Udesky (S/F)

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The booking agent for the mercenary crew to which Cooper and Nash belonged, Udesky was also the co-pilot of the jet that took Paul and Amanda Kirby, Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, and the other mercenaries to Isla Sorna. Upon approaching Sorna, he received a radio transmission informing him they were flying into restricted airspace.  However, he opted to turn the radio off so they could continue their true mission of rescuing Paul and Amanda’s son, Eric. After the Spinosaurus ambush caused the plane to crash in the jungle, Udesky survived the dangers of Isla Sorna up until his encounter with the Velociraptors.

After becoming separated from the group during the stampede, Udesky was cornered by the raptors and used as bait for a trap that they set to try to lure Billy and the Kirbys away from safety. When the trap failed and the raptors left to regroup with the rest of their pack, a male raptor snapped Udesky’s neck. During an earlier conversation with Billy, Udesky stated that the real reason he had come along was because one of the other mercenaries failed to show up, so he filled in as a replacement.

Udesky was seen carrying at least two firearms, the first being a Steyr AUG and the other was a Heckler & Koch USP (in the holster of his tactical vest).  He also wore a black hunting knife on his tactical vest.

Udesky was played by the late, great Michael Jeter.