Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Two : Evasive Action


The episode opens with the campers trapped in the containment cell, still reeling from Kenji’s betrayal. They try to reason why Kenji would have betrayed them, even as they interrupted by the presence of a BRAD arriving into the room to scan them to ensure they are still incarcerated. Darius determines that they have thirty minutes between patrols to find a means of escape.

Darius finds a means for the group to escape

The campers are unsuccessful at prying the doors open, as well as in reaching the ceiling grates. Daarius brainstorms a potential way out, as he finds a floor grate, and goes to work on it, managing to open it. The campers realize it is a sewer, but are forced to cover it up and at natural as a BRAD enters the room.One by one, the campers enter the sewer, making their escape from the room, just as the clang of the metal grate causes the BRAD to be alerted and raise the alarm.

Once in the sewer, Darius realizes that that they have little time, and thus moves the group to move fast due to the approach of the BRADS. Most of the group angrily expresses their dissatisfaction with Kenji, with Brooklynn taking an exception, claiming its due to his father’s influence. Darius directs the group to run away as they are pursued by another group of BRADS, attempting to knock them out with gas. Sammy trips, but is quickly picked up by Darius as they attempt to lose the Brads.

Trying to catch their breath, they realize they have misplaced Sammy and Darius. The two try to call for help, but become lost, finding an underground facility. They come to a number of computer terminals managing the place, as they try to determine direction. As the kids weigh their options, they are surprised by an animal, their screams causing the rest of the group to come running to their aid. A Nothosaurus emerges from the water, proceeding to pursue the children. , but is repelled by steam from the walls.

The Nothosaurus attacks a BRAD

The others formulate a quick plan as Darius and Sammy are chased, with Yaz using a metal pipe to hit it, as the group runs into another BRAD while attempting to escape the animal. The Nothosaurus attempts to attack the BRAD, the resulting attack causing a stun bolt to hit the computer interface, sending it haywire. The campers emerge onto the surface finally, while they continue to argue about Daniel and Kenji. Darius proclaims that he can’t worry about Kenji, that the only thing that matters is finding out what the Dinosaurs are scared of. The campers are visibly confused, as the Island begins to shake.

Meanwhile, Kenji arrives on Isla Nublar with his father, Lana, and Dr. Mae Turner. Daniel reassures his son that his men checked the area in advance of their arrival to ensure their safety, and the group heads to the Penthouse to reach Daniel’s suite. As Kenji enters the room, he has a flash back to when he introduced the other campers to his place. Feeling guilty, he asks his dad if he made the right choice turning on his friends, and his father agrees.

Kenji helps his father find the path to the dinosaurs

Daniel states that they need to find dinosaurs for Biosyn to work on, and Daniel convinces Kenji to help him find dinosaurs. The group is startled by the presence of a loud noise, initially mistaken by Kenji for a dinosaur, but is actually the arrival of Mr. Hawkes and several of his mercenaries. Dismayed that his father hired Hawkes, Kenji misunderstands Dr. Turner’s attempt to get through to him, and runs off to warn his father about Hawkes.

Kenji volunteers to join the group, as he directs their pathway from Hawke’s original plan. The group walks through the jungle, as Dr. Turner is threatened by Daniel to remain compliant or he will hurt the campers.  After Kenji finds a stegosaur plate on the ground, the group continues towards its path. Meanwhile, Kenji confronts Hawkes, still suspicious of him as they argue.

The Stegosaurus attacks the group

As the group spreads out to find the Stegosaurus, Kenji runs at Hawkes, trying to wrestle him as he believes him to be a traitor.  However, after shaking him off, the Stegosaurus rushes into the middle of the clearing, scattering the group. The group is startled by an earthquake, causing Kenji and Mr. Hawkes to fall near an approaching animal.

At some point, Brandon Bowman arrives, accompanied by Dave and Roxie, who are armed with tranquilizers.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Brachiosaurus
  2. Pteranodon
  3. Nothosaurus
  4. Stegosaurus
  5. Tyrannosaurus Rex



  • This is the first reappearance of Isla Nublar in a season.