Tyrannosaurus Rex Kingdom – Isla Nublar (S/F)

The attraction for the female Tyrannosaurus rex in the Jurassic World, Isla Nublar resort. Feedings were scheduled for audiences every two hours, and the Jurassic World site warns that the attraction may be a bit intense to some viewers. It was located in the west to the northwest portion of the main resort relatively close proximity to the Innovation Center. The proximity to the main resort made the attraction no doubt popular, but also made security for the attraction itself paramount and probably among the tightest on the island.

The attraction itself is set in a large, octagonal pen, which is filled with a Cretaceous inspired redwood forest, much like the kind a Tyrannosaurus rex would be familiar with 66 million years ago. The pen, designated by the park staff as “Paddock 9”, was ringed by a section of arena seating, with a hollowed, artificial redwood log inside, which allowed VIP park guests to get a special, up close viewing of the park’s star resident Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus was attracted to the viewing log when a staff member would through an ignited flare near a goat from an elevated, armored platform. The flare conditioned the Tyrannosaurus to associate it with food.

Jurassic World

Zach and Gray Mitchell visited the T. rex Kingdom after leaving Zara Young behind. They watched a scheduled feeding of a goat to the T. rex through the viewing area of the exhibit. While Gray was occupied attempting to take a picture, Zach Mitchell answered a phone call from his mother, Karen, who was asking about how their trip was going.

Claire Dearing later ordered Lowery Cruthers to open the paddock’s staff entrance for the T. rex Kingdom. She lured the Tyrannosaurus out of her paddock with a lit flare. Dearing then ran with the flare as she was pursued by the Tyrannosaurus, before tossing it towards the park’s planned latest attraction, the hybridized Indominus rex, which had escaped earlier that day. In the ensuing battle, the Indominus was killed when attacked by the park’s Mosasaurus near its lagoon.