The Lost World: Jurassic Park Toys

Kenner, 1997 (Series I)
Kenner, 1997 (Series II)

Hasbro, 1997 (Series I)
Hasbro, 1997-1998 (Series II)


In 1997 Steven Spielberg’s second Jurassic Park film was released theatrically, and with this came Kenner’s second line of Jurassic Park toys, The Lost World series. The original action figures had made toy industry headlines, proving to be revolutionary for their time. But with this new toy line, had Kenner managed to improve upon an already winning formula? Could this new Jurassic Park toy line surpass the originals in overall quality?

Despite the fact that the toys were almost identical to the original line in craftsmanship, the few small improvements Kenner had thrown in made these slightly better. Examples of these upgrades include greater likeness to the movies’ actors, more finely detailed dinosaurs, and more realistically proportioned weapons and figures.

One might argue this toyline was never considered as classic as the first, but nonetheless it was probably just as successful, if not more so. There is good reason for this, too. Released under Kenner’s Lost World series was the Bull T. rex, which continues to be one of the most sought after dinosaur figures. Also included were unreleased toys from 1994’s original toyline, like the Scutosaurus and Estemmenosuchus. These were a Wal-Mart exclusive.


Vehicles and Playsets


Twenty-two new dinosaur toys were created for the Lost World toy line. Twenty of these were released during series I, and the remaining two came with the second series. As stated before, unreleased dinosaurs from the first Jurassic Park toy line also showed up. A handful of these were just repaints of previous figures, but these were painted skillfully, with great care to detail, and nice color. This proved to be enough for them to sell very well.

The largest dinosaur toy in all the combined Jurassic Park lines was the Lost World’s Bull T. rex. This toy was so big that one of its abilities enabled it to swallow other toys, which could later be retrieved through a slit in its belly. Other features included numerous electronic sounds. A common misconception concerning the Bull T. rex implies that the Chaos Effect Omega is only repainting. This is not true. Although both toys at first glance appear identical, a more thorough inspection reveals a few substantial differences.

The dinosaurs head was completely remodeled, and that is where most of these modifications are situated. For instance, the jaws and teeth are quite larger in proportion to body size, amongst others. The skin has also been retextured for the better, and of course, repainted. This would technically qualify this dinosaur as a completely new toy, not exactly a redeco.

Many other dinosaurs came in multiple variations. This should not be mistaken for painting dissimilarities, which are intrinsic in nature. An example of said variants includes, but is not limited to, the Pachycephalosaurs. The majority of these toys came with their action button plainly visible, but in its variant the button was hidden under a layer of skin.


In all, ten new figures were released for the Lost World toy line. Seven of these came from series I, and the rest from series II. The figures were also divided into two teams; the ‘Dino Trackers’, and the ‘Evil Hunters’. This hunters and gatherers concept made the toyline more faithful to the motion picture.

Unfortunately, none of the figures wore the clothes you’d see in the film, but this was one small complaint. Other than the articles of clothing, the renderings were terrific. Two versions of Dr. Ian Malcolm, Eddie Carr, Nick Van Owen, and Roland Tembo were produced. The second releases are updated models, and resembled the real-life actors reasonably more. Though both Ian Malcolm’s figures produced for the line show him with his iconic sunglasses from the first film.

Vehicles and Playsets

Eight vehicles were released for The Lost World toy line, including the Mobile Command Center. This is the largest Jurassic Park toy ever made. Interestingly enough, Kenner had planned to release another huge playset. According to pre-production artwork, this toy would have been larger than the Command Compound. The exact reason for its cancellation isn’t known, but its sheer size may have played an important factor.

One of the finest Lost World playsets is the ‘Dino Damaged Medical Center.’ Included in this set was a wounded Allosaurus. Its entire leg, and ribs, could be removed to expose vital organs, muscle and arteries. Every part of the model was very detailed, and included were various surgical instruments.


The Lost World series has quite a few known prototypes. One of these is the Ground tracker. Pictures of this vehicle can be found on the Lost World DVD. Photos of other unreleased Lost World toys such as the Capture Truck and InGen building can also be found on the DVD. A Humvee was also going to be released, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. It is known entirely through concept art.

Prototypes of Dr. Ian Malcolm, Roland Tembo, Ajay Sidhu, and Carter, are a handful of the known figures. As for dinosaurs the list is many, but includes the Velociraptor, Pachycephalosaurus, Spinosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Triceratops, and Junior T. rex. Please note that since these toys were never released, and that many prototypes were never sold to the public, it is impossible to provide a complete list. This involves all of the Jurassic Park toy lines, not only the Lost World series.


