Juvenile Dilophosaurus – Isla Nublar (S/F) / (S/F-T/G)

DiloDropThe Juvenile Dilophosaurus was one of the specimens found on Isla Nublar, and was contained in the Dilophosaur Paddock. As Dennis Nedry crashed his Jeep (specifically vehicle #12) into a downed tree on his way to meet his contact on the East Dock, he attempted to winch his vehicle down the muddy hillside to the road. After slipping on the hill, losing his glasses, and noisily fumbling through the foliage, he decided on a nearby tree as being sturdy enough, and heard a hoot. Turning, Nedry missed seeing the Juvenile Dilophosaurus jumping into and out of view behind him.

Wasting only a few moments to peer half-blind into the darkness before returning his attempts to get the cable fastened to the tree, the Dilophosaurus hooted and peeked at DiloPeekhim from behind the trunk. Looking, he saw nothing as the Dilophosaurus had already switched to the other side. She hooted again at him curiously, but did nothing as Nedry merely laughed it off and walked nervously back to the hillside. However, the Juvenile followed the man, causing him to turn his head again. Each time, Nedry never saw the animal’s approach, with it appearing and disappearing as his back was turned.

CuriousThe Dilophosaurus again made the hooting noise, craning itself to full height and turning its head as it sized Nedry up. She did not react to his attempts to dissuade her away, and seemed playfully oblivious to his claims to having no food for the animal. Nedry began to get annoyed by his unexpected, seemingly oblivious, and utterly unwanted visitor, and picked up a stick to try and distract the dinosaur, but the Juvenile turned its head once to see where he had thrown it, then returned its attention back fully and intently to Nedry, further adding to the growing playful yet subtly off-putting aura around the animal’s behavior.

As Nedry tried to get back to the Jeep (even promising to run his increasingly intent yet seemingly inoccuous over when he reached the vehicle), he slipped on the muddy hill and turned around toDilo frill see the Juvenile staring at him. After a pause, the Juvenile Dilophosaurus unfolded her frill and began spitting at Nedry. The spit landed on Nedrys’ jacket, causing him to get up and take her seriously as a threat for the first time since encountering the animal.

Nedry spitTurning back to check to see if she was still spitting at him, Nedry was blinded by the Dilophosaurus‘ spit. Attempting to re-enter the Jeep, he instead blindly struck his head on the doorframe and rebounded, falling down onto his back in the mud and rain, whereupon the Barbasol Cryo-Can, containing his pilfered embryos, was jostled loose from his jacket and rolled down the hill, to be covered by mud. The Juvenile took this opportunity to hop further up the hillside, whereupon she hopped over Nedrys’ prone form, and waited on the passenger seat for Nedry to enter.

As Nedry stood back up, he had been blinded so he was not aware that the Juvenile was inHere's Dilly the jeep. Closing the door, he took a sigh of relief but then he heard the familiar sound of the Dilophosaurus unfolding her frill and spitting. He screamed as the animal lunged at him, the Dilophosaurus jumping on him before he was able to exit and mauling him with such violence it caused the jeep to rock.

The following is a Jurassic Park: The Game element and is considered soft-canon: Later, when Miles Chadwick  and Nima infiltrated the park to attempt to make contact JP-TG Screenshotwith Nedry and recover the embryos, they came across his abandoned Jeep just as the rain from that night’s storm cleared up. The Dilophosaurus was still in the car, and eating Nedry’s corpse. Nima opened the door to the Jeep, and was, after a few moments of peering into the darkened vehicle to try to see what was inside, barreled over by the Dilophosaurus which then fled off towards the tunnel to the East Dock, pausing at the entrance.

The animal then darted inside when Nima shined the lights from the Jeep towards that area, dropping Nedry’s bloodied staff ID badge in the process.