Field Genetics Lab – Isla Nublar (S/F)

Outside of Lab

The Field Genetics Lab was a remote Genetics lab situated away from the main park of Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. Dr. Henry Wu oversaw much of the work in the genetics lab, and had many assistants helping him, including Eddie. The lab was surrounded by a steel fence, and had several shipping crates and barrels to the side of the main building

Yasmina inside Wu’s office

The genetics lab contained several egg incubators in it’s main areas, and it is from one of these where Bumpy was hatched. The lab also contained various objects utilized for obtaining DNA samples, such as Fossilized Amber and Siberian Mammoth bones. The laboratory also analyzed remains of deceased specimens. The laboratory also contained Wu’s private office, where he kept most of his important work away from everyone.

Secret Laboratory

Unbeknownst to most Park Staff, Dr. Wu kept a secret laboratory within the Maintenance Tunnels wherein he performed his secret experiments. One of these experiments was dubbed E750, or the Scorpios Rex, and was touted by Wu as the first genetic hybrid. However, after an incident where Dr. Wu was attacked by his creation, he would place E750 in cryogenic suspension, where it would remain until Kenji Kon accidentally de-activated the cryogenic chamber while turning the power on. As it thawed, the hybrid would proceed to wreck the lab before escaping.

Wu and mercenaries in the lab

The lab consisted of Wu’s desk, wherin there was a desk with a monitor and a laptop. There was also lockers and assorted lab equipment for gene sequencing. Dr. Wu also kept the antidote vials for the Scorpios rex in a safe location within the lab. This lab was accessible via a special aboveground entrance which required it’s own keycard, and the lab was further protected by special keycard access as well.

During the 2016 Jurassic World Incident, Dr. Wu would arrive on Isla Nublar with several mercenaries in an attempt to gather his missing research for Eli Mills. After believing an initial attempt to retrieve the Indominus Rex sample failed, Wu would travel to the Secret Laboratory with a retinue of several mercenaries in an attempt to obtain his laptop, or dna samples from the Scorpios Rex. During this attempt, Wu and his men were attacked by Monolophosaurs inside of the lab, before they were able to escape.