Underground Maintenance Tunnel – Isla Sorna (C/N)

During the expedition to Isla Sorna, Ian Malcom‘s group was trapped inside the Convenience Store by VelociraptorsKelly Curtis initially attempted to seek a solution or way out by consulting a terminal inside the store, but as she accidentally set off a reaction that caused the program to malfunction, she realized that the screen wasn’t important. Rather, the amount of data being manipulated on the screen meant that the terminal was connected to a cable, which required a space for workmen to repair the computer. Seeing this, she removed the panel, and the group escaped from the dinosaurs.

The entrance to the tunnel was located under the desk, the only indication of its location being the cord going into a hole that was concealed by a panel. The tunnel was four feet square, and there were flat racks of cables along the left side. It contained gas and water pipes which would have serviced the laboratories or the village. Rats lived in these tunnels, as well. There was a Y-junction, a long straight passageway that led to the laboratory, and a shorter section of tunnel that led to the utility shed.


The Lost World by Michael Crichton page 405-406 (First Edition, Thirty Fourth printing)