Gerry Harding (C/N)

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Dr. Gerry Harding was the leading veterinarian at Jurassic Park. An expert on birds, Harding was approached by John Hammond to work at the park and to later write a book on the care of dinosaurs. He was working on healing a sick Stegosaurus when he met the experts hired by Hammond to view the park. Soon after, he took Ellie Sattler and Donald Gennaro in his jeep to the Visitors Center. During the park’s initial failure, Harding tended to an injured Ian Malcolm. He was later injured when he attempted to save Sattler from Velociraptors stalking her on the roof of the Safari Lodge. One raptor slashed him across the chest, momentarily causing him to collapse. He recovered, however, to tend to Malcolm, and was lifted off the island by helicopter before its destruction.