Biosyn Giganotosaurus (S/F)

A male Giganotosaurus was bred by Biosyn Genetics for their sanctuary sometime before 2022. He was the resident “alpha” predator as described by Head of Communications Ramsay Cole to Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. The Giganotosaurus was extremely territorial, attacking a newly integrated Tyrannosaurus rex over a small deer for food. The Giganotosaurus did enjoy a beneficial symbiosis with the Moros intrepidus of the Valley, which would pick his teeth of rotting meat while he slept. The animal was not in perfect health, with chipped scales, and a case of ragged tooth, as evidenced by deterioration around his mouth area. The animal was dissuaded from eating the Valley herbivores by being fed deer, though it is unknown how well fed this kept the Giganotosaurus.

Head detail of BioSyn’s Giganotosaurus. Note the deterioration of the jawline caused by ragged tooth.

In 2022, the Giganotosaurus investigated a Jeep Gladiator crash site near a research outpost involving Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, Kayla Watts, Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, and Maisie Lockwood. Investigating the overturned vehicle, the Giganotosaurus was confronted by Malcolm, who attacked the animal with a burning genetically engineered locust on a stick. The make-shift spear got caught in the Giganotosaurus‘ throat, causing it to cough up the flaming insect. Enraged, the Giganotosaurus attacked the outpost as the group fled into it, and nearly ate Lockwood as she climbed up the retractable ladder. He then attacked and badly damaged the command center, smashing through one of the facility’s large windows. The Giganotosaurus fled only after repeated stabbings and tazings from the group.

Moros and Giganotosaurus enjoyed a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

The Giganotosaurus was later encountered by the same group when the valley’s animals were called into the sanctuary of the headquarters campus when the valley begun burning. Packed into a confined area with multiple large animals, the Giganotosaurus had no choice but to fight off a large female Tyrannosaurus when she began circling. As the two large carnivores fought, a third party joined the duel, a blind Therizinosaurus, which inadvertently impaled the Giganotosaurus during the fight, breaking one of its own claws and killing the Giganotosaurus in the process.