Camp Cretaceous Episode Seven: Last day of Camp


The episode opens up with the campers running from the Mosasaur feeding show stands towards the sound of the siren as it is alerting the park patrons of an immediate evacuation as the last ferry would depart in two hours. Utilizing a map, Ben points out that the docks are on the Southern tip of the island, and they would have difficulty reaching it in time. The campers see the approaching monorail and attempt to utilize it to reach the docks.

The Carnotaur attacks the Campers

Just as the group reaches the Monorail, they are blocked off by the Carnotaurus.  The group decides to attempt to sneak past while it’s back is turned, as Darius creates a distraction to lure it away. Reaching the top of the platform, they reach the monorail as it arrives, only for the announcement system to loudly alert the Carnotaurus to their presence. The predator gives chase but has difficulty climbing up the stairs, tripping and falling halfway up. Darius runs to rescue Yasmina, as Ken holds the doors open to buy them time.

The campers make it into the safety of the platform in time, just as the Carnotaurus reaches the top. However, it’s weight is too much to support the stairs, and it crashes through to the floor below. Escaping in the Monorail, the group relaxes, as they just narrowly miss Dave and Roxie arriving to the Mosasaur feeding show arena. Dave runs to check the lagoon, while Roxie checks the stands, finding Kenji’s glasses and realizing the kids survived.  They witness the kids passing by them on the monorail, trying and failing to catch their attention. The counselors flee for the docks at the approach of the Carnotaurus.

The Campers celebrate their hopes of rescue

The group celebrates as they believe their rescue and evacuation is imminent, as the Monorail continues towards the South Docks. Ben offers the survivors carob bars as snacks, but the group uniformly dislike it. The campers discuss what they want to do once they are rescued, and then toast to surviving the events of the day. However, after their mood is soured once they hear a distant explosion, Sammy attempts to create a toast based on making new friends, but gets a lukewarm reception, as the group is unsure if they will ever see each other again after rescue.

As the Monorail continues towards its destination, Darius laments Jurassic World not being the place he had envisioned, and the group offers him their condolences over his loss. Meanwhile Ben admits that the only reason he is in the camp is because his mom works for Simon Masrani, and had wanted him to face his fears. He is interrupted by the sound of something large crashing into the Monorail, and Darius runs to investigate.

The Pteranodons attack the train

After rushing to the rear of the train, he implores the group to turn off the lights, and begins smashing the light fixtures. It is revealed that a flock of Pteranodon are attacking the Monorail, and the group arms themselves with flashlights as they attempt to destroy the light fixtures to try to ward off the attack. As the attack continues, Darius leads the group to another train car in their attempt to evade. They then see the up ahead, that the pteranodons are attacking another monorail car which has broken down in the middle of the track.

Darius realizes they need to switch tracks or stop the car to avoid a collision. They run to the front of the train to try to get to the controls. Finding it locked, they realize they have to go outside of the train to access it. Darius initially offers to be the one to go after he is knocked down, finds that Ben has volunteered, and had already exited the car via the top. Darius implores Ben to come back into the car, but he refuses, asking Darius to create a distraction. The group uses their flashlights to try to distract the attacking Pteranadons.

Darius attempting to save Ben

Ben manages to get inside the access panel, and get to the front of the train car. Ben narrowly manages to get the tracks to switch, as the monorail car narrowly passes by the crashed one, sending it falling to the jungle below. As Ben opens the front door from the other side, he embraces Bumpy as the group cheers him on. Just then, a Pteranadon crashes through the train car, attempting to fly off with Ben, although Darius manages to wrest him free, and the episode ends as Ben is slipping out of his grasp.




References/continuities to Lore:

  • The evacuation of Jurassic World took place at the South Ferry Dock

Character Notes;

  • Yasmina’s corporate sponsor for her athletics was Jurassic World.
  • Kenji claims to live in a mansion, with a bowling alley.