Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Three: Shaky Ground


The episode begins as the children are still disoriented from the earthquake. They witness Big Eatie and Little Eatie extremely agitated by the shaking, but unable to do anything because of the drones. Sammy decides to go shut the drones while Darius aims for Mae’s tablet as the rest of the group follow Sammy.

Core going Critical

The rest of the campers return to the headquarters, with Brooklynn utilizing the computer to try to shut the drones down. She quickly accesses the computer, accessing the drone controls, as Darius is still manipulating the tablet to attempt to free the Eaties. He utilizes the tablet controls to reassure the animals, as he sees Brooklynn has deactivated the drones. However, the Eaties run past him, as he is unsure what they are scared off. The scene cuts to below the surface where the core is indicating ‘critical’.

Brooklynn and Darius share their concerns over Kenji

Darius follows the Eaties, continuing to utilize his tablet, even as the core causes the island to shake even more. The shaking results in damage to the headquarters facility as well. As Darius gains his bearings, he realizes that Big Eatie is trapped by the tree, and utilizes the tablet to have some sort of communication with her. He returns with the other campers, as they are utilizing a dozer, and try to get the tree off the Tyrannosaur, but not before Little Eatie starts attacking the vehicle. As the campers manage to get Big Eatie freed, they watch the pair leave, sighing in relief. Afterwards, Brooklynn and Darius have a heart to heart about their concerns regarding Kenji’s recent behavior.

Brooklynn uses the computer to determine that Mantah Corp got the distress signal from the first season and never did anything about it. The group determines they can use the computer to control the drones directly, and manage to hack one. They observe Kenji and his father on Nublar, and they are conflicted about where his loyalties may lie. Brooklynn walks away from the control room for a second, taking out her frustrations at Kenji, as the rest of the group walk in. The other campers attempt to comfort her, as Ben points out that Mr. Kon still has to come back to the main island.

Back on Nublar, Kenji cowers in fright and runs as he is approached by Toro, the Carnotaurus. As the animal attacks him, Hawkes leaps on it’s back to distract it. Hawkes barely manages to plunge the nano chip injector in it’s neck before being thrown off. Just before Toro is about to eat Hawkes, Kenji stops it by activating the controller. Kenji helps Hawkes up just as his father and the mercenaries arrive. Daniel approves of the animal, as he walks off with Hawkes.

Kenji explains to Dr. Turner his history with the animal, as Mae tries unsuccessfully to reach him. The group continues on until they reach the Stegosaurus from earlier, as Hawkes prepares to tranquilize it. However, a roar from the Carnotaurus causes it to run away. As the group continue walking, they are forced to dodge to the side as a panicked Parasaurolophus runs in their general direction,

Kenji and the fist bump heard around the world

The shaking causes the group to become disoriented and separated, with Kenji being separated from the group. As Kenji wakes up, buried by the rocks, realizing that the controller still works, he utilizes it to have Toro free him from the buried rocks. Stepping out in triumph, he fists bumps the animal. Returning to the Penthouse, Kenji presents Toro to the group, earning praise from his father.

Meanwhile, Brand Bowman walks through the jungle with Dave and Roxie, looking for his brother.  He stumbles across the Baryonyx ‘Chaos’, backing up as it approaches him. Brand runs for his life, climbing up a tree just before Dave and Roxie manage to successfully tranquilize the animal. As the group continue walking, they fail to notice the Mantah Corp drone buzzing over their heads.

Brand, Dave and Roxie visit the ruins of Camp Cretaceous

They come across the site of Camp Cretaceous, investigating the ruins as they search for survivors.  Brand begins to despair, but Roxie points out that the campers survived at least long enough to rebuild a new camp due to their resilience. They decide to make camp in the ruins of the camp, with a decision to resume tomorrow morning.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Pteranodon
  2. Stegosaurus
  3. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  4. Baryonyx
  5. Compsognathus
  6. Carnotaurus
  7. Parasaurolophus