Owen's Bungalow – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Owen Grady’s residence on Isla Nublar was a lakeside bungalow. The bungalow consisted

Facade of Owen's Bungalow
Facade of Owen’s Bungalow

of a small structure on top of a high platform. Attached to the bungalow was a trailer with solar panels on top of it. The bungalow had outdoor lighting in the form of two strings of lightbulbs that were attached to nearby trees. Owen maintained a table in front of the bungalow, where he kept his motorcycle cleaning equipment. Owen Grady also kept recreational equipment stacked against the bungalow, as fishing poles may be seen against the side wall. There were were also lawn chairs spread out in front of the bungalow as well as a picnic table. There is also a dock beside the bungalow, on which a lawn chair may be seen, it is implied Owen Grady utilizes the dock for fishing.

Dock at Owen's Bungalow
Dock at Owen’s Bungalow

Before the events of the Indominus rex breakout, Claire Dearing pays a visit to Owen’s Bungalow, in a request that he inspect the hybrid’s paddock.