Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure

Poster for Camp Cretaceous Hidden Adventure

Camp Cretaceous Hidden Adventure was a special interactive episode and spinoff of Camp Cretaceous. The episode was released on Netflix on November 15, 2022, after the original series had already concluded. This episode is not a sequel to the original series, and instead takes place in between seasons 2-3, during the time the campers are still on Isla Nublar.

The interactivity portion of the special episode indicates that periodically, viewers are asked to make a choice between two options to advance the story. Due to this mechanism, the events of this episode can vary considerably. It is possible to ‘fail’ the story and have the player character/campers die during the events of the story. Due to this, the canonical status of this special episode is ‘debatable’.


The episode begins with Darius Bowman awakening inside a dinosaur nest. He finds a device and inspects it before he is interrupted by a Monolophosaurus. The animal is distracted by a large stomping sound, and Darius runs for his life.

1. Choice One begins here. The Player is given a choice whether to jump on a tree or a vine to escape. If the Player picks the Tree Choice, Darius falls to the ground, but is reunited with Sammy and Yasmin along with the other campers. If the player picks the Vine, Darius falls, but is rescued by Kenji,Brooklynn and Ben along with the other campers.

Darius and the rest of the campers regroup, as Darius explains to the group he got lost looking for food, and and that was how he ended up in the nest. Separating from the group, Ben stealthily observes a herd of Gallimimus as the other campers walk over to observe. he group decide to forage for food together. Seeing a flock of Pteranodon, the campers hide as the flock attack the herd.

Second Choice: The campers have to decide whether to wait it out or make a run for it.  Waiting it out results in the campers observing the Pteranodon feasting on a Gallimimus, just as the Baryonyx pair approach. The Baryonyx chase the Pteranodon away, and the group use that moment to escape. Running results in Darius being ambushed and killed by the Baryonyx pair.

Regrouping at the Camp, the campers realize the device is a camcorder. Turning it on, they discover footage of the Velociraptor squad, Just then, a man, Dr. Brimford runs into the frame asking for Owen Grady,and asks the recorders to give Owen Grady a message, but the animal handlers crumple it up and toss it into the Raptor paddock. Excited after hearing the man talking about stockpiling food, the campers resolve to try and find the note at the Raptor Paddock.

Choice Three: The campers have to decide whether to leave Bumpy or bring her with them. 1) The Campers leave Bumpy: Reaching the paddock, the campers easily find the note, finding its from Dr. Brimford telling them to go to Hidden Adventure. 2) Bring Bumpy: Bumpy accompanies the group to the paddock. Bumpy accidentally injures Kenji with her club when he gets in her way, but he still finds the note to go to Hidden Adventure.

Choice 4: Sammy decides to head to main street to find more information. The group is presented with the option of either Main Street or the Security Office.

(If the campers chose to bring bumpy) Bumpy will be distracted by meat, and Blue will appear in the paddock and chase the group. Ben will escape the paddock while riding on top of Bumpy. Bumpy decides to go back to camp after this.

(If Bumpy is left behind) Blue will chase the campers, causing them to scatter. Darius stumbles, but he uses the camcorder to distract Blue to get them all to safety.

Main Street choice:

The campers decide to head into Main Street, and look around for any sign of the Tyrannosaurus. Darius orders the group to split up to keep watch as they search the stores. Sammy quickly finds the book, as the group realizes the Tyrannosaur is headed towards them. The campers rush into the stands of Mosasaurus Lagoon to try to evade the predator.

The Rex abandons the arena after seeing no sign of the children, as Kenji speculates she did not wish to be near the Mosasaur. Sammy uses the momentary break to inspect the book and find a map. The map blows into the lagoon, and Darius has to decide to go into the lagoon.

Main Street Choice 4a: Darius Decides whether to Jump or Climb for the map

1) Jump: Darius jumps for the map, but he misses and the map blows away. As he hangs on to the railing, the Mosasaurus breaches the surface and eats him whole.

2) Climb: Darius decides to climb up to reach the map instead, and he manages to obtain the map. The children inspect the map to learn the location of Hidden Adventure.

Tunnels Choice:

The Campers head into the tunnels, and quickly become lost, and hit dead ends quickly.

Tunnels Choice 4a. Darius is tasked with making a joke or a dino fact. Telling a joke leads to a lukewarm reception and the group continues on. Telling a dinosaur fact leads to a similar outcome.

The group follows Sammy through the tunnels. The group quickly finds the security office. Brooklynn finds a file detailing Brimford’s firing. They find out that he was the designer of Hidden Adventure, a shuttered attraction that never opened. As the group turn to leave, they are surprised to find Compys in the tunnels with them. A pack of Compys attack the group, and Darius realizes they are getting in through the vent.

Tunnels Choice 4b: Darius is forced to decide between blocking the Vent or Helping Kenji.

1) Block the Vent: Darius tells the group to run, as he shuts the door just in time before they can chase after the group.

2) Help Kenji: Darius runs to help Kenji instead of blocking the Vent, and he swats the Compys off of Kenji.  The compys break through the vent and Darius is nearly overwhelmed, but is saved by Brooklynn, as the group shuts the door on them.

Tunnels Choice 4c: The group turn a corner, and find a Sinoceratops resting in the tunnels blocking the path. The group is faced with sneaking past or heading back down the tunnels.

1) Sneaking Past: The group decides to sneak past the Sinoceratops, and Brooklynn is nearly pinned down. As Toro approaches them, the Sinoceratops wakes up and charges the Carnotaurus, and the campers flee for their lives.

