San Diego Bus Driver (S/F)

The man driving the public service “1975 GM TDH 5307 A” bus. He and his passengers were attacked by an adult male Tyrannosaurus rex when the latter rampaged through San Diego, California in 1997. The driver, noticing the T. rex, asked for his riders to move to the opposite side of the bus for their own personal safety. However, their precaution proved futile when the Tyrannosaurus smashed into the side of the bus, crumpling the side of it and sending several patrons through the opposite wall and into the street. The driver, unable to remain in control of the vehicle, steered the bus into a Blockbuster video store. Although causing considerable damage to the front of the building, there were no casualties to the customers inside the video store. However, it is unknown if the bus driver survived or not, as he was not seen apart from the moment when the vehicle smashed into the store front.