Peter Ludlow (CB-Topps)

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The nephew of John Hammond and cousin of Tim and Lex Murphy, Peter Ludlow personally made sure that no one believed Ian Malcolm’s claims about what had happened at Jurassic Park. He used the incident involving the Bowman’s discovery of Isla Sorna to oust his uncle as CEO of InGen; by this time, the company was all but bankrupt. Ludlow tried to bail out the company by exploiting the island’s dinosaurs, assembling a group of hunters and mercenaries to go to Sorna and capture dinosaurs, tearing up the island’s terrain in the process. Ludlow’s plan was to take the dinosaurs back to the mainland and put them on display in zoos, but Nick van Owen‘s interference halted his attempts, albeit briefly. He arranged for the male Tyrannosaurus, which had been tranquilized by Roland Tembo, and its baby to be shipped back to San Diego on his private Jet. However, the adult escaped and ran loose in the city. When Malcolm and Sarah Harding brought the baby rex back to the S.S. Venture, the ship which had brought the adult, Ludlow tried to recapture the young dinosaur himself. However, the tables were turned when the bull tyrannosaur cornered Ludlow, using him to teach its offspring how to hunt.