Tyrannosaurus rex (C/N)

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“Tyrant Lizard King” discovered in 1902 by Barnum Brown in Hell Creek, Montana. Tyrannosaurus rex was holder of the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur before Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus made their way onto the scene. Tyrannosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous period and grew over lengths of 12 meters (40 feet), (42 feet recorded and held by “Sue”), 4 meters (13 feet) at the hips and 5 meters height (16 feet) at the top of head, & 6 to 8 tons in weight.

On the Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, it was the fourth species seen on the Park Drive tour. It escaped its paddock when the power went out, causing havoc by severely damaging two of the park’s Land Cruisers and injuring Dr. Ian Malcolm. The juvenile Tyrannosaurus was also responsible for the death of Ed Regis, Jurassic Park’s PR manager.  Later, the adult Tyrannosaurus broke into the sauropod paddock, before causing a large stampede and killing a hadrosaur. The Tyrannosaurus was then seen asleep by its kill near a small dock, as Dr. Alan Grant, Tim and Lex Murphy attempted to sneak past it and escape on a rubber raft. It was then woken up by Lex’s coughing as they paddled away on the boat, and demonstrated an ability to swim in a similar way to a crocodilian as it gave pursuit in the lagoon. It eventually returned to dry land after seeing the juvenile claiming the carcass for itself and chased it away, before pursuing Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro’s jeep as Muldoon attempted to tranquilize it. Grant, Tim and Lex then encountered it yet again after it burst through riverside foliage near the raft, startling a group of Microceratops in the process. The Tyrannosaurus attacked the kids for a final time as they hid in a small recess behind a waterfall, using its prehensile tongue to drag Tim towards its jaws from behind the sheet of water. However, its final attack on the group was cut short by Robert Muldoon, who tranquilized it. The juvenile Tyrannosaurus was later seen by Grant on one of the park control room’s security monitors, attempting to attack a Stegosaurus, and again standing over a dead hadrosaur from a helicopter, shortly before the bombing of Isla Nublar.

In the 1995 expeditions to Isla Sorna, the male Tyrannosaurus seemed to be more predominant. When Lewis Dodgson encountered the Tyrannosaurus family, he noted that the father was neglecting its own health to feed its offspring. It was displayed often on Isla Sorna that Tyrannosaurs were very nurturing parents. While the Biosyn team were attempting to steal eggs from the Tyrannosaurus nest, the two parents noticed them and charged, although they were temporarily repelled by the high-pitched sound emitting from Dodgson’s sonic device. However, they soon recovered after the device’s battery pack was knocked out as Dodgson climbed into their nest, and the male approached George Baselton. Believing its vision was based on movement, Baselton made no effort to flee, and instead stayed still. It soon transpired that the male could see him, and, after pinning the man to the ground, tore him apart. During the frantic struggle to take the eggs from the nest, Howard King accidentally stepped on the leg of one of the hatchlings, lethally fracturing it in the process. While checking the nest with Drs. Malcolm, Harding and Thorne, Eddie Carr took pity on the injured baby and secretly took it back to the group’s trailers. Soon after, the adults tracked their infant back to the trailers where Sarah Harding was operating on it and attacked until the Mobile Lab fell from the hill to the valley below. The male Tyrannosaurus later fed Dodgson to his offspring after he was pushed from underneath a car (used as a hiding place) by Harding.