Alan Grant (CB-Topps)

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A paleontologist working in the field in Montana, Alan was excavating a Velociraptor antirrhopus skeleton when John Hammond arrived to him and his co-worker Ellie Sattler by helicopter, offering them a chance to visit his Park and give their expert opinion, in return for which he would fund their excavations for three years. Both doctors accept and are taken, by helicopter, to Isla Nublar. Here, they witness living Brachiosaurs, and are toured through the Visitor’s Center, along with Dr Ian Malcolm and Donald Gennaro. The group also visit the Velociraptor Paddock, where Robert Muldoon explains the dangerous nature of the Raptors. Following this, he and the other three visitors, along with John Hammond’s grandchildren, Tim and Alexis, file into two tour-vehicles and proceed to be driven on a tour across the island. Unfortunately, they do not see any animals, until they eventually leave the tour-vehicles and encounter a sick Triceratops. All the while, Grant tries to escape the constant harassment from Tim, who never ceases to bombard his idol with questions. Later, the vehicles are forced to pause outside of the Tyrannosaurus Paddock on their return to the Visitor’s Center (as a hurricane is headed to the island), during which Alan and Ian, now alone in one of the vehicles, discuss relationships. It is then that the Tyrannosaur breaks loose from its paddock and attacks the vehicle that Tim and Lex are in – Alan takes a flare and waves it around to distract the Rex, but Ian then does the same and the Rex follows him. Alan goes ahead and rescues Lex from the crushed, up-turned vehicle, but cannot save Tim before the Rex returns and pushes the vehicle (with Tim inside), as well as Alan and Lex, off of the paddock’s cliff. (This differs from the movie, in which Alan and Lex hang from the cliff as the car is pushed down. Furthermore, the car lands in a tree in the movie, and Alan climbs up to rescue Tim; here, the car lands on the ground beside Alan and Lex. This is to shorten the remainder of the film so that it can fit within one comic.) The trio then trek across the island with the aid of a map to find their way, spending a night in a tree, and witnessing the Rex attacking a Gallimimus herd. As they cross over the Paddock fence, Ellie reactivates it, and Tim is sent flying from the fence. The group finally reaches the Visitor’s Center, where Alan leaves Tim and Lex briefly to meet with Ellie. The reunion between the two is cut short when Tim and Lex run over to them, having encountered two of the Raptors. They run to the control room, where Lex fixes the system, but the group must then escape into the ventilation system just as a Raptor breaks into the room. Alan rescues Lex when the Raptor almost attacks her, and fends it off with a kick. Finally, the four reach the entrance hall and fall onto the skeletons that are on display. As two Raptors are ready to kill them, the Rex breaks in and attacks the pair, allowing the humans to escape and leave the island via helicopter.

Alan and Ellie are later sent back to Isla Nublar to help the army with any information they require on the animals as they try to clear up the island. Agitated by General West and Dr Fischer, the pair head to the western side of the island, believing that any surviving Raptors would be hiding there. Each of them carries a rifle in case they were to find an animal. The pair flirts, before entering a cave by the shore. Here, they investigate with flashlights before being attacked by George Lawala, a hunter-for-hire, who chases the pair until the three of them come across a mother Raptor and her five children. Lawala kills the mother while Alan and Ellie escape, but he later fights with them. His first attempt to capture them with a net is foiled when Alan cuts the net with a knife. He soon captures both of them, taking them, along with the Raptors, onto a cargo ship. The pair wake up in a cage and try to break out using Alan’s belt-buckle, finding that the Raptors (in a separate cage) are doing the same with their claws. Lawala, however, confronts them, and sprays them with a knockout gas. They awaken once more on a cargo plane, still in their cages, and find that the Raptors have already broken out and are encircling the cage. The Raptors, however, cannot brake in as the buckle of Alan’s belt is stuck in the cage’s lock. Lawala goes to investigate the movement of the plane that is being caused by the Raptors and decides to free Alan and Ellie so that they can help him hunt the dinosaurs. Alan traps two Raptors in a crate, which he then shoves out of the cargo plane’s hanger, although they are still attached by rope. He meets up with Ellie, and the pair realise that they must pilot the plane (Lawala and the pilot, Brennan, were killed by the Raptors, and the Raptors in the crate are causing too much motion for the autopilot to work with). Alan fails to pilot the plane, and it crashes into a jungle below.

Later, Alan awakens in a bed with a cast on his left arm and bandages on his left shin. He meets his host, Rafael, who explains that he and Ellie were rescued from the plane with injuries; the three Raptors were also saved, and Rafael wishes to train them into his pets. He keeps Alan and Ellie captive as they are experts, and makes them tend to the wounded Raptor. The pair name the three Raptors Alf (alpha), Betty (beta) and Celia (in the clinic) . Eventually, the Raptors break out, and Alan and Ellie escape into the jungle, having been saved from Alf and Betty by Celia in thanks for aiding her. They eventually reach a nearby town, where Ian and Muldoon were about to head out from to look for them, and they explain what has happened. They set off into the jungle again to capture the Raptors, with Alan armed with a rifle again. But when they have a sight on them, a group of Native Americans disrupts them and the Raptors attack. Alf and Betty prepare to attack Ellie, against Celia’s wishes, and Alan shoots Betty to save Ellie. Alf and Celia escape.