Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty Six: Dino-Sitting

Episode 9: Dino- Sitting


The episode opens as the campers run past the sleeping raptors in the jungle biome, attempting to breach the compound. Darius lowers a rope for them just as one of the raptors begins to wake up. Brooklynn slides down the rope, screaming as she does so, and causing the raptors to wake up. The raptors shortly chase after her, and she is only saved by the reprogrammed BRAD walking backwards.

The group sneak into the facility, and Darius leads them into the Med Bay, with their mission being to evacuate the babies. Just as he guides them down the elevator, he runs into Kash who initially commands him to go back to his room. However, Darius claims to be bored and to distract Kash, he claims to be a gamer. He manages to convince Kash to play a game with him, distracting him from the med-bay.

The rest of the group head down into the med-bay, as they find the dinosaur babies. They initially find three baby Brachiosaurs contained in the lab. Searching the med-bay, Sammy comes across a area reserved for a Spinosaurus and Sinoceratops hybrid.  Sammy runs into the lab upon realization of where the Sinoceratops dna was extracted, as she runs to greet the animal and apologize.

Brooklynn and Yaz feed the Spinoceratops

Ben enters the Brachiosaurus pen as he attempts to feed it, but the animal begins to run around in a panic, knocking him over. Brooklynn and Yaz attempt to befriend the Spinoceratops, as they bribe it with food. Yaz takes the moment to get Brooklynn to admit her feelings for Kenji. Kenji tries to feed the Spinoceratops but gets bitten. Ben becomes increasingly frustrated with the baby brachiosaurus as he is repeatedly hit by it. He attempts to bond with it via playtime.

Sammy and Yaz sneak the baby hybrid out

Yaz and Brooklynn continue to lead the Spinoceratops out of the nursery as they bump into Kenji and Sammy. The Spinoceratops happily greet each other, and the campers conclude they must be siblings and determine they must separate them. Yaz gets Sammy to confess that the Spinoceratops were made from the samples she stole from Isla Nublar.  Brooklynn and Kenji mess with the controls to make it look like the dinosaurs escaped on their own.

The Sinoceratops and the Brachiosaurs continue to play roughly, and one of them crashing into the power box causes a fuse to blow. The med bay areas are opened due to the power going out, and a Ceratosaurus stalks out of one of the areas. The campers hide from the Ceratosaurus, even as the baby brachiosaurus panics and alerts the Ceratosaur. The Ceratosaurus charges them, and is soon distracted enough to chase after the Spinoceratops. The group just barely manages to escape  by splitting up, Kenji and Brooklynn running one way, and the rest going the other.The group reconnect with the baby dinosaurs in the forest biome, and Brooklynn and Kenji lead their Spinoceratops into the snow biome.

The character selection screen for the Jurassic World game

Darius and Kash play the Jurassic World Video game. The two of them select their characters as they begin the game. Darius plays as Dr. Meriweather and manages to beat Kash at the game. Kash gets frustrated initially, as Darius manages to goad him into a rematch.  Kash messes with some settings on his tablet before the game begins. Kash uses his tablet to cheat at the game, but Kash offers a rematch. Darius becomes increasingly frustrated at Kash’s blatant cheating, as Kash is alerted to a power outage in med-bay.

The Ceratosaur lunges at Kash and Darius

Darius makes up an excuse to follow Kash down to the Med Bay, but Kash accepts it.   Kash is confused by what is happening in the Med Bay, and Darius alerts him to a Ceratosaurus on the rampage. Kash runs into the elevator with Darius just in time. The pair return to the med-bay to see that a BRAD X has managed to tranquilize the animal. Kash follows down the hall, where he sees the nursery is empty and blames Darius, but Darius is able to successfully deny it.


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