Barry Sembène Costume Guide

Barry, Owen Grady’s right hand man during his Raptor research at Jurassic World: Isla Nublar, is a man of sensible practicality. Donning business casual wear with professionalism that takes the tropical heat into consideration, Barry is ready to take on the work day in style.

Outer Shirt
Barry wears a linen, short-sleeved button up that keeps him cool in the tropical heat. Barry wears this salmon-pink shirt open, with his undershirt exposed. The sleeves have a rolled hem, and the two front pockets have a narrowed flap closed by a metal snap-button.
Barry wears a yellowed sleeveless undershirt, likely dirtied by sweat and years of field research. The shirt is not tucked, but the collar has been stretched and has a hem.
Barry wears BDU khaki work pants.
Barry wears a pair of brown leather work boots of an unknown brand.
Barry wears a black tactical watch with segmented band. It may possibly be a G-shock, like Owen Grady’s, but unlike Owen’s, is worn upright on the left wrist.

Barry has a knife hanging from a basic leather brown belt. The knife is made by Auvenshine Knives, who also made Owen Grady’s knife, however he is never seen using it. Auvenshine makes a replica of Owen Grady’s knife upon request, however it is unknown if they also make Barry’s.

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