John Alfred Hammond (C/N)

Grandfather of Tim and Lex Murphy, and CEO of InGen, John Hammond was the man that created Jurassic Park. Using his theory as a basis, Hammond hired Henry Wu and used his company to start cloning dinosaurs. He decided to put the dinosaurs into a theme park setting, with the sole purpose of making money. He raised money for his venture by funding from private investors, the most prominent of which were the Japanese. It was described that hiss project was so ambitious that all other investors backed off. He would use his miniature elephant to gain as much funding as he could, selling it as a triumph of his new technology.

Problems arose, however, with at least three different deaths associated with the island. One worker was killed by a Velociraptor. Because of the dangers, Hammond’s investors demanded that a group of experts endorse the park and decide if the park was safe enough for tourists. Hammond was able to bring in Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, lawyer Donald Gennaro, and his grandchildren to the park. Unluckily for Hammond, however, Dennis Nedry turned double agent. He shut down the park’s security systems in order to steal embryos.

With the park falling around him, Hammond grew worried that his prized dinosaurs would either die off or kill everyone. After the secondary start up of the park’s systems, Hammond went for a walk to clear his head believing that the reason the park failed was due to the incompetence of his staff. A recorded Tyrannosaurus Rex roar scared him and the elderly man fell down an embankment, twisting his ankle. Though he attempted to find his way back to safety, Hammond was ambushed and killed by a flock of Procompsognathus.