Jurassic-Pedia Public Discussion Group on Facebook Now Open

We have created a public discussion group for the site via Facebook groups. While we welcome everybody to partake we would like to stress that this group is science-friendly first and foremost.

The Jurassic-Pedia Discussion group is meant for people to come and discuss the Jurassic Park/World series in a pro-science/pro-intellectual environment. While we are welcoming of everybody we would like to stress that Young-Earth Creationism and anti-science topics and debating of those topics are not welcome here.

We will be discussing the subjects of the franchise in-depth from paleontology, geology, and biology on down to genetics and other related concepts here. This group is focused on learning and empowering oneself through the acquisition of knowledge. The Jurassic Park/World series opens the door to scientific enrichment and we are the group for it here. We also welcome broader concepts of discussing the Jurassic Park/World series such as the toys, games, comics, books, films, and other media produced. We also welcome discussion of plot points, thematic components, how the series continuity works, and elements that are even being planned in the future of the franchise. Please be sure to check us out if this is of interest to you and your friends.

“The great thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

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