Tyrannosaurus rex Nest – Isla Sorna (S/F)

TheRexNestThe Tyrannosaurus rex nest is found by Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu in Roland’s quest to hunt a Tyrannosaurus buck while he is on the InGen Harvest Operation led by Peter Ludlow in 1997. The nest is occupied by one Tyrannosaurus infant and several carcasses (one of which the infant was feeding on) in various states of decay. The area was buzzing with swarms of flies attracted to the stench of the rotting meat. Located within a rocky pit on the Northeastern side of the island, the nest was well hidden and secluded from invaders. According to Roland the nest was located upwind, which was why he planned to use the infant to trap the Tyrannosaurus in a locale that gave Roland and Ajay a better advantage. Had he stayed, the Tyrannosaurus parents would have known the two hunters were there before Roland or Ajay ever had a chance to know of the Tyrannosaurus presence.  The infant was estimated by Roland to be only a few weeks old and having never left the nest. This would confirm Dr. Sarah Harding’s earlier hypothesis of Tyrannosaurus being nurturing parents, which was one of the many things Sarah wanted to find proof of during her time on Isla Sorna.