Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Seven : The Core


The episode begins with Yaz running through the forest. Back at the watering hole, Ben reassures the Stegoceratops as he tried to feed them just as she jumps over him. They laugh and take a moment to be grateful for being out of danger.  Yaz informs him that she’ll tell Sammy how she feels about her as they watch the other girl feeding the Eaties. Ben encourages Yaz, as she approaches Sammy, although they are interrupted by the Rex pair feeding. As the Rexes leave, she tries to get the words out, only to be interrupted again by the arrival of Darius and Brooklynn.

As the group convene, Brooklynn records footage of the group for posterity, as they recount their various adventures as well as their personal growth. As conversation turns to Kenji, Darius brings up the point that they need to be proactive for when Daniel Kon returns to the Island.  The group return to the maintenance corridors as they work out a plan. Believing their group to be underestimated, they work out an initial plan to try to trap them when they arrive.

The group tries to work out how to shut the doors to operate their trap, as Yaz wanders off to talk with Sammy. However, the doors accidently close, separating the two of them, as a sudden alarm rings throughout the compound. Brooklynn determines the whole system is malfunctioning as they manage to get Sammy back, they run outside to see a warning error indicating a Geothermal Energy malfunction has occurred. Realizing the Core has been compromised, the group runs as they try to figure out how to fix the issue.

The group head down to the Core tunnels, trying to fix the problem at its source. As the group gets closer, they detect a noxious odor, and determine the B.R.A.D. has been damaged in the fight with the Nothosoaurus. The earthquakes increase in frequency as they approach the core, as Brooklynn figures out that the Core was overheating due to being out of alignment. Meanwhile, they hear noises, and realize that the Nothosaurus.

The Nothosaurus lunges at the group, but collapses due to the noxious fumes. The children flee, as they realize that if the pressure from the gas grows too intense it will cause the island to blow up. The children quickly drag the Nothosoaurs out of the area, as they regroup and think of a plan and gather materials to suppress the gas.

Sammy, Yaz and Ben  stay upstairs while Brooklynn and Darius attempt to seal the gas leak as well as return the core to normal stability. Seeing the core seemingly overwhelmed with gas, Darius runs back into the core area. Finding Brooklynn collapsed on the floor, he drags her out, barely managing to push her out of the noxious fumes before he is overwhelmed. As they rest in safety, Darius confides in Brooklynn that he still feels conflict over including Kenji in his trap.

Sammy, Ben and Yaz stay watching the Nothosaurus, as Yaz requests private time to tell Sammy how she really feels about her. Just as she bconfesses, the Nothosaurus wakes up, and begins attacking them in the confined space. The trio barely manage to evade it in the elevator, as they tackle it, giving them time to spare as they reach the ground level. As the Nothosaurus shakes them off, it is slightly dazed, but is distracted by the approach of a Dilophosaurs, killing the other predator, giving the kids time to run.

Reaching a safe place, the children take a breather, as Sammy and Yaz catch up on their feelings.  Sammy confesses that she feels the same way, as the two kiss, just as the rest of the group arrive and cheer on the pair of them. Just then, they see the perimeter drone set off as they witness Daniel Kon’s people arrive. The group is horrified to watch animals be unloaded from the trucks, especially as they watch Kenji assisting in unloading the animals. Realizing Ben is gone, they turn back and see Bumpy being controlled.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Kentrosaurus
  2. Brachiosaurus
  3. Spinoceratops
  4. Baryonyx
  5. Dimorphodon
  6. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  7. Nothosaurus
  8. Dilophosaurus
  9. Carnotaurus
  10. Ankylosaurus


  1. Yazmina Fadoula
  2. Ben Pincus
  3. Sammy Guitierrez
  4. Brooklynn
  5. Darius Bowman
  6. Kenji Kon
  7. Pierce
  8. Big Eatie
  9. Little Eatie
  10. B.R.A.D.
  11. Toro
  12. Bumpy