Brachiosaurus “brancai” (*) (CB-Topps)

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“High Chested Arm Lizard” and was discovered in Tanzania in 1909. Worthy of a notation, Brachiosaurus altithorax is Brachiosaurus brancai’s North American cousin and was discovered in Colorado in 1903. This animal was also believed to have been the largest land-animal of all time, but lost that record to Sauroposeidon and the titanosaurs of South America. Brachiosaurus lived in the Late Jurassic Period and grew from 25 meters (82 feet) in length, 7 meters (23 feet) high at the hips; 15.5 meters (51 feet) high at top of the head, and weighed in at 60 tons.

Brachiosaurus was the first dinosaur that John Hammond showed to his tour group while they visited the island. The sight of these majestic creatures was enough to instantly convince most of the group that Jurassic Park was safe, fun, and enjoyable.