Tyrannosaurus rex (JN)

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“Tyrant Lizard King” discovered in 1902 by Barnum Brown in Hell Creek, Montana. Tyrannosaurus was holder of the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur before Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus made their way onto the scene. Tyrannosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous period and grew over lengths of 12 meters (40 feet), (46 feet recorded and held by “C-Rex”), 4 meters (13 feet) at the hips and 5 meters height (16 feet) at the top of head, & 6 to 8 tons in weight. The Tyrannosaurus in the Jurassic Park movies call Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar their homes. It is believed by some that in Jurassic Park /// the infant from Jurassic Park II: The Lost World was the one slaughtered at the talons of the Spinosaurus, while others feel it was the adult male Tyrannosaurus from The Lost World; however, there is not sufficient proof for either claim and some have also suggested it was a rogue young adult male Tyrannosaurus.

The amusement park, located on Isla Nublar, cloned and held a single adult Tyrannosaurus. The animal was not seen by the tour group sent to evaluate the park’s security the first time they visited her paddock. Later on the same day, during a storm, the Tyrannosaurus returned and broke free of its containment and attacked the two tour vehicles populated by Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Tim & Lex Murphy, and Donald Gennaro.

Gennaro was killed  and Malcolm injured by the rampaging animal, the rest escaped her. In an effort to rescue the stranded people, Robert Muldoon and Ellie Sattler drove a Jeep to their last known location. They retrieved Malcolm from the wreckage of the site but could not find the others. The T. rex then attacked them as they were leaving and chased their Jeep from her territory, trying to disable it during the chase. The three escaped her.

The T. rex attacked and killed a Gallimimus during a stampede and continued to follow the trail of Grant and the kids to the Visitor’s Center.

The Tyrannosaurus did not appear again until it entered the Visitor’s Center’s main lobby through a gap in its construction. The carnivore killed two Velociraptors that were attacking the remaining survivors, enabling them to escape in the commotion.

Years later on Site B, the cloning grounds and second dinosaur island controlled by InGen Corporation, a breeding pair of Tyrannosaurus populated the island. They had an infant that was found by the hunters Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu. The pair decided that they were going to use the baby as bait at another location to draw the Bull Tyrannosaurus into an area they could kill him from. Peter Ludlow, the financier of the hunter expedition, stumbled upon their trap in a drunken stupor and accidentally broke its leg. Nevertheless, the two professional hunters waited patiently for the Bull to arrive.

However, their wait would not last as they were forced to flee their perch during the sabotage of the hunter camp by Sarah Harding and Nick Van Owen. Nick heard the cries and took the injured baby to his and Sarah’s waiting AAV, amid protests from Harding.

The returned to the Research Trailers in order to set its broken leg, dealing with angry lectures from Ian. Despite this, Harding and Nick set about creating a cast. Meanwhile Ian sent his daughter to the High Hide in order to quell her anxiety about the screaming baby.

Ian raced back to the trailers to warn the two inside that the T. rex family was coming to their site to retrieve their missing infant. Before he could persuade them to remove and release the baby from the trailers, the pair arrived and investigated the trailers for evidence of their baby. Sarah released it to them with a cast on its leg.

Seconds later, the Tyrannosaurus returned and attacked the trailers. They flipped the back trailer, that the group was in, upside down and pushed it over the cliff. The trailer was suspended in air by the accordion attached to the front trailer, but the entire vehicle was slowing sliding over the edge.

Eddie Carr, the field technician that created the equipment for the expedition, tried to save the trailers and his friends but failed when the Tyrannosaurus returned to defend their new territory from the intrusion. They dismantled his AAV and killed him, the trailers and wrecked AAV flew over the cliff, but the group inside survived thanks to rope Eddie through down to them that was attached to a trees stump nearby.

The T. rex tracked the hunter-gatherer group that joined together after their respective incidents and arrived at their camp two nights later. The invaded their camp, smelling the dried blood of their infant and attacked after being startled by the screams of the awakening hunters.  The female Tyrannosaurus chased the fleeing humans down a narrow ravine. The female claimed two victims during the chase, stepping on a fallen Carter and entering a waterfall and nabbing a panicking Dr. Robert Burke. Meanwhile, Roland stalked the male that stayed behind to further inspect the temporary camp. Roland hit the male with one dart of tranquilizer, which caught his attention. Roland quickly inserted a second dart and shot the male again, knocking it out.

Ludlow ordered the capture of the baby which would be sent to the facilities on San Diego, where it would be joined by the Bull later in the night. The male hid on the InGen freighter he was being transported on and broke free from the cargo hold after it was opened to inspect the loss of crew.

The bull rampaged throughout the city in a rage. It was not until Malcolm and Harding took the baby from the San Diego facility and found the male that they lured him back to the freighter. The male returned to the cargo hold, where the baby was placed by the pair of scientists and found Peter Ludlow trying to take the baby back. The male injured Ludlow and encouraged the baby to attack its weakened foe. The baby attacked and killed the human, for its first hunting kill. The two T. rex were reunited with the female on Site B.

Eric Kirby found a urinating Tyrannosaurus years later and collected a sample.

Grant, Billy Brennan, Udesky, and the Kirby’s ran into an adult male Tyrannosaurus while fleeing a Spinosaurus, the T. rex fought the Spino, but was killed in the battle.

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