2) Retracing Steps: Kenji decides to head back the way they came. The group is quickly cornered by Toro, as Darius stumbles and is killed by the Carnotaurus.

The campers run towards the exit, and celebrate, finding a map of the Island and getting their bearings. Kenji falls after they exit, claiming he can’t move, and the group encounter a pair of Gyrospheres.

The Group encounters the Gyrospheres regardless of which path is Taken

They pilot the Gyrospheres through a herd of Brachiosaurus, despite crashing the vehicles. Stopping the vehicles, they are astonished to find a Tarbosaurus approaching them out of the trees. This causes the Brachiosaurs to stampede, and the Children are knocked around in their Gyrospheres.

Choice 5: The choice to bump the dino or bump the gyrosphere to save the girls.

1) Bump the Dino: Darius and Ben are successful in bumping the dinosaur out of the way, and everyone successfully manages to get out of the path of the stampede.

2) Bump the Gyrosphere: Darius succeeds in ramming the girl’s gyrosphere, but instead the Darius and Ben are crushed to death by the Brachiosaurus.

The group discover Hidden Adventure, and Brooklynn quickly finds an access server to open the gates after she realizes the attraction runs on wind energy. The group wander around the attraction.

Choice 6: Darius is asked by a panel to choose between Dinosaur Dietary facts, or Dinosaur Behavioral Facts.  Choosing either option presents similar sets of dinosaur facts regarding the dinosaur behavior or Diet.

As they begin walking away from the panel, they see an infomatic regarding a new rollar coaster attraction in the island. Darius and Brooklynn determine that the clue Brimford was talking about was the roller coaster. Just then the Tarbosaur is about to break into Hidden Adventure. The group argues over the next course of action.

Choice Seven: Darius is asked to choose between taking the Coaster or taking a car to escape.

Car Path : The children pile into the car and decide to try to outrace it. The realize that the car is automated and self-driving. They try to leave just as they realize they are buckled in. The group are startled by an animatronic Ceratosaurus. Just then the car stops, and they are ‘ambushed’ by Animatronic Baryonyx.

The Tarbosaurus chases after the group and knocks over the car. Unbuckling themselves, the campers are almost attacked before they are saved by animatronic Baryonyx which distract the Tarbosaurus.

Car Path choice seven a) The campers are forced to choose between taking the emergency exit, or continuing to follow the path

1) Exit: Kenji sets up a distraction so that the children can escape with the car alarm, and the group makes a run for it. They realize that the exit was not finished and reach a dead end as they are killed by the Tarbosaurus.

2) Follow Path: The group runs for their lives as they narrowly avoid being eaten by the Tarbosaurus. Just as it seems they will be killed, the Tyrannosaurs roars, and the Tarbo charges at the Rex.  The two animals begin to fight, as the battle spills into Hidden Adventure. As the children hide, they find Brimford’s hiding Spot under a booth.

Car Path choice seven b) The kids are tasked with escaping or distracting the dinosaurs.

Escape: The children run for their lives, managing to escape the attraction just as the Rex overpowers the Tarbosaurus. They regroup back at the camp, resolved to consider other strategies.  This is a valid ending for the special.

Distract the Dinosaurs: Darius runs to distract the Tarbo, and manages to outrun it even as Toro suddenly appears and begins to fight the Tarbosaurus. He runs to the Dilophosaurus statues, washing off the scent as the campers run out of the attraction and head back to camp. They manage to recover some supplies from the bunker, the campers decide not to head back to the bunker due to it being to dangerous. This is another valid ending to the special.

2) Roller Coaster:

The campers decide to head towards the roller coaster just as they realize that the Tarbosaurus is following them. As they climb onto the coaster, Darius turns it on, and the ride begins. As they near the top of the coaster, Ben uses the Binoculors to find the symbol on the concession stands. The ride accelerates, just as the Tarbosaurus attacks the ride.  The campers clamber out of the coaster, as Darius realizes the Tarbosaurus believes that Darius is a threat to her nest and that is why he has been followed.

Roller Coaster Choice 7a) Wash off the scent in Water or escape

1) Wash off the scent in Water: The campers dive into the water as the Tarbosaurus forces the ride to crash, but this causes the animal to lose their scent. The campers safely make it down to the ground.

2) Escape:  The campers choose to attempt to climb away. The campers are all killed after being cornered by the crashing ride and being ambushed by the Tarbosaurus.

The campers find the seal, and prepare to move it. They are almost detected by the Tarbosaurus, but it seemingly abandons the hunt due to not being able to smell them. The Tarbosaurus returns to the area, and they are forced to figure out the code. They remain completely still as the Tarbosaurus stalks them.

Roller Coaster Choice 7b) The Campers have to decide whether to pick 2015, 2005, or 2974 as the code choice. Choosing any code other than 2005 will result in a fail state wherin the campers die.

The campers input the 2005 code. They all manage to narrowly escape into the tunnel. Inside is a secret room. Inspecting the room, the campers discover a secret message from Dr. Brimford telling them where the food pantry is. The campers find the food pantry, and treat themselves to a feast as they question whether to stay there or not. This counts as a valid ending for the special.

In summary, there are three valid endings for this special.

1) Escape without obtaining any supplies.

2) Escape with some supplies

3) Ending inside of the bunker with option to go back for more supplies.




  • Dr. Brimford was good friends with John Hammond
  • Hidden Adventure was supposed to open in the summer of 2015.