Camp Cretaceous Episode Fifty: The Nublar Six


The episode begins with the children watching the Spino having apparently defeated Big Eatie, and the other non-controlled animals fleeing.  Darius is forced to flee by Brooklynn as the group runs away. Daniel stalks the children with the controlled dinosaurs, as they narrowly escape his sight by hiding in a tree. Unable to find the children, Daniel attempts a tactic of altering the biome’s power supply with a tablet and forcing rapid weather changes.

The children are forced to flee, almost running straight into a trap created by Daniel. They race for the boat, heading down into the tunnels to evade their pursuers. However, they run into a Pteranodon, and are forced to run the opposite way, with Kenji managing to save Brooklynn before she is carried away. The Pteranodon forces the children to separate as Brooklyn runs off on her own.

Still pursuing the children, one of the mercs heads into a warehouse and grabs weapons to use. The children manage to initially evade him, but Yaz is startled enough to run right into one of the mercs and he grabs her. Just then, a velociraptor appears and she is able to escape as the kids make a run for it. Sammy manages to save Ben from a raptor and they escape the warehouse, but the Merc is killed.

Daniel receives intelligence that Kadinas was killed and orders the remaining mercs to run to the beach. Kenji and Darius run to the beach, but are separated. Hawkes corners Darius with the Spino at the main compound, and Daniel once again threatens him. Darius refuses, as Daniel orders Hawkes to kill Darius, however Kenji comes between the Spino and Darius, forcing him to hold back. Kenji gives Daniel the password despite Darius’s protests. Daniel inputs the password, as he immediately betrays his son, ordering Hawkes to kill Darius.

An angry Kenji is held back by his father as he is forced to watch. Just as the Spino is about to kill Darius, Big Eatie comes charging through the clearing, forcing Hawkes to duck and drop the controller. The Tyrannosaur promptly steps on the controller. Now freed, the Spino fights Big Eatie again, as Kenji and Darius escape. Hawkes attempts to flee as well, but is killed by Little Eatie. Daniel flees as well, as the Eaties begin to gang up on the Spino, and defeat her.

A system critical warning begins to show on the screens, as poisonous gas begins to emerge from the ground. Daniel realizes that the chips are drawing too much power and tries to flee rather than shut it down. Kenji runs after his father as they reach the docks. Daniel tries to flee, but Kenji finally confronts his dad, choosing to stay behind as the rest of the campers join them on the docks. Daniel flees on the plane without another word.

Kenji watches the plane take off, as he is consoled by his friends. They reveal the alarm was an elaborate hoax meant to scare off Mr. Kon. The children release the last of the controlled dinosaurs as they settle down to watch the animals.

They get an alert about more visitors, as they hurry to the docks, seeing a ship. However, they see Dave and Roxie arriving with Dr. Turner and Brandon Bowman. Darius rushes to embrace his brother on the docks as the other campers reunite with their former counselors and Dr. Turner. They all escape on the boat, as Kenji is consoled by Brooklynn, as she informs him that Daniel Kon was arrested. The children finally reach the mainland and greet all of their families on the dock once they arrive.

The episode flashforwards to a few years in the future where Darius is giving a presentation to an audience regarding his experiences. He checks in with the other survivors, now called the ‘Nublar Six’. Brooklynn informs the group that she has some information on the Lockwood Manor incident, as the rest of the group finish up the call. As Darius finishes up his work on the computer, he hears impact tremors, looking out his window in shock to see a Brachiosaurus having recently escaped from Lockwood manor.


Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Kentrosaurus
  2. Brachiosaurus
  3. Spinoceratops
  4. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  5. Carnotaurus
  6. Ankylosaurus
  7. Velociraptor
  8. Pteranodon
  9. Spinosaurus


  1. Yazmina Fadoula
  2. Ben Pincus
  3. Sammy Guitierrez
  4. Brooklynn
  5. Darius Bowman
  6. Kenji Kon
  7. Daniel Kon
  8. Hawkes
  9. Toro
  10. Bumpy
  11. Big Eatie
  12. Little Eatie
  13. Pierce
  14. Kadinas
  15. Dave
  16. Roxie
  17. Mae Turner
  18. Brandon Bowman


  • This episode is the first and last time that we see Darius’s Mom, Sammy’s father and mother, Yaz’s Father, and Ben’s mother.
  • The official cover story for the Nublar six is that they survived Jurassic World by hiding in the underground tunnels