Amanda Kirby (S/F)

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Amanda Kirby was the mother of Eric Kirby and estranged wife of Paul Kirby. She was one of four people who survived the rescue mission that was set up to save Eric Kirby.

At some point Amanda married Paul Kirby. They had a child together, Eric. After Amanda and Paul estranged, Amanda got a new boyfriend named Ben Hildebrand. Eric and Ben seemed to get along well; they play frisbee together on a beach at some point and eventually go parasailing together. Paul however was much more critical of Ben.

After her son went missing on Isla Sorna, Amanda teamed up with and Paul again and contacted the authorities, including the U.S embassy, to find help to retrieve Eric. However, the island was declared a no-fly zone and the embassy told them that they had to “accept the inevitable”.

Refusing to do so, Amanda and Paul hired mercenaries to accompany them to the island. Because they wanted someone who knew the island, they decided to try to get Alan Grant with them. They mistakingly thought that he had been to Isla Sorna before, when in reality he had been to Isla Nublar. Amanda and Paul managed to dupe Alan Grant into coming with them by pretending to be the owners of a succesful business and promising to fund Grant’s digsite.

After they arrived on the island Amanda immediately started trying to find Eric, using a megaphone. After Grant told her that using a megaphone on the island was a ‘very bad idea’, Cooper encountered a Spinosaurus and the plane took off again. The plane crashed and Amanda was stuck on the island alongside the others.

During the period she is on the island Amanda was hell-bent on finding Eric, often neglecting her own security and that of the group.

Following a Hadrosaur stampede, Amanda is nearly killed in a Velociraptor trap. Eventually Amanda, Paul, Eric and Grant are attacked by the Spinosaur in the river, where Amanda is wounded by its claws.

JURASSK_PARK_III-582After the navy arrives to save the group of survivors Amanda and Paul kiss, signaling that they might get back together after all. They are evacuated in helicopters and presumably brought to safety.

Amanda Kirby was played by Téa Leoni.