed to crawl a third of the way up the hill, tired and dizzy. Procompsognathus suddenly emerge, which worried Hammond because he knew their bite had a slow poison that acted like a narcotic. Attempting to scare them away by flailing branches and throwing rocks at them, one jumps on his back, causing Hammond to loose his balance and fall back down the embankment. The Procompsognathus then began to swarm Hammond, jumping on him and starting to eat him alive.

Raptors on the shoreline

Following the Velociraptors through the tunnel, the cavern opened up leading to a beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. At the sound of a marine diesel ship in the distance, Grant, Ellie and Gennaro watched the Velociraptors gaze follow the ship. Grant suddenly realised that because dinosaurs were ultimately birds, these animals were actually looking to migrate from the island. Costa Rican Armed Forces Helicopters suddenly appeared through the fog, the Velociraptors scattering, Muldoon and the kids already on board. Piling into the Costa Rican National Guard Helicopter, Muldoon explained that the Armed Forces wanted to begin the bombing immediately and that Harding and the other workmen had already taken off. He added that they had found out that Procompsognathus’ had eaten Hammond and that unfortunately Malcolm had also not made it. The island was lit up with explosions and bright, white rapid explosions peppered the island as the Helicopters left the island.

Epilogue: San José

Back in a San José Hotel, the Costa Rican government had refused the group to leave due to the very serious environmental hazard that had taken place on the nearby island of Nublar. Hammond and Malcolm’s burials were delayed as the American Embassy attempted to get the group out of Costa Rica. Each of them was tired after being constantly being questioned by the government officials. Later one afternoon, Marty Guitierrez visited Grant, confident that Hammond funded northern digs because there was a higher chance of intact genetic material from cold climates. He also reveals that in the north of Costa Rica in the Ismayola Mountains, specific crops including agama beans, soy, even chickens, food rich in lysine, had been eaten by unknown animals. This ultimately confirms to Grant that some dinosaurs have obviously migrated, travelling to the mainland and living in the thick jungle of Costa Rica.

Apatosaurus excelsus
Cearadactylus atrox
-Dilophosaurus wetherilli “venenifer” (*)
Euoplocephalus tutus
-Hadrosaurus foulkii
-Hypsilophodon foxii
-Maiasaura peeblesorum
-Microceratops gobiensis (*)
-Othnielia rex (*)
-Procompsognathus triassicus “pentadactyl” (*)
-Stegosaurus stenops
Styracosaurus albertensis
Triceratops serratus (*)
-Tyrannosaurus rex
-Velociraptor “giganticus” (*)