Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Four : Out of the Pack


Dodgson arrives on Nublar

The episode begins with Mr. Hawkes and Kenji training the limits of the Carnotaurus control. The group talk between themselves briefly before seeing a helicopter fly overhead, and Lana tells the group that this is her Biosyn contact. Dr. Turner is compelled by Daniel to go with Lana, just as Daniel states he wishes for Kenji to give the demonstration for Biosyn. As the helicopter lands, Lana’s contact is revealed to be Lewis Dodgson.

Kenji Reunites with Bumpy

Dodgson and the rest of the group get acquainted, as Kenji performs a demonstration of Toro’s complete control for the man. Dodgson takes the controller to test it out for himself, as he is impressed enough to tentatively give Daniel Kon a list of dinosaurs to retrieve for his purposes.  The group gets into two armored vehicles to begin the hunt. Traveling through the jungle, they come across a herd of Ankylosaurus, with Bumpy bringing up the rear. As Kenji comforts Bumpy, he realizes too late that Daniel and Hawkes have selected her for chipping.

Kenji tries to convince his father not to chip Bumpy, he succeeds but is subtly threatened by his father as they get back in the car. The group travels to the site of the destroyed visitor’s center, but fail to find Blue. The others grow impatient, as Hawkes creates a commotion attempting to draw Blue’s attention. He succeeds, causing the raptor to attack suddenly out of the underbrush.

Dodgson finds the Cryocan

The group carefully stalk Blue, even as Dodgson finds the cryocan hidden in the dirt. Just then, they are attacked by a Dilophosaurus jumping out of the jungle, and the group flees. They quickly become surrounded by the pack, but Daniel Kon manages to utilize a flare to stop one from attacking Dodgson. Meanwhile, Blue observes the group from the bushes, and escapes. Daniel becomes enraged at Kenji for having let Blue trick them into a trap.

Meanwhile, back at the visitor’s Lana talks with an unknown person on the phone to give her more time. Dr. Turner attempts to reach Kenji again, and he is distraught over not being able to impress his father.  Just then, the rest of the group appear, with Dodgson having controlled a Dimorphodon, and a Baryonyx. As the group travels down the road, Kenji manages to discover Lana attempting to sneak away with Dodgsons backpack.

Lana’s death

He calls out to the others, alerting them as he chases after Lana.The two wrestle for the bag, as Lana runs away, calling for an extraction as she is attacked by Compys. Immediately, she feels the paralytic effects, and is surrounded by a pack. She attempts to escape, but falls, and is eaten alive by the compys with a final scream. Grateful for the return of his backpack, Dodgson doubles the asking price for the deal. That night, Daniel approaches Kenji, confiding in him that he is proud of him. As his father leaves, Kenji realizes that Dr. Turner was right.

Back on Mantah Island, the rest of the campers take a break while deciding what to do when Mr. Kon’s return. They decide to destroy the control chips before the others return, making it something of a competition. Sammy and Yaz go into a BRAD workshop as they gain access to chips, preparing to burn them.

While they are there, the girls destroy a repair BRAD. Darius and Brooklynn sneak throughout the main compound, with Ben providing a distraction to allow Brooklynn to access the computer terminal. She manages to shut down all the BRADS just as they break through the door. Brooklynn changes the password hoping this means the Kons will be locked out.  That night, Yaz and Sammy celebrate winning the bet, as they toss the chips into the fire. The others return, celebrating their victory.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Carnotaurus
  2. Compsognathus
  3. Ankylosaurus
  4. Velociraptor
  5. Dilophosaurus
  6. Baryonyx



  • During this period, Dodgson was head of research at Biosyn.
  • Dodgson rediscovers the Cryocan