Battery Powered Lanterns (S/F)

These lanterns were used by Eric, Paul, and Amanda Kirby as well as Dr. Alan Grant and Billy Brennan during their stay on Isla Sorna. These battery-powered lanterns illuminated the Water Truck that Eric occupied for eight weeks. The lanterns are silver, cylindrical with an InGen emblem labeled on them, and must have remarkable battery life. Further, a flashlight/lantern combination is seen hanging in the tree on the same night utilized by Billy Brennan, as well as Paul and Amanda Kirby to provide some illumination to the dark of night. There is no way to know if this was salvaged from the plane wreckage or from the abandoned Embryonics Administration compound like the InGen lantern. The actual lantern resembles a modern-day Coleman camping lantern, and its differences could be explained by the fact that it is a 2001 edition. However, this is speculation as no exact brand can be determined.