Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty One : Battle Lines (S/F)


The episode starts with Brooklyn, Ben and Darius confronting Kenji in the main lobby. Brooklynn tries to explain her reasons for standing Kenji up for their date, but he does not believe her, and accuses her of lying about his father. Ben tries to stick up for her, and Kenji reluctantly agrees to talk to his father, and leaves. The group decides to try to get to the bottom of the situation, as they follow Kash and Dr. Turner.

They observe Kash and Dr. Turner being escorted by a BRAD into a facility, deciding to wait until the coast is clear. Brooklynn sneaks into the facility inside of a cardboard box, covertly contacting Dr. Turner. Dr. Turner sneaks her a radio so she can overhear the conversation, just as an alarm sounds. Dr. Turner and Kash run outside to witness a BradX going haywire. The use the distraction to escape, glad that they can fry the control chips now.

Elsewhere, Kenji is visibly upset as he confides in his father about what the other children witnessed regarding Kenji and Dr. Turner. Daniel confesses that this is true, but argues that he needs to have something to show the investors. He proceeds to gaslit Kenji regarding the situation, encouraging Kenji to join him within Mantah Corp. Daniel informs him of the break into his office, saying he wants Kenji to convince them of his benevolence.

The children return to the lobby, only to find Kenji waiting for them. Kenji ignores any attempt at explanations, arguing that they are ruining things, and telling them to stay out of his father’s business. As the group returns to the bedrooms, they attempt to plan their next moves.

Controlling Dinosaurs

Kenji travels with his father and the investors as they head towards the meeting spot. They are greeted by Kash, who is rejected by Daniel, as the group move on. Kash argues with Daniel, who threatens him with the BradX, as they walk away. The group is situated on a small tent, as Kenji activates a tablet. This activates a control chip array set, controlled by Daniel Kon via a joy stick, as he manipulates dinosaurs in front of them. He hands off joysticks to each one of the investors. Daniel praises his son, as they watch as the investors are visibly thrilled by their ability to control the animals.

The children attempt to follow Daniel and Kenji, but are blocked by Brad X. They are unknowingly shadowed by Kash. The children arrive on scene just as the investors begin a battle royale between the Spinosaurus and the Trex, and the Velociraptors. The children run into the middle of the chaos, attempting to stop it. Kenji attempts to stick up for them, only to be dissuaded by his father.  Kenji runs into the middle of the fight to try to stop his friends. Elsewhere, Mae attempts to gather more control chip blockers, only to be met by a pair of Brad X while attempting to leave.

The children are harassed by the investors controlling the dinosaurs, as they run for their lives. Kenji manages to rescue Brooklynn and Darius from the jaws of Big Eatie, even as Ben manages to shake Cyrus off of the Spinosaurus. Ben utilizes the control blocker on the Spino, setting it free of the blocker. Cyrus attempts to regain control of the animal as it runs towards him, killing and eating him.

Mr Gold’s Death

Mr. Gold was controlling Big Eatie, as Brooklynn jumped on him to distract him, giving Darius enough time to get close and apply a control blocker. Darius pressed himself flat on the ground as Big Eatie weighed him, instead turning and running towards Mr. Gold as he frantically turned to run, only to be squashed flat.

Kash’s final moments

Sam and Yaz ran from the Velociraptors, even as Kash snuck up on Lana, the final investor, from behind. Kash ran up behind her, wrestling with her for control of the remote. Just as he attempts to sic the raptors on Daniel, he is knocked to the ground by the raptors, having only seconds to realize that they  have been freed from the control, before he is dragged off into the bushes and killed.

The campers are imprisoned by Kenji and Daniel

The Spinosaurus runs toward Daniel Kon, wrecking the investor tent, as his father barely survives. Using his tablet, Kenji utilizes the drones to herd the animals away. Daniel yells at them, although Lana comes in, confirming she is still alive and still willing to make a deal.  Daniel imprisons the children inside a cell, as he states that it will only be for a few days while they meet with their buyer on Nublar. Kenji turns his back on the group, as he leaves with his father.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Velociraptors
  3. Spinosaurus



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