Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Nine : The Last Stand


The episode opens with the children gathered around Kenji after he finally returns to the group. Kenji apologizes to the group, and Ben defends him. Kenji catches up with the group, and Darius is still reluctant to forgive him. Darius locks the gate, and they run from the sound of the gate being battered down, as they see Toro being used to bust through the gate with Mr. Hawkes and Daniel Kon in tow.

Daniel calls after his son, as more controlled dinosaurs appear and pursue the children. He tells them to do whatever is necessary but spare Kenji. The children run to the watering hole, trying to figure out how to distract the dinosaurs, and they decide on leading the herbivores away with food, as Darius uses a tablet to distract the Rexes but is initially unsuccessful.

The mercenaries continue to pursue the children, but are ambushed by Ben and Brooklynn riding Bumpy, and they use the Ankylosaurus to distract them as well as lure the dinosaurs away. They flee as they encounter Mr. Hawkes and Daniel.

Back at the watering hole, the children are having difficulties encouraging the animals to move, as the rest of the group return. Darius decides to stand and fight, as the adults approach their position. Daniel enters the clearing with his captured dinosaurs, he demands the password to the computer, but they refuse. Daniel promptly orders the animals to attack the children. The Rexes defend their territory against the Spino, as the children and the watering hole animals contend with the remainder.

The children decide to attack the mercs directly in order to destroy the controllers, and succeed in freeing the Baryonyx. Darius attacks another merc, but is forced to run. The girls are attacked by Limbo, but are saved by the Spinoceratops coming to their defence. As Darius is knocked down a hill, Toro is distracted by one of the Eaties, allowing the children to get the controller.   Ben is saved from Limbo by Bumpy.

Yaz manages to knock Hawes down with the Spinoceratops and grabs the controller for the Spino, and she and Brooklynn break it. As Little Eatie fights Toro, Kenji grabs the tablet from Darius, using its reflection to attract a flock of pteranadons who attack the controlled dimorphodon, and fly off with the mercenary, causing him to drop the controller. Little Eatie promptly steps on the controller, and this frees the Dimorphodon.

Darius argues with Kenji, still upset at him, but Kenji pleads his case. Seeing Toro attacked by raptors, Kenji confronts one of the last mercenaries and Darius manages to grab the controller out of his hand, passing it to Kenji long enough for him to break it. As the mercenary gets up, he is killed and eaten by the Carnotaurus. Afterwards, Kenji apologizes again to Darius and this time his apology is accepted.

Daniel spots Sammy heading into Dr. Turner’s old office, and manages to corner her. He threatens her, as he tries to encourage her to tell him the password, revealing that he was the one who gave Kash the order to blackmail her family. Sammy decides to knock him down, as she flees the cave.

Daniel Kon returns to see the animals freed, and his mercenaries cornered. Just then, Daniel reveals a master controller, reactivating the chips in the four freed animals. The four animals return to Daniel’s side, as they converge on Little Eatie. The subsequent fight sees Big Eatie coming to Little Eatie’s defense, as the two Rexes proceed to fight their attackers. As the episode ends, the Spino greviously wounds Big Eatie and steps on her as she roars in triumph.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Kentrosaurus
  2. Brachiosaurus
  3. Spinoceratops
  4. Baryonyx
  5. Dimorphodon
  6. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  7. Carnotaurus
  8. Ankylosaurus
  9. Velociraptor
  10. Pteranodon


  1. Yazmina Fadoula
  2. Ben Pincus
  3. Sammy Guitierrez
  4. Brooklynn
  5. Darius Bowman
  6. Kenji Kon
  7. Daniel Kon
  8. Hawkes
  9. B.R.A.D.
  10. Toro
  11. Bumpy
  12. Big Eatie
  13. Little Eatie
  14. Pierce
  15. Limbo