Lana Molina (S/F)

Lana Molina was an investor that acted as a go-between Biosyn and Mantah Corp. She was also working with an unidentified third party. In 2016, Lana was invited by Daniel Kon along with Cyrus and Mr. Gold to tour the facilities of Mantah Corp Island.

As the trio arrived, they were greeted by Daniel Kon, and led to a presentation in which Daniel Kon would demonstrate the control chips. She met Kenji Kon just before the presentation was due to begin. Daniel woudl have the group sit down while he demonstrated the control array on various dinosaurs including the Spinosaurus, Big Eatie, and a pair of Velociraptors. The investors, including Lana were allowed to test the control chips, and they began instigating a fight between the animals.

However, campers would run in the middle of it, attemptign to interrupt the proceedings. They were attacked by the dinosaurs. Lana was attacked by Kash during the melee, as her controller was knocked away from her. However, Kash was killed by the raptors before he could use the controller.

The next day, Lana would travel with Daniel Kon to Isla Nublar, during an expedition to capture more dinosaurs. She would stay in Daniel’s penthouse while the others began their initial search for animals.  Lana would go with the group to meet her contact at the docks, Lewis Dodgson who was there to supervise containment of animals for Biosyn.

Lana follows the group as Kenji attempts to lead them to dinosaurs to chip. Along the way, the run into Bumpy, get chased by Dilophosaurus, and attempt to find Blue. When the group is at the Visitor’s Center, Lana pleads with an unknown person over the phone to allow her more time. As she follows the group, she sees an opportunity, and attempts to sneak away with Dodgson’s backpack.

Lana’s death

However she is noticed by Kenji and attempts to flee. Kenji fights with her for the bag, and she manages to break free, calling for an extraction. During her attempt to flee, Lana was bitten by a Compy and was almost immediately stricken by the paralytic effect of its poison. In a last, desperate attempt, she tries to reach her phone as the Compies swarm her, eating her alive.