Alan Grant (C/N)

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Dr. Alan Grant was a world renowned paleontologist based at Montana State University. In his view, Paleontology was undergoing a revival because it had now gained relevance in the modern world. Concerns such as climate change meant that he was increasing called as an expert witness to apply his knowledge of the past towards information about the future. He was famous mostly for his theories on hadrosaurs and baby dinosaurs, that they raised their young in communal nests in protected sanctuaries. He loved kids, finding joy in the fact that they saw dinosaurs to be so nurturing. Originally he had worked with InGen at his own disregard, giving information on dinosaur care to Donald Gennaro. Later, while examining the X-rayed remains of a Procompsognathus he was asked by John Hammond to come to the island, Hammond hoping Dr. Grant would approve of the park. Upon arrival, Dr. Grant reveled in the chance to study living dinosaurs. He paid close attention to a baby Velociraptor, trying to understand as much as the dinosaurs as he could. However, after a time he started to understand the dangers associated with the park. He was the first one to find evidence of breeding dinosaurs in the park when he located a fragment of a dinosaur’s eggshell in the Stegosaurus paddock. He also spotted, with the aid of Lex Murphy, a number of raptors stowed away on a supply ship heading towards the mainland. He and the others in the Land Cruisers immediately set their minds to warning the ship of the danger.

It was during the ride back to the Visitors’ Center that the Land Cruisers were attacked by the adult Tyrannosaurus rex. During the attack Dr. Grant discovered the rex had visual acuities based on movement, though he suffered a slash to his chest. Soon after, with the T. rex nowhere to be seen, Dr. Grant found Lex and Tim Murphy. The three began their journey through the park to safety, moving both on land and water and passing through the Aviary where they were attacked by several . It was during this time that Dr. Grant also found concrete proof of breeding dinosaurs when he tranquilized a young male raptor. After reaching the Visitors’ Center, Dr. Grant killed three adult Raptors stalking him, Gennaro, and the kids. Tim then brought power back to the park. Dr. Grant, accompanied by Sattler, Gennaro, and Robert Muldoon, then set out to find the Raptor nest. They discovered that the Raptors may have wanted to migrate, still furthering Dr. Grant’s research. They were interrupted, however, and flown off the island by the Costa Rican National Guard before Nublar was bombed. He was held in San José for a time before being able to return to his work in Montana. Sometime following the Jurassic Park incident, Dr. Grant transferred from the University of Denver to Montana State University. It is known he went to Paris for a time to lecture on the latest dinosaurs finds.