Modified Jeep Wrangler (C/N)

A Jeep Wrangler is a relatively large, four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle. A custom-built red Jeep Wrangler was brought to Isla Sorna by Dr. Lewis Dodgson’s team during their trip to the island in 1995, and was used for transportation and storage purposes. Presumably (and expensively, according to Dr. Sarah Harding) modified especially for the Biosyn expedition, it had been enlarged to the size of a Land Rover Defender (apparently the most desirable vehicle for field trips) and featured large Styrofoam containers inside for the transportation of stolen dinosaur eggs. The car was eventually abandoned on one of Site B’s dirt roads by Howard King after an attack from a group of Pachycephalosaurus, during which it sustained damage caused by the dinosaurs’ reinforced skulls.

Sources: The Lost World, by Michael Crichton, pages 194, 248, 290, 292 (Arrow Books 1997 edition)