Park Associate (S/F)

The park associates are employees who do the general work around Jurassic Park, such as the desk jobs.  Computer technicians can be seen in the Control Room, their job being to monitor the Park from their stations.  They are identified by black slacks (skirts for the women) and headsets.

Other associates (sometimes called Tour Guides or Drivers) are identified by khaki slacks, sometimes wearing Jurassic Park hats and aviator sunglasses.  These can be seen driving the Jeeps, operating the Electric Fencing and opening the Jeep doors when the guests arrive at the Visitor’s Center.  Two female greeters are also seen as they open the doors to reveal the main hall of the Visitor’s Center.

Several of the office worker associates can be see up until the storm approaches the island and most, if not all, were on the boat to the mainland for the weekend and did not witness the downfall of Jurassic Park.