UNIX Operating System (S/F)

UNIX is a multi-tasking operating system built for computers. The UNIX system is used largely for aid in servers for businesses. The name UNIX is trademarked by a company called The Open Group, but there are many other software that work similar to the system, called “Unix system-like”. Currently, the version used in the movies is unknown to JPLegacy, but it is aware that it was a UNIX system or “Unix system-like”, from the quote used by Alexis Murphy, “it’s a Unix system, I know this.” It was used in the scene shortly after Lex and Tim narrowly escaped the Velociraptors in the kitchen, when Grant, Ellie, and the 2 kids were in the control room. Grant and Ellie tried to keep the door closed from the invading raptor, while Lex tried (and succeeded) to get the power back on.

image of Lex working the UNIX system with Tim watching from behind.