“Raptor” Breaks free of restraint gear
Comes with 2 pieces of Capture Gear Variant figure has green or yellow eyes.
ID Number: JP06 Site B
“Ram Head” Breaks free from restraint gear!
Comes with 2 pieces of Capture Gear. Variant figure has yellow or white head.
ID Number: JP07 Site B
Cyclops Velociraptor
“Cyclops” Breaks free of restraint gear
Comes with 1 piece of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP13 Site B
Velociraptor (Electronic)
“Snap Jaw” Pull leg back for Terror Screech!
ID Number: JP18 Site B
Parasaurolophus (Electronic)
“Horn Head” Press button on back for Screaming call
ID Number: JP19 Site B
Chasmosaurus Electronic)
“Plate Face” Pull leg back for Terrifying cry
ID Number: JP21 Site B
“Steel Beak” Flapping attack wings burst free of restaint gear
Comes with 2 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP22 Site B
“Ram Head” with Dino-Damage wound & Head Ramming action.
Variant includes a visible button instead of the skin covering the button
to make the head butt.
Comes with 4 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP23 Site B
“Spike Tail” with Dino-Damage wound & Whipping Tail action!
Comes with 3 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP24 Site B
“Bonebreaker” Dino-Damage wound & Jaw Chomping Action!
Comes with 7 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP26 Site B
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Electronic)
“Bull T-Rex” Press and hold on back for 3 realistic dinosaur
sounds! Bull T-Rex gulps down Dino-Trackers Survival Pod!
Comes with Dino-Tracker Survival Pod
ID Number: JP28 Site B
Tyrannosaurus Rex
“Thrasher T-Rex” With Snapping jaws and thrashing action! Move
tail side-to-side to make head thrash. Dino-Strike thrashing action breaks
free from restraint gear.
Comes with 4 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP29 Site B
“Gnasher” Thrashes it’s snapping jaws!
ID Number: JP35 Site B
“Steel Jaw” Whips it’s snapping jaws!
ID Number: JP36 Site B
Spinosaurus (Electronic)
“Slice” Push arm down for ferocious roar
ID Number: JP39 Site B
Tyrannosaurus Rex
“Junior T-Rex” Repair Junior Rex’s broken leg with healing cast.
Comes with Muzzle and Cast accessories
ID Number: JP42 Site B
“Trike” Slams free of head restraints
Comes with 2 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP44 Site B
“Spitter” Blasts Venom Spray!
Comes with 3 pieces of Capture Gear
ID Number: JP69 Site B
Triceratops (Unreleased)
“Trike” comes with Dino-Hunter’s tent.
Deinonychus (Unreleased)
No further information available
T-Rex Hatchling
With Break-away Egg
Velociraptor Hatchling
With Break-away Egg
Triceratops Hatchling
With Break-away Egg


Ian Malcolm
“Chaos Expert” With Launching Smart Missile & T-Rex hatchling
Team: Gatherers
Eddie Carr
“Master Mechanic” With Capture Claw Launcher & Triceratops Hatchling
Team: Gatherers
Eddie Carr
“Master Mechanic” with Urban Assault Gear & T-Rex Hatchling
Team: Gatherers
Nick Van Owen

“Video Expert” with Paralyzing Spray Blaster & Pteranodon Hatchling.
One variant has a hat and the other one lacks the hat and matches the actor’s likeness more.
Team: Gatherers
Nick Van Owen
“Tracking Specialist” with Capture Pack & Brachiosaurus Hatchling
Team: Gatherers
Sarah Harding
“Animal Behavior Specialist” With Capture Net Launcher & Stegosaurus Hatchling
Team: Gatherers
Peter Ludlow
“Battle Strategist” with Slash Action Machete & Velociraptor Hatchling
Team: Hunters
Roland Tembo

“Great Hunter” With Dino Stun Prod & Pachycephalosaurus Hatchling.
One variant has a Sgt. “T-REX” Turner head and the other matches the actor’s likeness more without the side burns.
Team: Hunters
Ajay Sidhu
“Big Game Hunter” with Heavy Strike Weapons Pack & Parasaurolophus Hatchling
Team: Hunters
Dieter Stark
“Weapons Specialist” with Dino Fighting Action and Compsognathus
Team: Hunters

Vehicles & Playsets

Glider Pack
Glider wings burst open! Launch rocket for aerial dogfight!
Comes with an exclusive Ian Malcolm figure
Team: Gatherers
High Hide Dino Observation Stand
With Grappling Claw Winch and Firing Missile!
Comes with an exclusive Nick Van Owen figure
Team: Gatherers
Ground Tracker (Electronic)
With electric lights and exploding Dino-Damage hood.
Team: Gatherers
Dino Damage Medical Center
With Battle Ravaged Allosaurus & Rejuvenation Lab.
Allosaurus ID Number: JP47 Site B
Mobile Command Center (Electronic)
With Electric sounds and lights, telescoping crane, Dino-Damage cab area, fold-out observation lab, 7 perimeter fence pieces.
Comes with an exclusive Kelly Malcolm figure.
Team: Gatherers
Dino-Snare Dirtbike
Snare Dinos in a high speed chase!
Dirt Bike has blast-apart Dino-Damage
Comes with an exclusive Carter figure
Team: Hunters
D.A.R.T. Dino Auto Restraint Transport
Trailer Converts to Dino Transport Cage
Comes with an exclusive Roland Tembo figure
Team: Hunters
Net Trapper
With High Speed Chase Net & Firing Stun Gun
Team: Hunters (incorrectly labeled as Gatherers)
Humvee Capture Vehicle
With Dino Pursuit Claw & Pivoting Stampede seats!
Team: Hunters
Capture Truck (Unreleased)
No further information is available
Dino Tracker Adventure Set (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
Set includes a Scutosaurus, Estemmenosuchus, Dino Tracker figure and accessories. Featuring Dino-Strike Action!
Young Tyrannosaurus Rex (Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive)
With Dino Tracker figure & accessories. Featuring Dino-Strike Action!
Utahraptor (Target Exclusive)
With Dino Tracker figure & accessories. Featuring Dino-Strike Action!
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