Restrooms – Isla Nublar (S/F)

The Main Tour Loop on Isla Nublar had communal Restrooms placed strategically at Paddocks with ‘Photo Opportunities’ indicated by a blue circle with a white camera graphic in it mounted atop a Paddock’s Tombstone.

In keeping with the rest of the Park’s safari design, they were largely made of bamboo with a thatched tiki roof and contain several cubicles and sinks.

The only restroom seen, by the Tyrannosaurus Paddock, was destroyed by the T. rex in 1993 after Dr. Ian Malcolm attempted to draw the large female away from the car that held the children Lex and Tim Murphy, only to be nearly eaten. Slightly injured, Dr. Malcolm was covered by the remnants of the roof and not discovered by the T. rex. Donald Gennaro, who was hiding in a stall, was not so lucky and promptly devoured by the T. rex.