Nursery Raptor (C/N)

The nursery in the Visitor Center at Isla Nublar was home to a young Velociraptor during the events of the Isla Nublar Incident in 1989. Dr. Alan Grant took great interest in this animal, as he had recently uncovered some fossilized individuals of the same genus at his dig site. However, Ed Regis became angry when Dr. Grant started manhandling the raptor to the point of distressing it. Despite Grant’s protests, he was ordered to put the infant raptor down by Regis. Regis explained that the animals were delicate,and that they had suffered from postnatal stress syndrome, which resulted from adrenocortically mediated causes.  Later on, Tim and Lex Murphy happened upon the raptor in the nursery as well while they fled from the adult raptors; Tim noted that the young raptor looked hungry. Soon, though, the adult Velociraptors entered the nursery as well and Tim threw the younger animal at them to try and distract them. It did; the adult dinosaurs proceeded to tear apart and devour the younger one, much to Lex’s shock.