Maintenance Shed – Isla Nublar (C/N)

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The Maintenance Shed on Isla Nublar was located just north of the Visitor’s Center, near the Velociraptor Holding Pen. Outwardly it appeared as a large, low concrete shed with a steel roof. Inside this building was encased the generators that supplied power to the entire island, which extended two stories below the ground level. It is known at the ground level that there was a concrete loading dock for trucks.

After Dennis Nedry shut off the main power, the generators started back up under the direction of John Arnold, but he failed to notice that they had only been operating on Auxiliary power. As he went to turn the main power on manually, he went with Robert Muldoon as backup, since the Velociraptors had escaped their enclosure.

However, they were separated, and although John Arnold managed to make it into the building, a Velociraptor followed him inside. Although he tried to elude it, it killed him. Following him into the shed, Donald Gennaro was attacked by the same Velociraptor and wounded, but ultimately managed to escape.

Alan Grant later went into the shed, to turn the Generators on himself, guided by Henry Wu through radio contact. Inside, he encountered two large yellow fuel tanks labeled ‘inflammable’. These were directly connected to the generator, and connected to it by a four inch white PVC pipe that led to the Honda Generator. The Honda Generator appeared as a large aluminum box with air vents on the sides. Grant was instructed to a panel with two buttons on the side. He was instructed to press the yellow one first, and then the red one.

At the back of this generator, there was a pipe that led to a round black cylinder that resembled a fuel pump. He was ordered to turn the valve of the fuel tank, which activated the generator. As he was headed back to the Visitor’s Center, he had to rescue Donald Gennaro from the Procompsognathus that had ambushed him inside of the shed’s loading dock.

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