Pteranodon (sp.) (CB-Topps)

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Pteranodon longiceps is a large pterosaur, who’s name means “wing without tooth.” This Pteranodon was found in Central U.S. and descrbed by Marsh in 1872. It was 9 meters (30 ft) in wingspan and weighed 66 pounds. Longiceps was actually as tall as a man when fully erect. Pteranodon longiceps is actually a flying reptile, not a dinosaur. The longiceps lived in the late cretaceous, hunting mainly fish. It is also believed that the longiceps were warm-blooded, with a light fur covering their body. Like its cousin, the longiceps were very social creatures, living in flocks mainly around shorelines; nesting in rocky outcropping that are nearly impossible to reach except by flight.

The sternbergi species was a large pterosaur, with a wingspan of up to 20 feet was found by G. F. Sternberg in 1952 in the lower chalk deposits of Graham County, Kansas. It could weigh up to 45 pounds. Living in the late cretaceous, this majestic creature was really no dinosaur at all but a Flying Reptile. Through the years, Pteranodons have gone through many misnomers until a recent study re-categorized the group into two sets: large and small. Within the large group, sexual dimorphism was ever present within the crests, relative sizes, and hip bones of the animals. Those with diminutive crests, wide set hips and of a smaller size were females, while the males were larger with narrow hips and a large crest, believed to be used for mating displays. The Male of the species had a large flat crest that raised up from its skull. This crest would have been brightly colored during the mating season to attract a mate. The female’s crest was extremely muted, showing only a small bump on her head. She also had wide set hips to aid in the laying of eggs. Extremely social creatures, P. sternbergi would have enjoyed living its life in large flocks near a food source, such as a shore among rocky outcroppings. Pteranodon sternbergi is only seen in the comics on the background of a scene.