Zach Mitchell Costume Guide

Zach Mitchell, Claire Dearing’s nephew, is a typical teenager. Fashion comes before function, and that’s reflected in the way he dresses. Wearing skinny jeans and a hoodie in the jungle, Zach puts his personal dress above comfort in the tropical environment of Isla Nublar.


Zach actually wears two jackets in the course of the film. The main one he wears is a light grey cotton zip hoodie. This hoodie has a speckled pattern. Really, any grey hoodie would do for this costume.

However, at his Madison, Wisconsin home, Zach also wears an M-65 field jacket over his grey hoodie. This is not seen worn by Zack after the airport scene.


Zach wears a burgundy or dark red short sleeved t-shirt with a crew neck. Again, any typical dark red t-shirt should work for the costume.


Zach wears dark blue slim cut jeans. Any jeans of this style should work for your costume.


Zach wears a pair of old, roughed up Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star high tops. These can be purchased at most department stores, and the weathering comes with breaking them in.

Zach is seen several times wearing a pair of Beats by Dre brand wireless bluetooth headphones. In some scenes of the movie, Zach is seen using the cord of the headphones, other times he is seen using his phone’s bluetooth to listen to whatever music he listens to.

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