Jurassic Park Animal Control (S/F)

Colloquially known as the Jurassic Park Rangers by some, these people were hired to maintain a safe work environment on Isla Nublar‘s facilities by protecting visitors and staff from the park’s inhabitants, as well as ensuring the safety of the animals. These employees are charged with the more dangerous work which involves getting close to and managing the more dangerous dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.  Safety is their concern, as is evident by the large number present for moving a velociraptor to the holding pen just before the accident. Robert Muldoon seems to have been in charge of the security force for Isla Nublar‘s facilities. The pushing team is composed of approximately six to eight handlers and it is their job to move the crate containing a dinosaur to a secure connection while the armed handlers watch and wait for any trouble that may occur.

Atypically clothed in blue BDU jackets and shirts or on occasion clothed in blue BDU jumpsuits, they often were adorned with a Red Construction helmet with the Jurassic Park logo on the front. Some wore a SWAT/Tactical vest. A patch, reading “Jurassic Park”, was usually affixed to the left sleeve on the uniform.

They are armed with a variety of weapons, such as M-16 assault rifles, SPAS-12 shotguns and modified cattle prods (or tasers).  All handlers wear a hardhat, some of the armed handlers also wear knee and elbow pads for added protection.

They would be succeeded by Asset Containment Units when Masrani takes over InGen and creates their Jurassic World attraction on top of the ruins of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar.